The trade-off

Kat was out of town last week at Global Pet Expo, scoping out all the new products available for cats (including bringing home some samples for the cats to try!). The cats aren't so sure about the trade-off: being left in their Dad's care. Will they (or he) survive?

EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat] 
L: Latte [tortie/tabby girl kitten] 
MK: Momma Kat [Latte and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat] 
The Boy: Momma's fiance, Daddy to Latte and Ellie 

The Boy: Here's your fresh water!
EM: Ummm ...
L: Where's Momma?
The Boy: Water! You guys drink it out of this bowl?
EM: Where's my Momma?!
L: YEAH! Where's her ... err ... MY Momma?
EM: I can wait until she gets home to drink water.
L: Yeah. I'll wait for her to do it.
The Boy: She's ummm ... err ... out of town?
L: Why?

The Boy: She's at that Pet Expo Show meeting with brands and seeing all the new cat products that are ... erm ... out.
L: New cat products?
EM: Like toys? And food?
The Boy: I think so?
EM: So she'll be back in an hour or so?
The Boy: Didn't she say goodbye to you guys?
L: Yeah! She said to be good, and she'd be back later!
EM: When will Momma be home?
The Boy: In three days?
L: DAYS?!?!

EM: Day, like, as in, 18 hours? Err ... 26 hours? 
L: 24 hours!
EM: Yeah! That!
L: She'll be gone for three 24-hour days?!?!
The Boy: Yes?
EM: This is a disaster! Who will feed us? Who will scoop our litter box? Who will pet us?
The Boy: Ummm ... I usually scoop your litter box.
L: Oh, yeah.
EM: Who will feed us? Who will pet us?

The Boy: Me?
L: That's not funny, Daddy.
The Boy: How hard is it to fill a kibble bowl and open some cans of cat food?
L: I want my Momma!
EM: Yeah! I want Momma!
The Boy: I can do everything she does?
L: Are you sure about that? Because you definitely had a question mark ...
EM: Yeah, you can do everything she does, but not LIKE she does! 
The Boy: Ermm ... thanks?
EM: We're going to starve!

The Boy: Your Momma left very specific instructions. I can handle it.
L: I don't know if I can hold my business for three days!
The Boy: Latte! I'm the one that always scoops the litter box!
L: Oh. 
The Boy: We will be just fine.
EM: This is a disaster!
L: Who's going to watch Momma when she goes to the bathroom?
EM: Or when she brushes her teeth?
L: Who will try to steal her stuff from the bathroom counter?
EM: Who will give her cuddles when she gets up?
L: Or goes to bed?
The Boy: You two don't give ME cuddles when I get up and go to bed! 
EM: She won't survive without us!
L: She's going to be so lonely!

The Boy: You two don't seem to worry about me when I'm gone.
EM: We're going to be so lonely!
L: Yeah!
The Boy: I'll be here!
EM: Whose lap will I lay in?
L: Who will give me ear rubs?
EM: We're all alone!
The Boy: I'm here!
L: Yeah! We're all alone! How could Momma leave us here alone?
EM: When will Momma be home?
The Boy: In three days.
EM: You said that two days ago!
The Boy: No. It was less than five minutes ago. We made out just fine when your Mom was gone for the same amount of time in December.
L: We swore to never speak of that time again!
EM: Yeah. It was the dark ages. We had to "rough it!"

L: I know! We only got wet food once a day!
The Boy: You had a bowl of dry food the entire time!
L: It's not the same!
The Boy: If you guys refuse to eat and drink for three days again, your Momma's going to be ticked off and blame it on me! 
L: I barely survived!
The Boy: I barely survived.
EM: Latte, you lost a pound.
L: I know! I was only thirteen pounds!
The Boy: This is ridiculous! No one has to go without food and water for three days!
EM: Oh, so Momma will be home before that?
The Boy: {sigh} No.
L: Are you sure she's coming home?
The Boy: This time, she'll bring home lots of stuff for you guys.
L: What kind of stuff? Good stuff?
The Boy: Food?
EM: What kind of food?

