Growing pains [again]

Inevitably, when a family expands, there are some ... growing pains as everyone adjusts to the new dynamics and boundaries. Latte and Ellie Mae are still working on living together peacefully. Let's just say Latte's attitude that, "What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too!" doesn't exactly endear her to her sisfur. Ellie's truly too sweet to cause trouble - though she does have a breaking point with kitten nonsense.

As an aside, four and a half years ago, we wrote a same-named post [Growing painsafter adopting Ellie! Seeing Bear at His Best Royal Bear-iness (or worst, depending on perspective) makes us a bit teary-eyed. We miss Bear deeply (including Ellie!).

EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat] 
L: Latte [tortie/tabby girl kitten] 
MK: Momma Kat [Bear and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat] 
The Boy: Momma's fiance, Daddy to Latte and Ellie 

EM: I hate my life.
MK: Ellie, what's wrong?
EM: More specifically, I hate that stupid #*&@ing kitten. 
MK: Mad at her again?
EM: Things were good before SHE moved in.
MK: I'm pretty sure Bear thought the same thing about you.
EM: But I'M a good cat! The stupid kitten is into everything!
MK: Bear said that about you too.
EM: But I wasn't a kitten!
MK: But you acted like one! Remember attacking his tail?

EM: Hmph. This is different. She's in my food, she steals my toys, she poops in my litter box, scratches my scratchers, steals my beds ...
MK: Yep. Bear said all those things about you too. Remember? He even made a list of what was his and what was yours ... and used sticky notes to label everything!

EM: But ... 
MK: Well, except for the scratcher bit - because he didn't use scratchers.
EM: He learned to after I moved in and he had to have everything I did!
EM: Hmm. Marking stuff as mine is a good idea! Do we have any sticky notes left?
MK: Did you use what Bear labeled as his?
EM: Yes.
MK: So ...
EM: I wonder if I can rig up my stuff to shock Latte if the item doesn't sense my microchip ...
MK: NO! I know sharing your life with a kitten is tough. You can't avoid her no matter how hard you try. 
EM: She LAYS on me! Just like Bear used to!
MK: Unlike Bear who wanted you to move, when Latte lays in your beds with you, she's trying to cuddle.

MK: I'm just saying ...
EM: And when I say the kitten is into everything, I mean EVERY. THING. The other day, I was walking back up the hall past the bathroom and she jumped out of the bathtub and ran like a cat out of the vet's office at me! It's a really good thing I pooped before my snack because otherwise, you would've had a mess!
MK: I'm sorry, Ellie.
EM: And then I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for my food and watching you very intently when she jumped out of the pantry at me! I lost my appetite! 
MK: Really?
EM: Well, I ALMOST lost my appetite. How was I supposed to know she was in there?!?! The door was touching!
MK: I know, Ellie. She's into everything. Remember the other day when I opened the refrigerator to find her staring at me from inside?
EM: You screamed!
MK: I was making dinner and going back and forth from the stove to the refrigerator. I didn't see her crawl in there to eat your leftover wet food.
EM: And don't forget about the couch!

MK: I know. Daddy and I had to rip the bottom out of the couch to get her out.
EM: And she climbs down in the couch ON PURPOSE! 
MK: I know. I've seen her do it, Ellie. 
EM: She squeezes between the horizontal padding and the vertical padding and ends up IN the couch!
MK: You're not the one that went to sit down only to see a tail hanging out of the crack between the cushions.
EM: OH! And who can forget when she climbed into the TOILET!?! That was so gross!
MK: Yeah. She got a bath after that one.
EM: You looked a lot wetter than she did.
MK: And she got away from me before I could dry her off so the rest of the house got wet too.
EM: You still let her snuggle with you!
MK: I was already wet. Ellie, you can stand up to her.
EM: No, thanks.

MK: No, see, when she attacks you, you can stand your ground. When she tries to steal something that's yours, you don't have to give it to her.
EM: I know.
MK: Sooo .... I know you know how to put her in her place - I've seen it!
EM: Yeah. When I get mad enough.
MK: But you're too sweet to be mean.
EM: FINALLY! Thank you for noticing! I'm a lover, not a fighter. And now we have Bear 2.0. I hope you're happy with the monster you created! AGAIN!
MK: That doesn't quite work because you annoyed Bear more than he annoyed you.
EM: I annoyed him just by living here! And he always stole everything from me!
MK: Bear said the same thing about you.
EM: Well, clearly he wasn't paying attention! Oh! OH! And the kitten plays fetch! What self-respecting cat plays FETCH?!?
MK: Bear did.
EM: Erm ... hmm. I mean, the whole thing is obvious! If you wanted the mouse near you, you wouldn't throw it as far as you can! And Latte isn't smart enough to realize that, so she brings it back to you time after time like you accidentally threw it as far away from you as you could.
MK: Bear said the same thing about you not being a self-respecting cat for using scratchers.

