Last week at our house ...

Last week was a bowl of laughs [and tears] in our house! Why? Read all about it and see the photographic evidence in today's post! #LifeWithCats #fun #BusyKitten

EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat] 
L: Latte [tortie/tabby girl kitten] 
MK: Momma Kat [Bear and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat] 
The Boy: Momma's fiance, Daddy to Latte and Ellie 

The kitchen counter [surfer-chick] ...

Latte: WOW! It's really cool up here! Momma, I'm a surfer-chick now: a counter surfer chick!
[#surfer #chick #hangten]

Momma Kat: Technically, you're in the sink. Though the sink might be more appropriate for surfing if you don't mind getting wet.
[#Technicality #NotHelpful #WillRegretThis]

Latte: No, thanks. {climbing out of the sink} I'll stick to surfing the counter.
[#NoWater #counter #surfsup]

Momma Kat: Well, @*#&. The kitten's discovered she can jump on the kitchen counter, find good stuff on the counter, and play in the sink. The honeymoon is over.
[#f!ck #kitten #busy]

The Boy: Well, you felt the need to tell her she was in the sink and not on the counter. You should've known she'd climb on the counter when you pointed it out to her.
[#shoulda #KittenLogic #YourOwnFault]

Latte: MOMMA! There's an open Squeeze-up here, but I didn't see any on my plate!
[#screwed #hungry #kitten]

Momma Kat: Umm ... I ate it.
[#uhoh #busted #trouble]

The Boy: {laughs}.
[#shhh #NotHelping]

Latte: Oh, okay. As long as Ellie didn't get one and I didn't ...
[#fair #sisfurs #cats]

The Boy: {laughs harder}.

Momma Kat: [#phew #DontTell #liarMomma]

Playing fetch ...

Latte: What do you mean you're not going to go get my mousie so you can throw it for me? How are we going to play fetch if you won't go get my mousie? 
[#kittenlogic #meanmomma #repressed]

Momma Kat: Erm ... we need to talk about what playing fetch means ... see, the human doesn't play fetch ...

Latte: But ... but ... I want to play fetch!

Momma Kat: Bring me a mousie and I'll throw it for you to fetch!


[#WellThen #Mindblowing #PotaytoePotahtoe]

Valentine's Day ...

Momma Kat: Someone kicked @$$ and took names for Valentine's Day ... Larry gave Kat a figurine of Bear and his angel and a necklace with Bear's angel wings to wear. The necklace is amazing and the picture doesn't do the black and white diamonds justice. I really like that the pendant is a bit heavy - a reminder of the cost to me of his wings/freedom from pain. Thank you, Larry. I'm speechless at your thoughtfulness and love of Bear.

Ellie Mae: {nosing around the figurine of Bear in the arms of his angel} That's Bear? He really shrunk from the last time I saw him! Hi, Bear! It's me! Ellie! 
[#brofur #misshim]


Ellie Mae: Momma? Why isn't Bear talking to me? 
[#goodsisfur #love #brofur #confused]

Momma Kat: Umm ... when did he ever talk to you?

Ellie Mae: When he said he was dead!

Momma Kat: &@*# my life.

Ellie Mae: These are thoughtful gifts! Daddy did good! 

The Boy: Ellie, ask your Momma what she got ME for Valentine's Day!

Ellie Mae: HEY, Momma! What did you get Daddy for Valentine's Day?

Momma Kat: Err ... socks?
[#IKnow #F!ckedItUp #embarrassed #StillMakingUpForIt]

Ellie Mae: {gasp!} You DIDN'T! That's like getting me and Latte claw clippers for our birthdays!
[#outrage #shesright #oops]

The pawparazzi ... 

Latte: When the pawparazzi wakes you up taking copious pictures of you and your sisfur sleeping peacefully near other. 
[#thanks #kittening #toughjob]

Ellie Mae: Yeah! How rude! I was dreaming about my boyfriend ...
[#yeah #sisfursagree #dreams #boyfriend]

Latte: That's obvious. Because the only place you HAVE a boyfriend is in your dreams! Hahahahaha!

Ellie Mae: WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. SAY?!?!?
[#outrage #howdareyou #IhaveAboyfriend! #IThink]

Latte: Erm ...
[#crap #gottagetoutofhere #bye]

{Latte quickly disappears}

Latte: Shh! Don't tell her where I am! How was I supposed to know she'd be sensitive about not having a boyfriend?
[#sensitive #sisfurs #whatsHERproblem?]

Helpful kitten ...

Latte: Hi, Momma! What are you doing?
[#curiosity #kitten #ShesEverywhere]

Momma Kat: I just finished exercising, so I'm stretching.

Latte: Okay! I'll help!
[#helpful #kitten #sweet]

Momma Kat: Ummmm ...
[#JustGoWithIt #WhyNot #TenTimesLonger]

At the end of a long day for human and cat ...

