One year since ...

One year since ...

I last held my Handsome Stripe-y Pants in my arms.
Bear's brazen and indomitable spirit left the physical world.
I kissed his nose for the last time.
I held Bear's lifeless body in my arms and sobbed uncontrollably and inconsolably for what seemed like hours.
My beating heart, my soul, and every breath of life in my body ceased with Bear's.
My heart broke into a million ugly, irretrievable pieces.
Bear found peace and I found anything but peace.
My world screeched to a devastating halt.
I began the job of figuring out how to live without Bear by my side.
I lost my anchor to the world.
I felt unbearably alone again.
I realized I'd take any amount of pain to end his.
I lost my inspiration, my blogging voice, my everything.

It's been one year, and every day since, that you all surrounded me with love and comfort and showed me what Bear meant to you.

Thank you for being there, for showing up post after post, for loving Bear and grieving him alongside me.

I hope you understand that today the comments are more than I can bear. I hope you understand and forgive me that for this one day, I won't visit your blogs to catch up.

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