Bolt Cathack Returns

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - Bolt Cathack Returns:

BC: In the name of Male Princess Buttercup Black Bear Cat of the Forest ... OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!
MK: {laying in bed in the other room} What the ...
BC: Male Princess Buttercup Black Bear Cat of the Forest will see you now!
BC: You may kiss my paw!
BC: I rule this kingdom mother-meower!
BC: Why yes! I AM the most handsome Male Princess in the universe!
MK: Because you're the ONLY Male Princess in the universe!
BC: Momma style ... Get off the counter!
BC: Stop shredding that!
BC: Get your paw ... err ... hand out of the toaster!
MK: Are you mocking me now?
BC: Phht. I'd need ten dozen doughnuts for that.
MK: {walking into the room} What in the name of ...
BC: In the name of Male Princess Buttercup Black Bear Cat of the Forest!
MK: Why would you think wearing a plunger on your head is an accurate way to mock me?
BC: I wasn't mocking you at first! I was practicing my princess-ship!
MK: Why are you wearing a plunger on your head? And what happened to the rest of it?
BC: Well, see, I was celebrating the New Year in the bathroom ... one thing lead to another ... and I found where you've been hiding my tiara!
MK: Wait ... wait ... wait ... celebration in the bathroom?
BC: And then this stupid stick was stuck on my tiara, so I had to get it off. I thought the stick might make a nice scepter ... but then I found what I'm assuming is my true scepter.
MK: {walking into the bathroom} BEAR CAT KAT! I don't even know where to start!
MK: {looking around} Let me get this straight. To celebrate the NEW YEAR, you cleared the shelves above the toilet into the toilet.
BC: OBVIOUSLY. How ELSE would I celebrate the New Year? And when your hairbrush fell, it hit the hiding spot for my tiara! When the brush hit it, it knocked the container open to reveal my tiara!
BC: Then, I had to get the stupid stick off my tiara ... and when the stick went flying, another container was knocked open and I found my scepter! I tried out a couple other things to see if they'd work better as a scepter ... but your toothbrush and the stick once attached to my tiara weren't nearly as fancy enough. Now I'm ready to address my subjects.

MK: Let me get this straight ... you think the toilet plunger is your tiara and the toilet brush is your scepter?
BC: I'm not stupid. You just WANT me to think my tiara is a plunger and my scepter is a toilet brush. Now I know where you're hiding them! 
MK: With the toilet brush as a scepter and the plunger on your head as a tiara, you're only fit to rule the bathroom, Bear.
BC: Shows what you know! Look! My loyal subjects are awaiting my instructions!

BC: {jumping back on the kitchen table} MALE Princess Buttercup will see you now!

MK: Princessing for Dummies?
BC: I want to be a good Male Princess!
BC: RATS! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Impertinence will not be tolerated!
MK: {laughing} As tempted as I am to leave you like this ... no matter HOW appropriate it might be ... no matter how hilarious this is ... GIVE ME the plunger head and the toilet brush, Bear!
MK: That can be arranged!

{Ten minutes pass as Momma cleans up the bathroom ...}
BC: Bolt Cathack returns!
MK: {from the bathroom} WHAT?
BC: Bolt Cathack returns!
MK: Bear, that name brings to mind a particularly skittish hairball.
MK: {sigh} Where?
BC: It's a surprise.
MK: Lovely.
BC: I've been wondering what your tough nickname would be. OLD ...
MK: Bear, you've been warned twice by one of our readers about labeling me as old because she's the same age as I am. And she happens to be the Mommy of your favorite tortie.
BC: RATS! I'll be tortie-less for the rest of my lives!
MK: I hate to break it to you, but your first encounters with a tortie didn't go so well. And Kitty was only one-third tortie! 

MK: Maybe you and torties are not such a great idea. Especially if you can't behave.

BC: It wasn't all bad!

MK: I think, *** "if you can't behave" ***, was the important part of that statement.
MK: Then again, misbehaving is your biggest problem in just about every case. Perhaps your best bet for a girlfriend is the stuffed cat I got for Christmas.
BC: I'm never going to get laid!
MK: Ummm ... Bear ... I think ...
BC: I just want a pretty girl kitty to lay with.
MK: Ahh ... lay as in snuggle.
BC: What else would I mean?
MK: I have NO IDEA! But I'm thinking the whole plunger on your head, toilet brush in your paw thing is an even bigger impediment to tortie-ness. Torties don't suffer fools lightly. You could try to behave.
BC: I'd even stop de-stuffing the comforter if ...
MK: Let's see ... Last week ...