EM: The kitten is nothing like I was! I was a good girl!
MK: And you still are.
EM: Then why do you need the kitten?
MK: You don't like having her around?
MK: Not even a little bit?
MK: Even though she wants to be your best friend?
EM: She does?
MK: When Latte lays in your bed with you, she's trying to cuddle.
EM: She wants the bed.
MK: No. She wants to be in the bed ... with you.
EM: Why? Our beds aren't THAT big! She ends up laying half on top of me!
MK: I think that's the point.
EM: That makes no sense!

MK: You like to lay on top of me.
EM: But that's your lap!
MK: And she's trying to lay in your lap.
EM: No, thanks. 
MK: And whenever you get upset because you can't find your people, the kitten runs out to you from whatever she's doing.
EM: Hmph. It IS nice to not be alone.
MK: Uh-huh. Last night, she busted into the bedroom.
EM: Not even Bear could do that! Well, he couldn't do that with the door to your bedroom. He managed to get into MY room when you and Daddy were out of town.
MK: I don't know how she did it - but she did it more than once. You know how Daddy goes to bed earlier than I do? Apparently, Latte didn't like the closed door and she threw herself against it until she managed to open the door. I had to pick her up and remove her several times so she didn't wake Daddy up.
EM: Speaking of the kitten, where is she? It's quiet so you know she's up to no good!
MK: I thought you wanted her to leave you alone?
EM: I do! I just don't trust her. I'll be right back.
{Ellie walks away and Momma hears Ellie gasp}
MK: {running into the same room with the two cats} What's wrong? What's ... oh, @(#)@!

EM: She ruined my scratcher!
L: I'm killing it!

EM: It was already dead!
L: I'm bored.

EM: I just chased you around for three hours!
L: Yes. But you never caught me.
EM: {GASP} MOMMA! The kitten should be in BIG trouble!
{Momma sighs as the kitten goes back to attacking the pieces of the scratcher}
EM: Aren't you going to stop her?
MK: The damage is already done! We're just going to have to throw those pieces away.
EM: {GASP} But it's my scratcher!!! Can't you glue it together?!?
MK: I know, Ellie. I don't think gluing it together will work. We'll get a new one.
EM: But ... but ... I don't WANT a new one. That one smells like Bear!

MK: Oh. Hmm. I see your point.
EM: Unlike Latte, Bear was a good brofur!
MK: What?
L: That's because I'm not a brofur! I'm a good SISFUR!
EM: Yeah, right!
MK: Wait wait wait. Now Bear's a good brofur? He used to tick you off all the time! And he never wanted to play with you!
EM: Geez, Momma. Aren't you listening? Bear. Was. A. Good. Brofur.
{Silence as Momma's stunned}
EM: Latte! STOP!!! That's my scratcher! You're in BIG trouble!
L: Huh?!

MK: Ellie! Be nice!
EM: But SHE'S not being nice! Look at what she did to my scratcher!!! And she didn't use it for scratching!!! She's biting and ripping it!
EM: You're in BIG trouble, Latte! Momma will return you to where you came from!
MK: Latte, ignore her!
L: {sticking her tongue out at Ellie} Okay!

{Latte continues her vendetta against Ellie's scratcher}

EM: I can't watch this!
{The carnage continues until Latte tires herself out and falls asleep}
{Ellie emerges from the other room to survey the damage}
EM: Huh. She's actually kind of cute when she's sleeping.

MK: Don't worry, Ellie. We'll get a new scratcher.
EM: She better not get anywhere near my new scratcher!
MK: Ellie, she lives here. I can't keep her away from anything. You'll have to learn how to share.
EM: Bear said sharing is for sissies! 
MK: Let's not repeat what Bear said.
EM: Why? I think he was right! 
MK: Okay. Let's just not repeat anything you heard from Bear, okay?
EM: Why?
MK: Were you adopted from the Circus Geek Show?
EM: No.
MK: Are you a dolphin that can swim in the toilet?
EM: No.
MK: So the things that Bear said were ...
EM: Ummmm ... is this a trick question?
MK: {sigh} Never mind.
EM: What a mess! That girl's like a Tasmanian devil! My poor scratcher.

