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Momma Kat's house closely resembled a funny farm the last few weeks ... between a roundworm invasion, explosive diarrhea, a rogue flea treatment, getting used to a house with TWO cats, four vet visits in a week (with numerous tests), pills and medications for the cats, and a family health crisis, things have been a bit rough. We apologize for not getting around to our friends' blogs as often as we expect of ourselves. We've also been less available and less responsive to e-mails and I truly regret that as well. Adding Ellie to our family blessed us infinitely - but also complicated things quite a bit as Bear is more sensitive to change than most cats. Today's post skips a couple weeks forward to what happened the past weekend while the cats were alone for 36 hours. We'll go back and address all the craziness and growing pains of the past few weeks soon.

MK: Momma Kat
BC: Bear Cat
EM: Ellie Mae

{Momma walks in the front door after being gone for 36 hours}
MK: Bear?!?! Where's my kitten?
MK: Bear?!?!?
MK: {starting to panic} BEAR?!?!?! You usually run to greet me and let me ...
{Bear saunters out ... with Ellie a couple feet behind}
BC: This better be good. We were busy.
MK: WE?!?!?
MK: Wait, wait wait! I closed Ellie in her room when I left!
{Momma looks around the corner and down the hall to see the door to Ellie's room wide open}
MK: WHAT HAPPENED?!?! How did the door get opened when I closed it tightly?
BC: Umm ... it just EXPLODED OPEN. There was a deep rumble and then KA-BOOM!! The door exploded open!

MK: You thought there were tasty whole chickens in there, didn't you?
EM: WHAT?!?!?! You said you were HELPING me!! I promised to leave your food bowl alone if you got me out! But you opened the door because of what you'd get out of it!
BC: You also promised to leave my catnip banana alone.
EM: Ummm ... this banana?
BC: Exactly! And you didn't leave my food bowl alone anyway.
EM: True.
BC: {to Momma} Ellie was meowing, so I rescued her.
EM: Rescued me your fat behind. I'm a grown girl-kitty capable of saving myself.
BC: Maybe. But I didn't want to listen to you meowing for hours on end.
MK: This from the cat that's well known for howling when closed in or out of a room.
BC: {to Ellie} And this is the thanks I get?!?! You didn't mind my "fat behind" when it busted open the door to your room! And all you did after that was stink up my litter box, eat my food, and steal my catnip banana!
EM: I did you a favor. You need a diet.
BC: Did The Boy put you up to this?!?
EM: Phht. I can think for myself. And your ... umm ... extra-ness is obvious enough that it can be picked up by satellite.
BC: If I remember correctly, the vet called you plump too.
EM: A lady never discusses her weight. But if I were to discuss it, I would say that it's nice to have a full food bowl all the time ... and lots of treats.
BC: FULL?!?! It's not FULL! On average, it's 2.3762% empty - therefore ... NOT FULL!!!
EM: For a cat that lived on the street ... that's full.
BC: I lived on the street too, you know!!!
{Pause as Bear thinks}
BC: RATS! You're not wrong. 
EM: You can admit that I'm right.
BC: Girls aren't right! The Boy tells me that all the time.
MK: HEY! I'M a girl!
BC: How many times do I have to remind you?!?! You're NOT a girl ... you're a MOMMA! Why you'd want to be a GIRL, I don't know!
EM: Because girls are smarter and right more often than stupid boys.
BC: Oh ... WHO ASKED YOU?!?!
MK: That's enough. Bear, you said I interrupted what you two were doing when I walked in ... what were you doing?
BC: Nothing.
EM: It was his idea!
BC: Tattle tail!
EM: Liar! We weren't doing "nothing."
BC: Brown-noser!
EM: My nose is BLACK. Sheesh. You're blind too.
BC: No. I see you sucking up to Momma all the time. 
EM: I see you misbehaving all the time! You're always doing SOMETHING. Biting the people, on the kitchen counter, destroying something ... now I understand why you're grounded well into your ninth life.

