Pet Blogger Showcase 09/01/2017

Twice a month, Bear and I co-host a Pet Blogger Linky Party along with co-hosts PetFavesHeart Like A Dog, and Felines Opines. If you missed the last Pet Blogger Showcase, you can view it here: Pet Blogger Showcase 08/19/2017. To view all the past weeks of the Showcase that we co-hosted, click the link: Pet Blogger Showcase.

Why do Bear and I like blog hops and linky parties? 
  • We've met so many incredible new friends we'd never find otherwise. For the majority of blogs Bear and I visit on a regular basis, probably eighty percent of them or more we found through participating in blog hops.
  • With the variety of blogs that participate, there's so much to learn for those of us who can never know enough. Not to mention that there are a lot of touching, fascinating, or otherwise unique stories to be told outside of one's "niche."
  • They are great ways to build relationships within the blogging community. When Momma recently went through a tough time emotionally, our blogging friends were our best supports. So building relationships with other bloggers isn't just about increasing readership, but also connecting in meaningful ways that can often be lost behind a computer screen.
If you join our Party, please link to a specific post from your blog instead of to your blog's homepage. Since each co-host chooses three posts from the last Party to feature each week - you increase your chances of being chosen by giving us a specific post and not the more general homepage.

In keeping with the tradition of this particular linky party, my favorite link ups from the last Showcase follow. A note on the last Showcase ... Bear and I were ecstatic at how many link ups we had last time!!! Especially with the great showing of felines! THANK YOU to everyone/everycat/everydog who linked up ... the Showcase is made better by each and every friend who joins: you ARE the Showcase!

*** Sister Seal Does Sister Saturday with Style - Brian's Home Blog ***
sister saturday seal - Brian's Home, adopt cats, we deserve it!
Ever since Sister Seal came to live at Brian's Home, she's caught our imaginations and stolen our hearts. She's not as outgoing as her brother, Simon (he of the MAGNIFICENT tail ... I mean, TRULY, you have to check the boy's tail out!!!), who was adopted at the same time as they're a bonded pair. Can you believe this pretty girl was feral and homeless?!?! Check out this post to get to know Seal a little better.

We grieved when the Cat Blogosphere's beloved Nellie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We didn't know that she already had her paws on her next mission ... to bring Mom Barb another kitty to love. And in true Nellie style, she didn't settle for the easiest. Nope. She brought her Mom Marvelous - a cat rescued off the streets in Iran! Talk about a huge adjustment for Marv ... but like any tabby worth his stripes, he's up to the job!

*** Every Great Dog Name Has A Story. What Is Yours? - BigDogMom ***

What's in a name? This post gives you a few things to think about how we name our furries. The process of naming a furbaby can be quite involved and take some thought - and our babies deserve a name as unique and special as they are. 

Wait! Wait! One ... no TWO more!!! We're counting this as a chosen ORGANIZATION ... though the blogs themselves are amazing and WELL WORTH your visit. For as long as I cohost, I will praise and raise awareness for PAWS, an incredible rescue in Norwalk, Connecticut that I've come to admire and wholeheartedly support. We LOVE Animal Shelter Volunteer Life  and Shelter Cats because of their upbeat attitude and because they do a phenomenal job of sharing this particular rescue - and the cats available for adoption there. PAWS offers a lot of great programs including a "pension plan" for senior pets up for adoption. We encourage our readers to visit these two blogs, check out the amazing animals up for adoption on PAWS' website, and support rescue efforts at PAWS and locally.


Welcome to the Pet Blogger Showcase! This is the place for you to show off your favorite family friendly pet related posts, find other great posts to read, show some love to other bloggers and maybe be featured on one of the host blogs!

Meet the Hosts Behind the Showcase

PetFaves- Living the pet lover lifestyle

Heart Like A Dog- The good, the bad, and the Oh My God of living with dogs

Felines Opines- The world from a feline point of view

Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat- The humorous and touching tales of a formerly homeless, yet always extraordinary, feline and his Momma, who's just along for the ride.

About the Pet Blogger Showcase

Twice a month, On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, you have the chance to link up one of your blog posts to the linky party link-up. Then visit 3 other blogs that joined the party and leave a meaningful comment. Feel free to share with your followers on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. Then each week the hosts will feature their favorite 3 posts from the previous Linky Party on the new party post.

Pet Blogger Showcase Rules

1.    Share a pet specific post, past or present, from your blog in the linky below. Family friendly posts only. (We love reading about other topics and niches, but posts that are not pet related will be deleted this includes any posts that don’t mention pets even if they are on a pet blog or if the post could pertain to pets.)
2.    Spread the Love! Leave a quality comment(more than just a few words) on at least 3 other posts from the linky party. Tell them why you love their post, encourage them, share on social media.
3.    Check back for the next linky party to see if you are featured on one of the hosts’ blogs.

*Note: By adding your post to the linky party you are giving the hosts permission to use an image from your post if your post will be a featured post on their blog to help encourage people to click through to your post. The image may be used individually or as a collage.

ALSO ... please link to a specific post from your blog instead of to your blog's homepage. Since each co-host chooses three posts from the last Party to feature each week - you increase your chances of being chosen by giving us a specific post and not the more general homepage.

That’s it! No need to RSVP. No need to bring a covered dish. No need to add the linky to your post. No need to include a button. Just come join the party and PAWTY ON


  1. Hi friends! What a great collection of blogs! I already visited Marv's although their comments are closed. Now, I'm off to visit the others.

  2. We always like your picks, sweet pals. We visited Marv, Shelter Cats and (Brian's) Sister Seal, and we will go and check out BigDogMom, too. Thank you, as always, for your friendship and advocacy for PAWS. You are wonderful, and we love and appreciate you. :)

    1. The feelings are mutual :) Thank you for linking up to the Showcase!

  3. Hi Momma Kat, Bear and Ellie, thanks so much fur the reminder and thanks to Erin fur nudging us again! MOL Such a pawesome selection of blogs again which we will nipping to see in mo... hope mew've all had a terrific week and are enjoying your weekend.

    Huge hugs

    Basil & Co xox

    1. Thank you for linking up to the Showcase! We hope the B team has an incredible weekend too :)

  4. Oh boy, Sister Seal will be excited when I tell her she was featured here, thanks pals!!!

  5. Looks like everyone is having a good start to the month.... may things just get better!

  6. More pawsome stories in the showcase! Bravo.

  7. Great roundup! I am going to check out how Nellie's gift to her mom is doing! (And yes--Play Doh is back!) Will blog about that soon!

    1. Marvelous is Marvelous (OBVIOUSLY!). We can't wait to read about Play-Doh!

  8. Thanks for sharing the link ups & your favs! Mew Mew!


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