EM: So when will I get my new scratcher?
MK: I don't know, Ellie. I'll try to find one the next time I go out.
EM: But what am I supposed to do until then?!
MK: Use your other three scratchers.
EM: But ... but ... I like THIS ONE. Or what's left of it anyway.
MK: But you'll get to start over with a new scratcher!
EM: Oh. Okay. When will that be?
MK: You know, what? I'll go out right now and get you a new scratcher.
MK: Yep.
EM: I LOVE YOU, MOMMA! I want my scratcher to be big ... and scratchy ... and ... and ... well, you know.
{Momma goes out to buy a new scratcher and comes home to find ...}
L: Hi, Momma! What's up?

{Ellie runs into the room excited for her new scratcher}
EM: {stopping quickly} {GASP} THE GALL OF THAT GIRL! 
L: I'm not a GIRL! I'm a YOUNG LADY! Daddy said!
EM: Not when you're laying there like that! Momma, she's chilling out in the remains of my destroyed scratcher like ... like ... nothing happened! Latte, do you have no shame?
L: Ummm ... no. Not really. What's "shame?" Is having "shame" the reason you're so big?
EM: WHAT?!?!?!?! WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. SAY. TO. ME?!?!?!
MK: Latte, I think Ellie hit her limit of tolerance.
L: Okay. Okay. I hide. I know the drill. I don't come out until Ellie stops talking.

EM: I'm not SO big! I'm ... err ... plump.
EM: How rude! BIG! ME! Has Latte ever seen Momma's butt?
EM: SURE! Just make fun of me because I make a good target.
EM: No more Miss Nice Cat!
MK: Ellie! Look! A new scratcher!
EM: Huh? OH! YAY!
EM: This is great! THANK YOU, MOMMA! Take a picture of me on my new scratcher!
MK: Okay!

{Ellie mumbles under her breath}
MK: Hang on. I'll be back in a minute ...
EM: HEY! This is my scratcher!
{Momma comes back out to find ...}

L: Hi, Momma. Look at my new scratcher!
MK: #*($*&!
EM: I hate my life.

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  1. What a 100% true words.
    Our first kitty Milky-Way was a gentle...quite ....gentleman. Kept the same schedule as we did. Never walked on our bladders at night. He paved the way to our hearts for Diva Madi.....who was 360 degrees different from MW and each characteristic she had endeared her to us. BUTT OMCs growing pains. She and MW lived in the same house but they saw it differently. She took every piece of furniture as an adventure that needed exploring. When she was up EVERYBUDDY better be up. Her Dad called her a perpetual 2 year old.
    ALL THIS BEING SAID SHE WAS ABSOLUTE THE PURRFECT BLOGGING PAL. Why? She view life as a journey and took 100% advantage of the journey which made for wonderful blogging.
    Hugs to all Cecilia

    1. I think I understand. Bear sounds a lot like Madi. And Ellie sounds quite a bit like Milky Way.

  2. There's never a dull moment when a kitten is around Ellie, but she's out grow it and you two will grow together.

    1. I don't think Ellie should grow any bigger. Just saying. ~Latte

  3. Hee! Hee! We are glad to see that you are keeping busy Elle! Latte is quite the cat! Jo Jo says the same things about me and Nellie Bellie as you do about Bear. Purrs Marv

    1. Comparing Bear to Nellie?!? Wow. That's a huge compliment!

  4. Ellie Mae, Latte must spread her paws so to speak. Eventually she wil be your best friend but that will take some time. Keep a running list of her behaviour so you can blackmail her for treats when she's older. mol

    1. Oh! I LIKE THAT. Blackmail. I even like the sound of the word! ~Ellie Mae

  5. ellie.....eye noe eggz act lee why ewe say.. what ewe say.. when ewe haz said it... ore all reddy saided
    it... coz de big katoona.... used thoz werdz for ME....mackerull ;)

    latte...eye noe wear ewe iz comin frum and manee thanx for de tip bout de fridge, eye
    haz knot tried that ....yet ;) ♥3

    1. Hahaha. Just what we need ... a bunch of our cats getting together and giving each other tips on how to cause trouble! Yikes!

  6. Replies
    1. Destructor should be my middle name! Momma wants to give me one because we have Ellie Mae Kat and Bear Cat Kat ... and Latte Kat. I need a middle name! ~Latte

  7. They sounds just like children ~ especially adolescents ~ Xo~ Fun photos ^_^

    Happy Days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Hahaha. Sometimes they sound like toddlers ... sometimes teenagers ... hahaha.