MK: STOP!!! If you two don't knock it off, I'm going to walk right back out the door and leave you two to your whatever this is.
EM: Did he tell you WHY I meowed at him through the closed door?!?! He farted at me through the closed door while you were gone!!!
BC: Nah uh! YOU were farting in your room! You've been farting the entire time you've been here! The Boy heard you from down the hall!
EM: SHHHH! I'm HUNTING my banana!!!
{Ellie pounces on the catnip banana}
BC: We were talking about your farting!
EM: You boys are gross and then try to blame us for what you do!
BC: You just farted on my banana didn't you?!?!
EM: Ummmm ....
BC: It was one thing when you kept STEALING my banana! But now you have to FART on it?!?! I demand a NEW banana! Besides, I thought bananas come in bunches! The banana was broken from the beginning!
MK: Bear! She can't help it. You know her belly's been bugging her.
EM: {desperate to change the subject} Speaking of my Daddy ... where is he?!?
MK: He'll be home tomorrow night.
EM: Yay!

EM: I love my Daddy! He's the BEST thing EVER!

BC: Phht. That shows you have questionable taste.
EM: You bite him all the time!
BC: Not because of how he tastes! Because I don't like him!
EM: Why would you bite something if it doesn't taste good?!?! I only bite what tastes good!
BC: {GASP} THAT'S WHY YOU DON'T BITE ME!!! I'll have you know that I am VERY tasty! Not tasty-whole-chicken-tasty, but not shabby either! You don't taste so great either, you know!
EM: Then STOP BITING ME! I'm a NICE kitty. I don't go around biting everything. Like the couch.
MK: That's IT!!!!
{Momma slams the door to her bedroom}
BC: What's HER problem?!?!
EM: I don't know. Maybe she's tired and grumpy from her trip?
BC: Hahaha. She gets grumpy A LOT.
MK: I'm not dealing with this fighting and nonsense over farting on bananas! Just wait until your Father gets home!
BC: {as he brutally attacks the banana} ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGG!

EM: HEY! That's MY banana!
BC: It doesn't look like your banana now! If you're not nice, YOU'LL be next!
EM: Err ... you look busy. BYE!!!!
{Ellie runs down the hall to the closed bedroom door}
EM: Momma! Momma! Let me in! Let me in!
{Momma opens the door and scoops Ellie up in her arms}
MK: Momma loves her precious princess!
EM: I love you too, Momma! I'm so glad you're home! I love you so much!!!
BC: What a suck up. This banana isn't nearly as wonderful in the absence of another kitty that wants it too.

BC: Wait a ...
{Bear runs down the hall and stops in front of the door that's now closed again}
BC: LET ME IN!!! LET ME IN!!! I know you have tasty whole chickens in there! LET!!! ME!!! IN!!! I'm going to break this door down.
MK: I KNEW IT! You did this to the door to Ellie's room while I was gone!
BC: RATS!!! How can a stupid human trick me so much?!?!
EM: {from behind the door} BECAUSE YOU'RE STUPIDER THAN SHE IS!!!
MK: That's it.
{The door opens and Ellie is set down on the other side before Momma closes the door again}
EM: What's HER problem?!?!
BC: I TOLD you that she's always in a bad mood!!!
EM: You might actually be right for once.

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  1. no worries --don't feel bad--sounds like you are having a crazy time! Can't believe Bear busted the kitty out! Love it! Wish you had a video of what happened--glad to hear everyone is generally ok!

  2. It always seems like things happen all at once. Hope Ellie's tummy feels better soon. You all have a better day.

  3. Look how close you guys are! And we think you need another nip banana!

    1. Maybe 10 more nip bananas?!?! That MIGHT be enough! ~Bear Cat

  4. You two do look great together! MK, we sure hope normal finds y'all soon.

  5. Bear, your new sisfur Ellie is a real looker with that shiny, black fur coat of hers. Winky winks to her! Does she know about the whole chickens in the pantry? I think you'll learn to enjoy each others company 'cause you'll be able to plot things together. I'm so glad MK adopted a chat noir! We are good luck you know. Mew Mew!

  6. Adding a new pet to the household doesn't just double the situation, it's exponentially increased. 😇 Hopefully Miss Ellie will be fully on her way to complete wellness with no more tummy issues soon. All the best to your huMum as she works through the adaptation issues bringing a new pet home.

