So many of you ask how Ellie Mae and Latte are getting along! Ellie has given up being a hissfur and is slowly starting to enjoy the benefits of having a feline friend. Of course, the line between friend and enemy is a bit thin - and easily crossed - but we're spending the majority of the time on the "mostly tolerable" side of that line.

EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat] 
L: Latte [tortie/tabby girl kitten] 
MK: Momma Kat [Ellie, Latte and Bear's human Momma, named Kat] 
The Boy: Momma's fiance [Daddy to Latte and Ellie]
BC: Bear Cat Kat [handsome tabby cat] 

L: {very softly} Hi, Miss Ellie.
L: Miss Ellie?
EM: {sigh} I suppose you aren't going away anytime soon?
L: Away where? I live here now!
EM: {sigh}.
L: Miss Ellie?
EM: Yes?
L: Do you want to play with me?
EM: What did we do for the last two hours?
L: Erm ... well ... we played! But I'm not tired yet!
EM: Ugh.
L: Miss Ellie?
EM: {sigh} What?
L: I'm bored. Will you play with me?
EM: Later.
L: When later?
L: Okay.
EM: {mumbling to herself} Well, that was pretty easy. I need my beauty rest!
{Latte goes to get a bite to eat, then comes back to where Ellie is resting}
L: {whispering} Miss Ellie?!
EM: Huh?! What?!?
L: Will you play with me?
L: You said later! It's later!
EM: That was thirty seconds ago!
L: You said LATER! You didn't specify HOW MUCH later!
EM: Later ... when I get up!
L: When will that be?
EM: I don't know!
L: So you don't want to play now?
EM: No!
L: But there are tons of toys just waiting for us to pounce! Micey ... a sparkle ball ... I'll even let you choose which one you want to play with first!
EM: No!
L: Wait a minute ...
{Latte runs off ... a crash is heard and Latte comes back with Ellie's favorite feather toy}
L: Look, Miss Ellie! I got your feather toy off the top shelf of the pantry! Now you have to play with me! PLEASE?!?!
MK: LATTE! Why is the top shelf of the pantry on the floor with all the cat treats and wand toys?!?
EM: CAT TREATS?!?!?! You knocked down the top shelf and you brought the feather toy and LEFT the cat snacks?!?! We certainly aren't related!
L: Well, no. I was ADOPTED!
EM: Are you a real cat?
MK: ELLIE! Bear used to say the same thing about you! Just because you have different ... err ... priorities doesn't mean one of you isn't a real cat.
L: Erm ... if I bring the cat treats, will you play with me?
EM: Erm ... hmmm. YES!
{Latte runs off to the pantry ... where Momma is cleaning up the mess}
L: Ummm ... Momma? Can I have a bag of cat treats?
L: But I want Miss Ellie to play with me and she won't play with me unless I bring cat treats!
EM: {from the other room} I won't play with you if you don't bring ALL the bags of cat treats!
L: Oh. Can I have ALL the bags of cat treats?
MK: NO! 
EM: {from the other room} Bear said "no" is for sissies!
MK: Besides, if you give Ellie all the bags of cat treats, she'll spend the rest of the day eating them!
EM: {from the other room} Uh uh! I'd take at least one nap!
L: But then she'd have to play with me so she doesn't get biggerer!
EM: {from the other room} EXCUSE ME?!?!
L: You eat a lot of treats ...
EM: {from the other room} I'm svelte ... for being voluptuous.
MK: Now you sound like Bear. NO TREATS.
L: But, MommmmmmmmmMA!
MK: Great. Now your sisfur sounds like Bear too!
L: {walking back over to Ellie} Who's Bear?
EM: Bear's my brofur. He lives in a box now.
L: He lives in a litter box?
EM: No! Have you seen the white box in Momma's bedroom?
L: Yeah.
EM: Bear lives there.
L: Why?
EM: He was bad! He got grounded for the rest of his nine lives. But Momma says he's "gone."
L: But you said he's in the box!
EM: Some things are too complicated for kittens to understand.
L: You mean because YOU don't understand - so you can't explain it to me?
EM: Yes. He pretty much ignores me now - like he did before he was "gone."
L: So will you play with me?
L: Are you okay? You seem grumpy.
EM: No. I'm not okay! 
L: Do you know any words other than 'no?'
L: I better check my adoption records ... maybe "no" is my name and no one told me!
EM: {dramatic sigh}.
L: What's wrong? Why are you grumpy?