  8. You did an impressive job on the scratcher, Latte. You better leave the new one alone though.

    1. But she won't! She doesn't even use it to scratch! She just likes to lay on it! ~Ellie Mae

  9. Poor Ellie, I guess you do know how Bear felt now. Sounds like never a dull moment at least.

  10. It’s gotta be a little tough for Ellie. But Latte won’t be a kitten forever.

  11. Poor Ellie! We are sorry that the adjustment to having Latte as a sister is not easy. We think she'll grow out of the kitten stage at some point, and you two will be friends. XO

    1. Pretty soon she'll outgrow me! She's like a weed! ~Ellie Mae

  12. Ellie, I have missed you! Wow, are you ever going THROUGH it! Just tell Latte what she needs to know and do. Don't accept behaviors unacceptable to you. Take that part over with your mommy first though. This WILL improve though Ellie, I promise. Meanwhile..slip over for some catnip tea with me. I'll share my tissue paper! We'll race the track ball and see who wins!

  13. Life with a kitten is...adventurous? 😻

  14. RaenaBelle: Oh Ellie, I's totally feel ya' girl!!! Those kittens!!! Hmmmpht What were our mommies thinking? As ifin we're somehow not enough or something.

    Zebby: What are y'all meowing about? Us kittens are the bestest. And there ain't nothing better than cardboard fur a good chew and rip session. Y, I's luvs taking a rip and tear outta all the cardboard and boxes I's can find.

    RaenaBelle: Well Ellie, at least we don't have to clean up after them. Big hugs

    Luvs ya'

    RaenaBelle and Zebby

    1. Hahahahaha. You have an excellent point, Raena! ~Ellie Mae

  15. AMARULA: Ok I will admit it (Bear forgive me!) I am actually starting to really like Latte! We may in fact be sister soul mates!"What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too!" that is my exact same motto!! and when you ripped apart Ellie Mae's scratcher I just laughed and laughed! In fact it inspired me to tear apart Frodo's favorite scratcher! Can't wait to see what else you get up to Latte! Bear would be proud!

    1. Wow. Thanks! So I'm part of the Tortitude club now?!? Who needs Smellie as a sisfur when I have a sisterhood of torties? ~Latte

  16. Latte was raised with a sister, so she wants Ellie Mae to be her sister, too! Ellie Mae was from a litter of 4 girls, all named after models, so she needs to remember how nice it was to have sisters to cuddle with - remember your inner kitten, Ellie Mae! I know you will be friends once you get to know each other! You both love to cuddle!

    1. Ellie's a great lap cat - but I've never seen her sleep with a person or another cat (not sure if this is innate or learned). She's the sweetest cat I've ever met - but she's not going to ever sleep on me or beside me. I understand her because I was that way before Bear - I couldn't sleep with someone right next to me. I don't think that will change for her. But Latte was close to her sister and then Casper - she likely feels most comfortable cuddled up with someone while she sleeps. I hope I'm wrong and my girls cuddle - but part of these growing pains is them learning the boundaries of the other.

  17. Mrs H says, for practicality sake, you should just have wall to wall scratchers. Come to think of it, just have cardboard furniture too! Just another ten years before L starts to mellow! Happy days . . . months, years, MOL

  18. From Toffee Cat: Oh, Ellie Mae, I feel your pain. The young of all species are a pain in the BUTT! I've suffered from young felines and young hoomans and both kinds annoy the HELL out of me. The only consolation is that both grow up in the end and tend to settle down.

    1. HEY! As a tortie or calico, I was sure you'd take my side! ~Latte

  19. I'm sorry, Ellie Mae. Little Latte sounds like quite the handful! Woodrow is sending you hugs.

    1. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAT?!? In that case, dealing with my sisfur is totally worth it! ~Ellie Mae
      ps - Any chance those hugs could be in catson?!

  20. Dear Ellie Mae,
    Oh my furiend, I feel ya'! When my best buddy Tucker crossed The Rainbow Bridge I lost my protector and the two hooligan brothers took advantage of the situation and made my life miserable. Things are much better now, only one of the bros behaves badly (Oliver) and so I extract my revenge by giving the other brother (Alberto) a whacky paw every time I walk past him.

    Hang in there Ellie Mae, this too shall pass!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

    1. Gee. I guess I'm glad my Momma didn't get me a brofur! ~Ellie Mae

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