Friday, April 27, 2018

Bear + Ellie = ???

One of the joys of sharing my life with two cats is watching their relationship evolve, watching the interactions themselves and speculating on what's going through their minds as they interact. I confess that I still get extra excited when I see Bear and Ellie anywhere near each other and they aren't fighting. Of course, proximity is related to proclivity to fight ... the closer they are, the more likely that one of them will cross the line of the other. Time and time again, I've seen a perfectly good play session turn into the fight of the century ... it's all fun and games ... until it isn't.

We've come a long way from the time The Boy thought we should take Ellie back because Bear couldn't keep his fangs to himself. And they ***ALMOST*** enjoy each others' company. They certainly know how to work together to procure treats, get my attention and cause all kinds of trouble. Bear used to misbehave to get attention or when he was bored; now, that's displaced to Ellie and she bears the brunt of his penchant to prove he's his own cat.

Ellie is so incredibly sweet ... until she finds catnip, and then all bets are off. Bear's more complex, more temperamental and harder to please. Today's post is a celebration of their evolving relationship and my love for them in pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them. 

"What are you two doing?" ~Momma Kat
"NOTHING!" ~Bear AND Ellie at the same time
"Why do I have a hard time believing that?" ~Momma Kat
"What are we doing?!? What does it LOOK like we're doing? WORLD PEACE!!!" ~Bear Cat
"Walk along ... nothing to see here. WHAT?!?! I'm not being mean to my sister! I could be doing any of a million OTHER THINGS." ~Bear Cat
"Or not." ~Ellie Mae
"Shut up." ~Bear Cat
"Be cool! Be cool! Pretend you're innocent." ~Bear Cat
"I AM innocent. You're the one causing problems!" ~Ellie Mae
"@#%$! You're right." ~Bear Cat

"Well, then ... see ... Momma made me walk ALL the way down the hall to get the fresh kibble. She could've let me have some in the kitchen when she filled the bowl ... but I had to ... " ~Ellie Mae
{Bear snickers}
"She's behind me, isn't she?" ~Ellie Mae

"You never return the favor!" ~Bear Cat
"Momma told you to keep your tongue to yourself! Who knows where ELSE that tongue has been!" ~Ellie Mae

"Would you prefer I lick your butt?" ~Bear Cat
"My point exactly." ~Ellie Mae

"Treats?!?! I haven't seen any treats!" ~Ellie Mae
"Oh. THESE treats. I'm just protecting them from Bear." ~Ellie Mae
"Wrong cat to be concerned about, Miss Piggy." ~Bear Cat

"I want to help you unpack!" ~Ellie Mae
"She's really just asking where the catnip is." ~Bear Cat

"I thought you both wanted to help me unpack!" ~Momma Kat
"We're taking a break." ~Ellie Mae
"Neither of you did anything!" ~Momma Kat
"Putting one's nose in everything is EXHAUSTING!" ~Bear Cat
"I'm too tired to move. Did we get any catnip?" ~Ellie Mae
"What is that?" ~Bear Cat
"A shark bed." ~Momma Kat

"Did we get any catnip?" ~Ellie Mae
"But we don't have a ... OOOH! I'm the SHARK! Naaaah NAH. Naaaah NAH. N-AH N-AH N-AH ... " ~Bear Cat

"I think they call that enabling." ~The Boy

"Is there any catnip in there?! I smell catnip!" ~Ellie Mae
"Get away from my bed! I'M the shark. If Momma gets a doofus bed or a smelly bed ... you're welcome to them." ~Bear Cat
"You got the shark bed! What do I get?" ~Ellie Mae
"If I find the catnip, will you leave my bed alone?" ~Bear Cat
"Now, THAT'S enabling!" ~Momma Kat
"Call it what you want ... DOOFUS ... DOOF-ASS ... but peace has a price. And I'm going to find that catnip so I can nap in peace in my new bed." ~Bear Cat
"Ooh! A mousie! Just wait until after my nap ... I'll do unspeakable things to you!" ~Bear Cat
"Wait a ... what does THIS do?!?!" ~Bear Cat
"Oops. I think I broke it ... just kick it under the bag here ..." ~Bear Cat
"AHA! The catnip's in this green shirt!" ~Bear Cat

"Oh, catnip ... I love you! You save me from a lifetime of annoyances by my stupid sister! I'm so happy I need to give you a hug! I love you, man! Hmmm ... this stuff is strong ... maybe I should keep it for myself! No ... no ... it's for a good cause. A great person once said, 'It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.' True THAT!" ~Bear Cat

~Ellie Mae
"You just realized how stupid and smelly you are?" ~Bear Cat
"I found the catnip!!! HUH?!?! The bag is wet! How did the bag get ... BEAR! You drooled on MY bag of catnip!!! Give it here!" ~Ellie Mae
"Wait ... wait ... one last ..." ~Bear Cat
"You inhaled! You're not supposed to inhale! That excludes you from being president!"~Ellie Mae
"Then I guess it's good that I have no interest in being president." ~Bear Cat
"MINE! MINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINEMINE!!! My precious! We wants it ... we NEEDS it ... my precious!" ~Ellie Mae

"It's good stuff, but that's going a little too far isn't it?" ~Bear Cat
"Do you MIND?!?! We're having a moment!" ~Ellie Mae

"No, Smellie. We will NEVER have a moment." ~Bear Cat
"I was talking about the catnip." ~Ellie Mae