EM: Bear used to say he didn't get a good nap after I moved in ... and now I understand what he was talking about! No wonder he was so grumpy!
L: So you're grumpy because you're old?
EM: Excuse me? I'm not OLD! I'm only {mumble mumble mumble}.
L: WAIT! You don't know how old you are?!?
EM: Bear kept track of all the math for me!
L: You don't need to be good at math to know that if you want a good nap, you should play with me to get rid of all that pent-up energy!
EM: I can't.
L: Why not?
EM: I'm dead.
L: No, you're not! If you were dead, you wouldn't be able to talk to me!
EM: {mumbling to herself} Oh, that's just GREAT. I get the one kitten that doesn't fall for that.
L: Doesn't EVERYONE know dead cats can't talk? 
L: Who wouldn't know that?! I'm a kitten and even I know dead cats don't talk!
L: Oh. You fell for it?
EM: NO! I just PRETENDED to fall for it when Bear said it. I knew all along he just didn't want to play with me. But really, I mean, if a cat says he's dead, isn't he the best authority on the matter? Bear said ...
L: NO! Have you ever seen a dead cat talk?
EM: {sigh} No. But how was I supposed to know that?
L: Don't worry, Miss Ellie. I'll teach you everything I know.
L: How did you get so big?
EM: WHAT?!?!
L: I'm not always going to be a pint-sized kitten. Not that I want to be as big as you ... but I've got a lot of growing to do!
EM:{smoke blows out of Ellie's ears} EXCUSE ME?!
MK: That's enough, Latte. 
L: What?!?! Was it something I said?
EM: YES! It's EVERYTHING you said!
L: Oh. I'm sorry, Miss Ellie. I hope you're not mad at me.
EM: {mumbling to herself} Oh, great. I get the kitten with manners such that I can't stay mad at her for very long.
L: Will you be my best friend?
L: Miss Ellie?
L: Will you be my best friend?
EM: {looking around behind her in case there's another cat there} Umm ...
L: Miss Ellie?
EM: {melting} Me?
L: Yes! You!
EM: YES! YES! I'll be your best friend! We can braid each others' fur and tell each other secrets!
L: I don't have any secrets!
EM: I don't have any secrets either. Well, if we DID have secrets we'd tell them to each other. 
L: Okay. Like what kind of secret?
EM: Anything.
L: I know. But what kind of secret could we have?
EM: Just based on the secrets my brofur Bear kept ... messes made, barfing and other things that would get him in trouble.
EM: I know! RIGHT?!
L: What was Bear like?
EM: He could be a really big dick! But he could also be very kind. I don't like when I don't know where my people are.
L: Is that why you howl when Momma takes me in the room with her and closes the door?
EM: YES! Well, he would always come and spend time with me - even if he was cuddling with Momma.
L: Momma's a good cuddler!
EM: I don't really CUDDLE so much as sit on her lap. But I DEFINITELY prefer her over Daddy. Bear used to call Daddy "Not-the-Momma!" It was hilarious!
L: Okay. But he's NOT the Momma!
EM: Hmmm. I guess you had to be there.
L: But he was a boy, so he did gross things like fart, right?
EM: YOU HAVE NO IDEA! And I had to share a litter box with him!
{Momma laughs}
EM: What? What's so funny?
MK: Ask "Flower," here!
L: My name is Flower?
MK: After the skunk in "Bambi!" Because your farts ...
EM: Oh, GREAT! You wanted a cat like Bear! Congratulations, you found one!
L: It's my new food! {mumbling to herself} I think ...
L: I've always wanted a big sister.
EM: {softening a bit} Err ...
L: And you're a good big sister!
EM: I've always wanted a best friend!
EM: Wait. Are making fun of my weight again? I'm not your BIG sister, I'm your OLDER sister.
L: Will you play with me?
L: But it IS later!
L:  How will I know when it's time you want to play?
EM: I'll tell you!
L: Oh. Okay.
{Latte walks away}
{Ellie tries to fall asleep}
{Ellie turns over on the other side and tries to fall asleep}
EM: {turning over again} Uh!
EM: HMPH! I can't sleep! Latte?!?
EM: Now where did that pain in the you-know-what go?
EM: That pain in the you-know-what BEST FRIEND. I like the sound of that.
{Ellie looks around the house and finds Latte sound asleep and snoring}
EM: Hmm ... she's cute when she's sleeping. I guess it's not so bad having a best friend that's a kitten ... as long as she doesn't eat my food. Speaking of food, don't mind if I do!

