BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - "Qweasdzxcccccccccccdsaq:"
BC: I think it's time for me to write another blog post.
MK: Ummmm ... WHY?
BC: Didn't you say my last post, From Momma to ***WINNING***, got more views than all of our other posts combined?
BC: And we all know it was my post that got us nominated and chosen as a finalist for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Awards in the Best Pet Humor Blog category.

MK: Ummm ... which post was that?
BC: Phht. Like you don't remember. I couldn't find it on our blog last time I checked; I bet you deleted it because you were jealous! The one that starts with, "qweasdzxcccccccccccdsaq."
MK: Ah. The one you "wrote" while laying on the keyboard.
BC: Isn't that how you write our posts?
MK: Umm, no.
BC: You mean you purposely type them in?
MK: Yes.
BC: Huh. I couldn't tell.
MK: That's not very nice!
BC: The post I wrote, that got us nominated, was so great, I think "qweasdzxcccccccccccdsaq" should be added to the dictionary AND the thesaurus.
MK: What would the synonyms for "qweasdzxcccccccccccdsaq" look like?
BC: Can I borrow the keyboard?
MK: Okay ....
BC: "Uioplkjhbnmkkljhhhhh" and "nbvcdfgghhjjjuyytrryujhg."
MK: Definition in the dictionary?
BC: "Qwertyuopasdfghjklzxcvbnm."
MK: What about "i?"
BC: What do you mean, "what about 'i?'" Sheesh! Everything's about you! "I this," and "I that," "I,I,I!"
MK: No, you left "i" out of the keyboard!
BC: {sigh} Do I have to explain EVERYTHING to you? No wonder this blog sucks! There's no "i" in "keyboard."
MK: I'm sorry I asked.
BC: What did they teach you in school anyway?!?! You can't even lick your own butt! Or hunt! I have to catch all the mice for you!
MK: Umm, Bear. Those are TOY mice.
BC: All mice are toys!
MK: The toy mice aren't "real."
BC: What do you mean, they "aren't real?" What other kind of mouse is there?
MK: "Live" ones breathe. And poop.
BC: Details. You humans relish the details. A mouse is a mouse.
MK: "Live" mice generally move on their own.
BC: What do you mean? MY mice move on their own! Until I'm ready to catch them anyway.
MK: Right. I forgot you think "hunting" means to tell whatever you're after to run to your food bowl and die.
BC: You act like that's not how it happens. How else does my fishy get there? You don't see me chasing fishy around the house, now do you?
MK: Never mind.
BC: Your lack of knowledge is troubling. How do you humans survive? You spend all your lives chasing after things when all you have to do is demand they come to you and die.
MK: Noted. So I should stop chasing happiness and instead demand it come to me and then wait for it to die.
BC: Good grief. You humans are killjoys too! You take things WAY too literally!
MK: Right, Mr. "There's no 'i' in 'keyboard.'"
BC: Where's the "i?" Huh, Ms. Smarty-Pants?!?!
MK: Exactly. There is an "i" in
hypocrisy. Besides, you chase the flashlight beam like a complete nut.
BC: Whatever. 

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In the aftermath of the Orlando shootings, several bloggers addressed the need to plan for your pets if something happens to you. No one wants to think about his death, but most parents of human children recognize the need to state their wishes about care of their children after their deaths. Our fur babies should be no different. We shared our ideas and the resources to get started in this post: What Would Your Cat's Life Be Like?

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  1. Bear has the most beautiful eyes! We love seeing him gazing into the camera like that.

    And Bear, you're right, "qweasdzxcccccccccccdsaq" should absolutely be added to the dictionary. At least the unabridged one. If you can type it with your tummy stripes, it's a word!

    1. Bear's eyes are the first thing I noticed about him - they are gorgeous. Unfortunately, I had to chase him around for 15 minutes to get that picture. I think he finally decided to give me a decent one in exchange for his freedom :)
      Haha. We like the "type it with your tummy stripes," that's awesome!

  2. Pawsome pic of you, Bear. You're quite handsome.

    1. Thank you. My Momma is VERY, VERY lucky. She's alright I guess, but no one would mistake the power balance in this relationship :) ~Bear Cat

  3. Hey Bear, Sophie typed this up for me the other day... Can you please translate it for me? I got it from her right after I took her food away that she hadn't finished. Direct quote: "KDsdgljsggggggggj... sLKGJSLDGkdgdddddddddddd!!! Plmsdkfnseflwjef 3 xcvbnmdfghjkl!" I got a little scared when I saw the three in there. Please help translate!

    1. Oh, my. Ummm, unless Sophie speaks a different feline dialect, I'm pretty sure those are words I'm not allowed to repeat. But FYI, that three means you should sleep with one eye open. Well, that's the "nice" version. I've only heard the translation of "dddddddddddd" once in my life and that was when I emptied the shelves above the toilet into the toilet for the third time in a week. Don't get between a cat and her food - we take that HJFR seriously! ~Bear Cat

    2. Thanks for the heads up, Bear. I'll be sure to sleep with one eye open.

    3. Sure. My Momma said if something happens to you and you don't make it to the conference she might go completely crazy. I don't think I can handle any more crazy!!! ~Bear Cat


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