MK: Earlier last week ...

MK: Three days ago ...

MK: Yesterday ....

BC: I'm trying to celebrate the New Year!
MK: For the whole two weeks ahead of time? How many times have I caught you un-stuffing the comforter?
BC: HEY! It's not my fault that you're too lazy to sew the holes shut!
MK: HOLES?!? With an S?
BC: RATS! If you were as busy SEWING the holes shut as you are taking pictures of them, you wouldn't have this problem!
MK: Bear ... if I pin it closed, you're "special" enough that you'd mess with the pin and pierce your lip. I sew the hole closed and you make another one.  
BC: Don't get mad at me! If you'd closed the cover on the toilet, I couldn't have have knocked stuff into it ... if you hid my tiara and scepter better, I wouldn't have found them ... and if you'd sewn up the holes, I wouldn't be able to de-stuff the comforter!
MK: So this is my fault?
BC: Who ELSE would be at fault?
MK: Bear, just because you have the OPPORTUNITY to cause trouble doesn't mean you have to do it.
BC: I'm a CAT!
MK: Touche.
BC: TOO-SHAY YOU! You'll pay for this!
MK: As if I haven't already, Bolt Cathack.
BC: That's Male Princess Buttercup Bolt Cathack Black Bear Cat of the Forest to YOU!

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  1. Hey Bear, if it's Royal to you then that's good enough for me!!!

  2. Bear, that is quite the hat. We like that. And the tortie kitty is good looking. You had better be nice to her. You all have a wonderful day.

    1. She is good looking! I tried to get close to her, but she wasn't interested :( My Momma still misses her too. ~Bear Cat

  3. Bear, you're the funniest! I love how you don't tell her where the hairball is. Hee hee, just like a true kitty.

    I think your mom is going to have to go toothbrush shopping today.

    1. I like being mysterious! Hehehehe ... yeah, she has quite a list ;) ~Bear Cat

  4. Bear, you make a pawsome Male Princess. Your mommy is just... a tiny bit jealous of your royalty.

    1. She's ALWAYS jealous! No doubt that's why I'm ALWAYS in trouble! ~Bear Cat

  5. Ah, we see you have an orange Holy Orb masquerading as a subject. We'd never let that fly in our house. Well, actually, our orange orbs fly all the time. They make perfect whackable toys!

    1. Whackable toys are the best kind! Well, next to the toys that aren't supposed to be toys ... ~Bear Cat

  6. Did your mommy actually say ifin da oppurrtunity purrsents itself , you're NOT 'posed to take advantage Bear? Did your mommy fall on her head over da holidays? Even we, da Southern Belles of purrfect behavior and harmony (snicker) take advantage of any and all oppurrtunities dat purrsent themselves. MOL You're lookin' very handsum. But we do agree, you need a new tiara and scepter. Ya' just don't know what those things have actually touched. MOL Big hugs to ya'll.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Re: opportunities ... I mean, does she not know me AT ALL?!?! I'm a CAT! I'm hunting for a new tiara/scepter set ... who knows what I'll commandeer next! ~Bear Cat

  7. OMCs it takes lots of tools to clean a bathroom. We had new floors installed over the supper to replace our 33 year old floor.
    Larger tiles are easier to clean for sure
    Hugs madi your bffff

    1. My Momma doesn't even use them! Uh oh. Don't tell her I said that! ~Bear Cat

  8. Well, Mudpie does think the stuffing from that comforter looks like a pretty cozy spot to snuggle on...and she is the queen of snuggling! She's definitely a whole lotta woman...and 100% tortie!

  9. You sure have a big kingdom. Nice crown, do you wear it when sitting on the throne? MOL!

  10. That is a great crown, I bet you store it near the throne- MOL! :)

  11. Bear, your tiara is furry manly...makes yous looks like a construction worker and THAT imoresses the ladies!
    Sending yous kisses

  12. We love you and your Mum - do NOT feel unhappy. If we can help let us know OKs

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  13. Nice 'Pooh" bellies there, Bear. Has your mum been practicing techniques in Photoshop or are you guys shrinking from the inside? 😇

  14. Funny. It is like a day in our house. HUgs.

  15. Oh Bear, if only you knew where that tiara has likely been. Although you do make it look good.


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