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  1. I know this isn't a word I generally use when commenting Ellie Mae, but today's look into your home with Latte and Mommy and Daddy is in a word, charming. Yes...charming, My mom is still smiling; and even when I commanded her to write this comment for me, (my claws are too long to type well) she smiled even bigger! You are two lucky girls...and commence with the braiding!

  2. That was fun girls and mostly tolerable is a really, really good thing!

  3. We're glad you are getting over the hissy faze...we're at that point right now with our new sisfur.

  4. Ellie are a wonderful big sister with a big heart to welcome Latte with such grace and kindness
    Hugs cecilia

    1. I'm working on it! But sometimes that little kitten really gets on my nerves! ~Ellie Mae

  5. Ellie Mae and Latte will be good best friends! They are both naturally sweet.

  6. Ellie, I bet you and Latte are going to become very good friends…if you only let it happen. :)

  7. Ellie, I know it's hard to have a new lil one in the house but in time, she will be a great playmate for you.

  8. Cute post. I think both of you have too short of hair to braid though. :)

    1. And we don't have opposable thumbs! It's certainly not as easy as it looks! ~Ellie Mae

  9. Elle! You sound more and more like Bear everyday! New cats can be a pain! I Marv, miss when I was my Mom's one and only and I KNEW that Kozmo and Jo Jo were related and they came to visit, but did not live with us full time and now we do! Kozmo and me are now best furrends!
    Jo Jo STILL Hisses and whaps (both me and Kozmo). I think that is a grrl cat thing. Oh! I hope I did not hurt your feelings. Sisters are great!

    1. Hahaha. We have a lot of "girl cat" stuff going on around here! We understand.

  10. They will get there, trust me. It won't be long.m

  11. Aww, we love this. We are so happy that Ellie Mae and Latte's relationship will keep on deepening. XO

  12. Well Ellie Mae, now you know what Bear felt like with your continuing questioning. It sounds like you and Latte are on the way to becoming very good sisfurs.

    1. I never bugged Bear like Latte bothers me! Err ... did I? I DID play with his tail like Latte plays with my tail. #karma ~Ellie Mae

  13. Aww, how sweet...even if nap time was somewhat preempted. 😻

  14. We're so glad you're slowly getting better along, step by step ! Purrs

  15. ellie; eye ...tuna of lee reel lee troo lee get wear yur comin frum.....and eye am knot sure how ta say thiz.....but......well, it mite knot never ever been three long yeerz now ever getz any better

    latte; due knot listen ta de scene yurz .....they iz just gel uz oh uz.....yea...gel uz.....hay, wanna go play sleep nap eat get treetz run snooze use de box grab a snax and ree peet !!!

    mackerull boomer junior butter feeld ♥♥♥

    1. {groan} I'm too old for this $#!+! ~Ellie Mae

      You'll be my friend?!? We can cause all kinds of trouble and annoy our fursibs together! YAY! ~Latte

  16. Aww, sisfurs! Sophie and Olive do not get along at all, so it's nice that these two are getting along for the most part. And "Miss Ellie" -- is that how Woodrow should refer to her now?

    1. Wait... Woodrow refers to me?!?! He can refer to me however he wants!!! I'm flexible! ~Ellie Mae

  17. AMARULA: much as it appalls me, I have to admit that you are a good sister Ellie Mae- and I am astonished by how cute --yes i said it, cute -- you two are together!

  18. Well it looks like Latte has landed on her paws, so to speak. It wont be long before she's pushing for a new brother too, or at least invite round her school chums to say hi to big sister and the (human) parents.

    1. I had a sister, Cocoa, and a foster-brother, Casper. I wonder if they'd like to visit! ~Latte


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