Welcome to Bear's Lair ... where it's all about me [just like in real life!]. When Momma said I get my own page I was soooooo excited - then she told me it wasn't the kind of page I could shred. She's always ruining my fun like that! Momma is good at thwarting my plots of feline domination - and she sees EVERYTHING! I try to be a good boy ... but sometimes mischief just gets in my way. I can't help it! I swear!  It's a good thing I'm cute ... that gets me out of most troubles, and of course, I know how to work it. If only I had opposable thumbs - then I'm certain I'd gain the upper paw in my battle of wills with Momma! This page links to all my greatest hits! My greatest hits are an accumulation of my intellectual superiority and what I'm famous for. Enjoy my fabulousness - there's plenty to go around!

* A list of what a discerning feline with good taste requires.

😻 Bear's Wish List

* Before you let a human adopt you - make sure to get all the promises in writing! And make sure the humans answer this application to your satisfaction.

😻 Bear's Adoption Application

* Cats are unique and glorious creatures - yet they have quirks that make even the most understanding of humans scratch their heads. A cat is the only pet that will destroy your couch and then blame you for its demise. Cats are easy to love but these aberrations can be hard to understand. It is with that appreciation, admiration, and love that Bear shares his words to live by.

😻 Words To Live By ... From A Cat

😻 MORE words to live by ... from a cat

* Bear's adventures in catting:

😻 Bear’s Adventures in Catting, part 1.

😻 Bear’s Adventures in Catting, part 2.

* Bear's Tip Jar:

* Is your human a doubt-a-cat-aholic? How can you tell? And what does it mean for the human and her cats?

😻 Doubt-a-cat-aholic.

* Bear's poems ...

😻 Bear's #BiterLife.

😻 Valentine's Day ... Bear-style

* Bear's Karaoke - Bear's changed a number of songs to suit his purposes ...

😻 Ducks and geese? OH MY!

😻 The most wonderful time of the year.

😻 Momma's home

😻 Bear's Christmas

😻 Christmas: Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat Style

😻 "On tasty reindeer (part 2 - Christmas day)," from "Conversations" With Bear Cat: Part 15

😻 Kitty Diva or Pop "Tart?" {The blow-out performance of "I'm too sexy" song}. 

😻 How to get to Bear's food bowl

😻 Bear, While Momma Sleeps.

😻 Tiger's Pride. {The "I feel pretty" song}.

😻 The flea party

😻 Bear's adoption application

😻 Get ready to crumble

😻 Bear: The Musical

😻 I did

😻 I'm the sea mammal

😻 The international chicken incident.

😻 Things that make you go hmph ... 

😻 Younger siblings SUCK! 

😻 Surreal greatness, part 2

😻 Heavy artillery {and Christmas}

😻 And a crab cake with a tortie

😻 Same thing! 

😻 A new camera and the "D" word

😻 Bear vs. Ellie: A showdown

😻 Dweeble Mitigation Zone

😻 I'd rather be a pretty girl! 

😻 We need a spaceship

* Bear's use of sticky-notes.

😻 Smellie: {noun} poop, {adj} stupid. 

😻 Thanksgiving {kind of}

😻 The name game.

😻 The no name game.

😻 The custody "arrangement."

😻 Pinkie Mouse in the White House.

😻 No Boys Allowed!

😻 Growing pains (this is the post where Bear labeled most of the contents of our house as his).

😻 And a crab cake with a tortie.

😻 Bear Cat's 9.5 theses.

* About Bear {from Momma's perspective}.

😻 All About Bear (and Pictures!)

But I'm not done yet! Watch the list of my greatest hits grow! ~Bear Cat


  1. Bear's Lair is such a cute name! And you look quite at home and comfy on your very own page! I think your green eyes are extra sparkly! Doodle hugs to you and your momma!


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