So what's been going on at Latte and Ellie's house the last few weeks? You know they want to tell you!!! Now I'll turn you over to our roving cat reporter, with her nose in everyone's business, Latte. 


{Speaking to the side} What do you mean I'm too close? Is this better? NO?!
{Clearing her throat} Latte here! HIIIII!!!!!
{Speaking to the side} Yes, I KNOW I already said that! Quit interrupting me!
I'll be your host as we go over the events of the last few weeks. I accept tips: cash preferred.
{Speaking to the side} It can't hurt to try, can it?
{Clearing her throat} Enjoy all the cat happenings (or catappenings?) below! 

EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat]
L: Latte [tortie/tabby girl kitten]
MK: Momma Kat [Latte and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat]
The Boy: Momma's fiance, Daddy to Latte and Ellie

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The spy

{Kat and Larry are on the front porch}
The Boy: I get the feeling we're being watched.
MK: {seeing the cat nose peeking through the blinds} Imagine that.

The Boy: No, really!
MK: Psst!
The Boy: What?
MK: Over there!
The Boy: Where?
L: {pouncing through the blinds} AHA!

L: You didn't see me, did you, Daddy?
The Boy: You got me!
L: I know.
L: Wait! Daddy, what are you doing out there?

#ConfusedKitten #ObliviousDad #EyeRoll

No good deed ...

Usually, we close Latte in a bedroom so Ellie can eat her Squeeze-up unbothered (minus the paw sticking out from under the door).

I had the brilliant idea to close Ellie in the bedroom with her Squeeze-up (she actually likes this as she doesn't have to worry about the kitten after her meal too). I set her and the plate on the bed. I came back to find that she'd moved the top sheet 4 feet across the bed to cover her plate - which still had half the Squeeze-up still on it. Thankfully, the kitten was willing to clean up that mess.

#Yuck #TheSheetsWereClean #LickedClean

Daddy's ham

{Kitten licking a chunk of ham silly}
MK: Latte! Get out of your Daddy's lunch.
L: mm ... may.
{Latte doesn't move}
MK: That includes your tongue too!
{Momma grabs the ham}
L: But ... I'm not done!
L: Haaaaaaam! Where ARE you?!? Hammy!!! Come back! Let me love you!

#WheresTheHam #MistreatedKitten #IBetMySisfurGotSome

Scaring Momma

When a kitten flopping around in your laundry basket on the dryer in the next room scares the fluff out of you ... and you notice she somehow got in the basket, on the dryer, WITH a mousie.

#ShouldveGivenMeHam #Hunter #BasketIsntEmpty

Because ... kitten belly!

That white patch of fur by the chair leg gets me every time!

#KittenBelly #Floofapalooza #CantGetEnough

The @$$ grab 

When you squeal because you think your two cats are bonding ... only to notice that, no, one is just grabbing the other's @$$. I suppose that's a kind of bonding, but I imagine Ellie isn't amused.

Ten minutes later ...

Oh! The indignity! JUST NOW, Momma turned around and caught me in the litter box doing my little girl's business ... with the kitten sitting on the chair next to the box, holding her paw on my head. WHILE I did my business! I don't know how much more of this stupid kitten I can take. I can't even poop in peace! ~Ellie Mae

#SickoKitten #Sisfurs #Indignity


MK: Latte! Get out of the dishwasher!
{Latte jumps on kitchen counter}
MK: Latte! Get off the kitchen counter!
{Latte climbs in the sink and starts splashing around}
MK: *@(#* the (#*@ *(*@!
L: WHEEEE!!!!! This is GREAT! A jumbo water bowl I can CLIMB in!

{Kitchen is soaked}
MK: {thinking} Technically, she wasn't hurting anything in the dishwasher ...

Wet kitten shoves her sister off the scratcher, then hops in the litter box.

#CantWin #EitherOfUs #LifeWithCats

A model tail

L: Want to see my tail?
MK: It's a pretty tail.
L: Wait! Let me walk around a bit for you.
MK: {sigh}
L: Look at how high I hold it!
MK: Yes, it's very adorable.
L: Do you think I could be a tail model?
MK: Why would anyone need a tail model?
L: I don't know.
MK: Okay.
MK: Well, stand still! I can't get a good picture of your tail when you keep moving!
L: Why not?
MK: {sigh}
L: I need an agent! Do you know of any agents? Oh! And perhaps we should get my tail insured!

#tailmodel #showmethemoney #heldback

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  1. Latte, you are a handful, but adorable while you make havoc!

    1. Ha! She's a couple of handfuls! And I'm not sure about being adorable ... ~Ellie Mae

  2. Life with felines is always fun, never boring and for 100% certain causing lots of smiles and head shakes
    Hugs cecilia

  3. Dear're get sooooo big, soon you'll dwarf your long suffering sister.

  4. Awesome photos with wonderful captions ~ so creative and your kitties are beautiful ~ Xo

    Wishing you laughter and love in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. ellie....CRACKIN UP ☺☺☺ about de sheet :) ♥♥
    latte....ewe knead sum FISH in yur sink.....few bloo gil anda perch ore 15 :) ♥♥

  6. You need to try and be a little more active sweet Latte. No more just lying around doing nothing MOL!

  7. Dear Ellie, I'm sorry yoo are having issues with Latte, but fwankly my deer... yoo should count yoor blessings that yoo do not share yoor home wif a pawfessional AssWabbit. Love, Dori

    1. A pawfessional AssWabbit? Is there a certification exam for that? Because I'm thinking Latte should take it! ~Ellie Mae

  8. MOL! Never a dull moment since Latte moved in :) Mudpie has been known to cover up her squeezie dish - even though it's licked clean - so no one can smell what she's had.

    1. Haha! Then again, with any cat, there's never a dull moment!

  9. Ellie, I think Bear is laughing from Heaven seeing you get tortured as you tortured him. XO

    1. Hmph. One of these days, I'll give him a big WHAP for that! ~Ellie Mae

  10. Latte, you really do manage to get in lots of activities, don't you? MOL!

    Hi Ellie! Nice job covering your plate. :)

  11. Latte, you sure are entertaining! And I think your tail is very impressive! ~Ernie

  12. Cats are so amazing and so many different personalities!


  13. AMARULA: Latte you have to give me some tips on spying! You seem great at it. I want to spy on Frodo as I know he's up to no good but I can never seem to catch him in the act!!

    1. I say frame him! Your superior intellect should make it easy! You know he's doing something bad anyway, just help him get caught (even if it's for something else). Hahaha. ~Latte

  14. It's okay Latte, Sophie also doesn't understand the concept of too close to the camera. Makes for some adorable shots though. Boop to your nose!

    1. Sophie and I would be besties! But I don't have a purse ... ~Latte

  15. Great reporting, Latte. Housemates can be a right pain in the you-know-what, can't they?

  16. Latte, Ellie Mae may surprise you and be more of a presence to you in the house. She's just letting you have your head for now. She's a good Big Sisfur! By the way, mom was charmed besides smiling big, seeing that paw sticking out from under the door. She's have stopped to play with you for awhile if you wanted to. She's tickle those sweet toe beans.

    1. That's exactly what my Momma did! We played footsie under the door :) ~Latte


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