"Oh. Right. That's dedication. Play on ... and leave me alone!!!" ~Bear Cat
"Oops. I have no idea how this happened! I SWEAR!!!" ~Ellie Mae

"Hahahaha. SOME kitty's in trouble! Now that Ellie is busy getting her Nip on ... OH! It is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. Yep. That sounds about right." ~Bear Cat

"Finally! It's about time she left me a ..." ~Bear Cat
{Ellie giggles}
"She's behind me ... isn't she?!" ~Bear Cat

"It's moving! It's moving! If I pounce at just the right ..." ~Ellie Mae
"HEY! That's my tail!" ~Bear Cat

"Speaking of tails ... isn't my tail nice and bushy and not short and thin like yours?!" ~Ellie Mae

"I suggest you get that out of my face before you lose ..." ~Bear Cat
"TAIL!" ~Ellie Mae
"HA! My back's to the wall! She can't sneak up and pounce on my tail now!" ~Bear Cat
"Sisters. They're always all up in one's grill heckling you! SWEET my rump!" ~Bear Cat
"Did someone say TREATS?!?" ~Ellie Mae
"SWEET!" ~Bear Cat
"Where?" ~Ellie Mae
"NOOOOOOO. I was saying you aren't sweet. Nothing about treats." ~Bear Cat
"Nuts! You think if we ask nicely, Momma might get them out?" ~Ellie Mae

"She'll never find me here. This is the perfect hiding spot from that Smellie sister of mine." ~Bear Cat

"Hmmm ... now what do I do?!? Nap? Eat? Dreaming of torties and tasty whole chickens?! So many wonderful options." ~Bear Cat

"This is BORING!!! This bed should DO something. Like bazooka sisters. Or double as a tank. Speaking of, at least SHE'S not around here ... " ~Bear Cat

"I see something MOVING in ... Don't worry, Momma! I'll get it!" ~Ellie Mae

"Just because it moves doesn't make it a toy." ~Bear Cat
"HEY! Keep your paws off my ..." ~Bear Cat
"MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellie keeps whapping my back side!" ~Bear Cat
"Turn around and I'll whap your front side too." ~Ellie Mae
"Bear?!? NO! I have NO IDEA where Bear is!" ~Ellie Mae

"That's RIGHT! Mess with me again and I'll ... err ... oh, @#$! I'm too tired to even think up a threat!" ~Bear Cat

"FINALLY! She's ... HEY, Momma!!!! I had this bed in just the right spot for me! And you moved it!" ~Bear Cat

"If I owned a chicken farm ... how many tasty whole chickens would there be?! Do tasty whole chickens leap over the moon and bring back cheese?! And what came first ... the chicken or the tuna?" ~Bear Cat

When the kitty mob means business ...

"What?! You've never seen a cat play with a kickstick before?! I'm teaching this one a lesson it won't forget." ~Bear Cat
"That you're a wimp?" ~Ellie Mae
"I think I have ten black cat sisters ... every time I turn around ... AHH! Scare the heck out of me!" ~Bear Cat

The best game in a cat blogging household?! Musical beds ... Sleeping around ... So many choices, so little time ... Round and round we go, where we'll sleep, nobody knows ...

"I know my catnip is in here somewhere ..." ~Ellie Mae

"If I could just get under this ... TREATS! No! NO! Keep on task ... I'll have my way with the treats later." ~Ellie Mae
"AHA!!!! My precious! We wants it ... we needs it ..." ~Ellie Mae
"Momma thought the plastic baggie would stop me! HMPH!" ~Ellie Mae

"IN! Score! Now I just have to be sure Momma doesn't catch me ..." 
~Ellie Mae

~Ellie Mae
"ELLIE! You're covered in catnip!" ~Momma Kat

"I didn't do it! I swear! I was just sitting here watching Bear lick his butt ... and all of a sudden, the bag of catnip EXPLODED all over the place! I'm lucky I'm still alive!!!" ~Ellie Mae
"Good grief! Look at this mess!" ~Momma Kat
"I'll just take this bag of catnip and be going ..." ~Ellie Mae

"It's MINE! All MINE! Hehehehehehehehehehehehe!" ~Ellie Mae

"Nip always makes me sleepy ... I have to stretch ... must keep my svelte figure." ~Ellie Mae
"If that's svelte, I'm a monkey's uncle!" ~Bear Cat

"HEY! That's MY catnip! I did all the hard work to dig it out and chew through the bag! I'm not going to share!" ~Ellie Mae
"I'll fight you for it!" ~Bear Cat
"Bring it on!" ~Ellie Mae
{The cats wrestle}
"HA!!! Why don't you leave the catnip to the pro!" ~Bear Cat
"The only thing you're a pro at is being an @$$hole! HOW RUDE! I did all the work and you stole my Nip!" ~Ellie Mae
"Phht. And people say sisters have no value!" ~Bear Cat

"Just for the record ... we're not touching because we're not looking at each other!" ~Ellie Mae

When you're so tired, you don't care who's in bed with you ...

"Another ten pictures?!?! Really?!?! I mean ... REALLY?!?! You've never seen two cats in the same bed before?" ~Bear Cat

When the cats can't agree on whose bed it is ... and refuse to cede it to the other ...

"My Momma's the BEST THING EVER!" ~Ellie Mae
"BARF!!!!" ~Bear Cat
"But true." ~Bear Cat

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