[#perfect #WorthIt #love]

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  1. What a pleasure to see you two! And boy Latte, you are really about finished growing up. Are you a teenager now I think? Ellie Mae...I missed seeing you-- and it was good to see you today! You will help Latte learn. Do you feel the influence of Bear on you? If so, Latte is in for it! MOL.

    1. There's quite a bit of argument that Latte is Bear reincarnated. While I prefer to see them as separate and unique, there's a spirit of mischief they share. And perhaps Bear IS helping Ellie because she's standing up for herself more. When she gets mad ... WATCH OUT. That girl WILL NOT let it go!

  2. We like seeing the two of you together. Those Valentine's gifts were wonderful.

    1. Apparently, so does our Momma! Any time we're within a foot of each other and not fighting, she takes pictures of us! ~Latte

  3. I purrsonally give Larry 1 million well dones on the Valentine Gifts. What a thoughtful guy.
    I love the angel holding the Bear
    Hugs cecilia

  4. Wow! What a post and such kitty fun at your house ~ great photos and captions ~ Great Valentine's Day gift ~ Wow too! ~ Xo

    Wishing you lots of laughter in your days,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  5. The dang paparazzi can be a real pain in the butt with a picture here and one while I try to clean my butt. Get lost you picture snapping fool.


    1. Hahaha. Our Momma doesn't take pictures of us licking our butts. HOWEVER, she's been known to take a picture of Ellie with her leg up after being distracted from licking her butt. It's hilarious because it's like Ellie forgets that her back paw is up in the air! ~Latte

  6. Larry; you done did good dood !!!!!

    latte; ellie doesn't have a boyfriend because she hasnt found one yet that doesn't have cooteez or is just a total boy and I've lived 19 years and have yet to find... said.... and ellie, latte is young and still doesn't realize that boys are just that BOYS and you have to forgive her for thinking otherwise until she's old enough to know the facts with hugs two all from dai$y =^..*= ♥♥

    1. Is that why Bear was so upset when The Boy moved in? Because they have cooties? I think he called them Boyties. But I never could figure out why Bear didn't have them since he was a boy. Boys are so confusing ... maybe I'm better off without a boyfriend! ~Ellie Mae

  7. The Boy did an incredible job with your Valentine's gift! Latte, Mudpie says you shouldn't share your squeezies with *anyone*...not even your Mommy.

    1. But ... but ... I always get in trouble for NOT sharing! Human are so confusing! ~Latte

  8. Oh the joys of watching kitten discoveries! That was some special Valentine gift!!!

  9. Latte, you sure keep everybuddy hopping at your house! And those Valentine gifts were so very special. Good job, Mr. Larry! ~Ernie

  10. That is a beautiful necklace. Such a thoughtful gift. Latte definitely keeps you on your toes. My Drake would be your boyfriend Ellie- do you like older men?

    1. I might be older than you think ... I was 6 when Momma adopted me and that was almost 6 years ago! ~Ellie Mae

  11. Way to go, The Boy! Those are such wonderfully loving and thoughtful gifts!

    It was nice seeing you, Ellie and Latte, sleeping so nicely near each other. Well, while it lasted, anyway. ;-)

    1. Apparently, our Momma also likes seeing us so close to each other! Any time we're within a foot of each other and not fighting, she takes pictures of us! ~Latte

  12. Oh my, life seems to be one big cycle of someone being busted for something!
    Thank goodness for felines saving the day and bringing a sense of humor into every day (chaotic) life.
    Lovely presents. Mrs H has a draw, both in reality and in memory, full of hosiery folks thought she wanted and needed. Turns out what she really wanted was memories. . .

    1. In my defense he's needed socks for a good six months! He was only down to one pair! Yes, he has a drawer with more than one pair - but he doesn't LIKE those socks. I got him the ones he likes! In fact, I drove around to 6 different stores to find them! !!!

  13. Wow, what an interesting week. Lots of learning, gifties and fun. Just the way weeks should unfold.

    1. We'll take presents every week! But notice Latte and I didn't receive any Valentine's Day presents! ~Ellie Mae

  14. Great to see both of you! Those are lovely Valentine gifts, but Kat, socks???

    1. Well, he's needed them for a good six months! He was only down to one pair! Not exactly the best defense ... but it was meant to be thoughtful.

  15. AMARULA: Latte you ask very wise questions! Especially about playing fetch! My human also doesn't seem to understand that SHE is the one who is supposed to fetch!!! And even i have to admit i LOVED the presents your human got for Valentine's day!

    1. Some cat around here has to ask the hard questions. Ellie Mae certainly won't! Hahahahaha. ~Latte

  16. Ellie Mae, were you dreaming about Woodrow?!?
    What a lovely and thoughtful Valentine's Day gift from The Boy.


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