L: Yeah, what kind of food?
EM: Treats?
L: What about toys?
EM: A new cat tree?
The Boy: I don't know.
L: But you can call Momma and ask, right?
The Boy: Why don't we just let Momma do her work?
L: What kind of work?
The Boy: To find new things for you to try.
EM: Like what kinds of things?
The Boy: This is going to be a long three days.
EM: Don't you mean two days?

The Boy: No. No, still three days.
EM: @*#(@)#
L: We're screwed!
EM: Tell Momma to come home soon!
L: Yeah. I want my Mom!
EM: It's rude that she keeps leaving us with you!
The Boy: THAT'S rude?!? What about you two acting like being left with me is a disaster?
L: When will Momma be home again?
EM: Surely, it's only one more day.
L: Still?

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  1. Oh Wow! ~ 'Home Alone' ~ are you eating junk food? ~ I bet not ~ Mom takes great care of you ~ she will be back soon and bring goodies ~ Great post, photos and captions ~ fun ~ Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Well, Daddy does give me treats. Latte won't eat them. But Momma doesn't give me treats. She says I'm too fat. Phht. ~Ellie Mae

  2. Norman and Elsa agree with you guys., Life without the mama just isn't the same, no matter who takes care of us when they're gone. Hope her time away goes quickly, especially for your Daddy's sake. ;)

    1. Daddy DID survive. We think he won't let Momma leave us again! Hahaha! ~Latte

  3. OH my word I bet the household came to a total standstill with out da Mama there. Thankfully she returned and I hope you greeted here with jubilation...
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Yeah. But then she got sick! We've gotten plenty of cuddles while working as her nurses though. ~Latte

  4. At least when your mom gets back there will be toys and treats! My boys were not impressed either during my hospital stays. I gave instructions but their soft food was just emptied into bowls instead of being mushed up the way they liked it. I never even brought them gifts when I got back, so maybe you two haven't got it so bad after all.

  5. I must have missed something, are you two missing your Mom or not?!?! I'll bet the homecoming was fun! Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. The first thing she did when she got home was to give us new treats! I think she was buttering us up, but we didn't complain! ~Ellie Mae

  6. Your poor dad! MOL if I left Mudpie for that long she would never survive either.

  7. Being gone for 3 whole days-she best come home with a lot of bling for both of you.

    1. We got screwed. Only one new toy (and some food)! For BOTH of us! Can you believe it? ~Latte

  8. I speak from experience. It isn’t the same when the mom isn’t home. That’s why I won’t let her leave anymore. ~Ernie

    1. You should write a book on how to not let the mom leave. We need your advice! ~Latte

  9. You poor kitties. I can't believe your mom left you home alone with absolutely no one to care for you for three whole days!!! How did you ever survive?

  10. Whoa. We are glad you two survived, Ellie and Latte! Left alone with just the Dad like that? For three days?? We hope Momma Kat at least brought back some good stuff for you two -- you earned it!

  11. hairballs and hissyfitsApril 1, 2023 at 3:59 PM

    AMARULA: "We're screwed!" is right Latte!! i will pray for you. Your human better bring you lots and lots of treats!

    1. Not enough! I'm seriously considering being traded to your house in exchange for Frodo and Zulu. That would teach Smellie a lesson. And we'd be unstoppable. ~Latte

  12. It is very scary when my Momma leaves Daddy in charge of dinner noms. She used to go to a lot of writer conferences and when she was gone, it was a free for all at meal times with Daddy not knowing where to put my dish. He would just leave plates all over the floor and expect us to pick one. I'm not eating off a plate that Fwank has spit in. Or Wabbit. Or Opie... It was gross! Happily Momma has invited a knowledgeable pet sitter to feed us since moving to FloryDa. And she leaves written instructions. Vewy impawtent. Love, Dori

    1. I can imagine a free-for-all at your house! YIKES! ~Latte

  13. we bee on free wi fi two day !!!

    sew stoppin bye with paste N coppee

    with easturr greetinz and NOE BURD

    happee fun day hippee hoppee :) ♥♥


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