How Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat Began

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat started with one unbreakable, unfathomable, unexplainable and life-transforming bond between me (Momma Kat) and the homeless kitten I found on the street (Bear Cat). Over the next fourteen years, Bear's exploits and misadventures culminated in the stories told here: with my perceptions and speculation of what goes through Bear's head. Soon, Bear wrote the blog with his larger-than-life personality and endless inspiration. The stories we told changed MY life and MY perspective - making MY days brighter and better. In writing Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat, I share these stories with others - to touch others' hearts, brighten their days and make life's burdens just a little bit lighter. I believe in sharing Bear's gifts to me on our blog: love, healing and the promise of something better.

While Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat remain loyal to our humor/entertainment roots - we are at heart - about the feline-human bond (through the lens of life with cats and the often absurd implications of that life). Yes, cats are entertaining. But they are so much more too! Cats are a LIFESTYLE - a way of living - a choice. We don't believe the common misconceptions about cats (they are indifferent to our presence, don't have needs beyond the most primal, aren't capable of feeling attachment, etc.). Because of this, we do our best to educate readers so other people won't miss out on what our amazing cats are truly capable of giving us. We challenge those untrue notions about cats and teach people to think about cats differently. We hope to help more people break out of their misconceptions about felines and decide to take a chance on something more - with their cats.

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat's Beliefs

We love cats. We believe in the awe-inspiring and unfathomable power of the human-feline bond. We believe every cat should have a home. We believe and invest in a better life for all cats through human education. We advocate for all these causes and more - and we challenge what popular conceptions tell us we can expect from our cats. In the beginning, there was me and my boy cat. Over the years, I found that Bear knew what I needed to heal - and walked along by my side as I recovered from a soul-shattering and devastating eating disorder. For years, Bear was the only reason I got up in the morning and didn't give up. 

Bear became inextricably entwined with every breath of life I've taken for the past fourteen years. Bear didn't just SAVE my life - he COMPLETELY transformed my existence into life where there had been nothing. Because of Bear, where I experienced nothing but numbness in my past, I felt growth; where I felt nothing but pain in my past, I began to heal; where I felt nothing but emptiness in my past, I began to feel connectedness and purpose; where I felt nothing but irreparable brokenness, unbearable devastation and hopelessness in my past, I began to feel happiness and hope. 

Not only did I woman survive - but my heart and soul came to life as well. This blog is a testament to the power of one cat and one human who both dared to look past everything they thought they knew - and take a chance on each other for something better. To read the complete story of how Bear saved my life: Imperfectly perfect ... together: The power of one cat's love.

Am I ashamed to admit "just a cat" (as many people are fond of saying) saved my life and meant so much to me? No. The shame belongs to the people who are so narrow-minded that upon seeing a cat, all they see is "just a cat:" they've underestimated and never opened their hearts to the amazing gifts humanity receives from the exquisite creatures we call "feline."

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat Today

Today, our blog includes two humans (Momma Kat and her fiance, The Boy) and two cats (Bear Cat and Ellie Mae). We focus on the power of the feline-human bond: whether the bond makes us laugh (with the absurdities indicative of a life shared with cats) or cry (with the overwhelming love present in a life shared with cats). More simply, we tell the humorous and touching tales of two formerly homeless, yet always extraordinary, felines and their Momma, who's just along for the ride. Our tagline, "Living abundantly with cats," reflects my belief that living a fulfilled life must include our cats. For more on what this means, please see our "Living Abundantly with Cats" page. 

WELCOME! We dare you to look around and challenge everything you think you know about cats and what cats are capable of adding to our lives! 

Please contact us by e-mail [cats@mommakatandherbearcat@gmail.com] if you'd like to work with us. We enjoy reviewing products and are always looking for brand partnerships!

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