How Much Is a Picture Worth? (Plus Picture Dump)

You might be asking why pictures aren't the focus of Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat. Maybe I'm biased, but Bear IS incredibly cute, so where are the pictures to prove it?!?! There are several reasons why pictures are not the focus of this blog:

1) Momma Kat takes {mostly} horrible pictures. Beyond my own hatred of how I look in them, the lighting or the angle or something always seems wrong with them. I'm pretty sure it's not just my perfectionism talking - and more that I haven't been able to teach myself anything worthwhile. I've asked for advice and sworn I was going to read the "long" manual for my camera {with instructions}, but it doesn't take long for my eyes to glaze over and for me to tune out. Ideally, I will figure this out so my blog is more professional-looking; but I've promised myself I would figure this out for years, before the blog was even a glimmer in my eye. In other words: don't hold your breath. While it matters to me and I wish my pictures did Bear justice, I'm honest with myself that it's just not a top priority (like snuggling with the cat in question). In the meantime, I've selected pictures based on the best I do have.

2) Bear Cat hates pictures. H-A-T-E-S. When I turn the camera on and the lens comes out - either it freaks him out or he just really doesn't like having his picture taken. So I miss a lot of opportunities because when I turn the camera on, he stops what he's doing and runs/hides.

3) Occasionally, I'll turn the camera on and wait for him to do something. This would be the perfect strategy except I usually lose my camera because Bear thinks the arm strap is a toy (string) and takes possession of the camera. Our first encounter with this was 8 years ago. I set the camera on a table - turned around - then back and Bear was dragging the camera out of the bedroom (by the strap - in his mouth). I instinctively turned to look back at the table because I just HAD to get a picture of this, but obviously, he had the camera, so no luck. The below picture is the best I have so far of his fun with the camera strap (attached to the camera - DUH).

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