  7. You're grounded well into your ninth life??? Bear, you didn't tell me that! I thought we had plans one day? --Your favorite tortie

  8. Bringing in a new addition, especially a rescue can be rough at first. I remember a lot of drama, vet visits, worry about the other dogs getting sick, and adjusting when we first brought Luke home. And that was at Christmas time! (thank goodness for a wonderful vet willing to work on his Christmas eve!).
    We hope things settle down for all of you soon! ♥

  9. Love seeing how they are adjusting to each other and loved your story! Hoping things ease up for you soon, i sooooooooo understand about life getting in the way sometimes. Sometimes we want to visit and comment, but we just can't. Hoping Ellie feels better soon and I am praying everything else is fine soon too xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  10. You guys are so funny! It can be stressful to the household when a new kitty comes to stay, but I think time will solve all that. I think maybe you two are already kinda sorta getting along. Ellie, Annie gets an upset tummy too from time to time. Pierrot elicits growls from her almost daily (three years later), but they get along fine and the growls seem obligatory now.

    You two crack me up about the farting on the banana.

  11. Sorry we are so late with this but thank you for your comforting words on the loss of our sweet Ellie. We are heartbroken.

    The Florida Furkids

    1. Completely understandable. We're sending you all our love and prayers for peace and healing.

  12. Poor Bear, it loos like you have met your match. Maybe put a post-it note on the banana so she knows it is yours.

    1. Friday's post ... funny enough, we already had it planned ;)

  13. Ellie Mae, you are such a wonderful addition to your new home. And we are very sorry to hear of all the health issues lately. They can be very frustrating, we know!

    1. Thank you. I love it here ... it's so nice to have food brought to you and endless snuggles. I'm VERY lucky because I couldn't be loved more (well, except by Bear .... but we're working on it). ~Ellie Mae

  14. Bear, we think you're gonna have your paws full with Ellie Mae.

    1. {sigh} And this was supposed to be my retirement and golden years! ~Bear Cat

  15. Awwww we're so sorry mew've been having a bit of a pants time, don't stress about commenting and stuff, mew'll get to catch up... plus none of us bloggers are going anywhere!!! MOL MOL
    Bear, Ellie Mae is gorgeous and given time mew'll wunder how mew got by without her by your side, two is always better than one - just be thankful mew don't live here with 6 of us!!! MOL MOL
    Big hugs
    Basil & Co xox

    1. If Ellie starts climbing trees like Fudge ... err ... nevermind! That would be kind of sweet and she'd be out of my fur! ~Bear Cat

  16. You two are going to drive your Momma nuts! Good thing you're so cute :)

  17. I hope all the craziness has died down (and that the farting does too!).

  18. No worry about visiting and commenting, it looks like you are busy ! Never a dull moment at your home these times ! Purrs

    1. It certainly is interesting ... and sometimes a bit sleepless ;)

  19. dood N ellie; what ever ewe due; due knot fall for falze trix bye de momma... ore yur dad
    ....bout how ellie DID get outta de room, blame it ona naybor dawg gettin in N then if
    ya thinked yur mom hada bad mood bee for...wait til her heerz THAT !!

    hope stuff startz settlin down for everee one ~~~~ ☺☺♥♥

    1. Thank you. You tabbies sure know your stuff ... perhaps you should write a manual for other cats?!?! ~Ellie Mae

  20. Hmm.... I do think really it isn't you guys that should be explaining things, Bear, and Ellie Mae, rather you should be calling your peep to explain the absence and lack of nip nannas! AND whats this bursting in on you like that, huh? and not even apologising for accusing you of shenanigans... And then theres this door. I mean doors should open both ways rather than just the wrong way, right?
    Purrs. ERin
    PS Just had a great idea, nip nannas in the shape of tasty chickens or vice versa... what do think... could be winner!

    1. PPS Nip nannas that taste like tasty chickens or vice versa, was actually what I was thinking of, but in the shape of as well could work ;)

    2. You are genius, Erin! We hope your Peep pays attention ... you could be rich!!!

  21. You two seem to be doin' well. As fur da nanner, ya' fur sure need more than one. Mommy learned dat really fast. We now have a nanner each and a spare in da freezer. Least dat's what mommy says. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Your Mommy is very wise ... my Momma would be smart to listen! ~Bear Cat


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