Understanding Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat (for our new friends)

Welcome to Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat. This blog is dedicated to my cat Bear, who entertains just about every one, including himself. My blog attempts to capture the hilarious and often frustrating aspects of sharing one's life with a cat (most of the incidents actually do happen - or I extrapolate an entire event from a smaller event - like Bear climbing all over me when I sleep). Part of that is trying to illuminate what I think Bear is thinking. I'm fascinated by the way cats think and I started telling stories about Bear's internal life for my own stress relief. My friends on my personal Facebook page encouraged me to publish what I wrote. I love Bear and he's changed my life in very profound ways - at the heart of it, my blog and Facebook page attempt to share him and show my respect and appreciation for all aspects of his personality (even the ones that make no sense or break things).

Why is Bear extraordinary? He's the perfect combination and interplay of big heart and big attitude. Loves are his favorite, then food, then play. But he's not your typical sweet pussy cat. He loves to be mischievous and point out when he is not getting the attention he deserves. This usually involves deciding on a plan, making sure I am watching him, and then executing said plan (like sticking his paw in the toaster or knocking things in the toilet). So he can be a bit of a $#!+ disturber at times, but I'm pretty sure it's not out of meanness, but instead a way for him to get what he wants (he is the cat after all). It's all about him, all the time, except for when he doesn't want it to be that way. I'm mostly happy to oblige and go along for the ride. Above all, he's extraordinary because he is perfect for me. I admire his stubbornness and spirit, while appreciating his great capacity to love. He inspires me, makes me laugh and keeps me honest (he knows the things I shouldn't be doing just as well as he knows what he shouldn't be doing). Some times we are crazy together and chase each other around, but more often than not, we are snuggling on the couch. I wouldn't change either, or all the shades in between, for the world. At times, I'm awed by this little, living, furry thing that brings me so much happiness (and pain, he does have fangs and claws too) and I'm reminded that life is a miracle and something to cherish - whether it be mine or his. While Bear started his life homeless and "unwanted," for the last ten years, he's been saving my life daily and couldn't be more loved or cherished. The best part is that I'm pretty sure he feels the same way about me - we both found a home.

I'd love feedback! Please let me know what you like and don't like! I'd love my Facebook page to be a community where everyone feels free to join the conversation. I love feedback, but seldom get it. Please let me know if you have suggestions or ideas - I want to give readers something they enjoy and I never really know how my posts are received without feedback. Every thing is up for grabs here, except for the cat himself: He's mine! But I will share him with you :) 

UPDATE: Momma Kat's Facebook page {HERE}, recently received a number of new likes. To assist our newest readers in catching up, Momma and Bear share pertinent links (below) to pages of special relevance to the background of Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat. The links below aren't representative of the humor you'll normally find on this blog, but provide the perfect background to better understand Momma's and Bear's personalities. For those of you who are new, the main focus of this blog is humor - either in conversations between Momma Kat and Bear Cat or through descriptions of Bear's shenanigans. Occasionally, Momma posts more serious items, like issues related to felines that she feels deserve more attention. We love our readers and appreciate you giving us a chance to make you laugh! And thank you to our long-term readers for sticking around for Momma to become more confident in herself and Bear's story.

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How Bear Cat and Momma Kat Met 

Momma's Favorite Story (Momma and Bear discuss Bear's adoption story)

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