Purrfectly Clean Paws Ramp System

The cats are excited to try out a new scratcher ... err, ramp ... err, bed? Stay tuned to read about what the cats thought of the Purrfectly Clean Paws 3 in 1 Anti-Tracking, Scratcher, Cat Litter Box Ramp System!

Disclosure: We received Purrfectly Clean Paws 3 in 1 Anti-Tracking, Scratcher, Cat Litter Box Ramp System - for free in exchange for an honest review. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat only shares information we believe would interest our readers. The content is ours - Simply Paws isn't responsible for the contents of this post. 

EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat] 
L: Latte [tortie/tabby lady cat aka "Kitten"] 
MK: Momma Kat [Latte and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat] 

EM: Oh! We got a box! It's a BIG box!

MK: Are you thinking about all the good things that could be in the box?
EM: Phht. No. I'm excited about the box.
L: {mumbling to herself} Whoever said size doesn't matter never met my sisfur ... if it's not huge, she can't fits or sits.
MK: {ignoring Latte} Wait until you see what's in the box!
L: It better not be another sisfur! If it's another sisfur ... she better be returnable!

EM: You weren't returnable! I'm STUCK with you like litter on my back paws after I step out of the litter box!
MK: This might help with the litter on your paws!
EM: A SCRATCHER! Is it Christmas? Or my birthday?

L: Hey! Or MY birthday! Let me try!

EM: No. This is MY scratcher!
MK: Let's look at everything in the box, including the instructions.

{~~~ Scratch ~~~ scratch ~~~ scratch ... Ellie tries out the new scratcher}

L: Hey! I want to scratch!
EM: {still scratching} Use one of our other scratchers that you ruined!
L: I didn't ruin any of our scratchers! YOU'RE the one that sat on the scratcher and caused it to break in half!
EM: That wasn't me! That was Momma!

MK: ANYway ... let's put it where it belongs.
L: Hey! This scratcher is like a ramp!

MK: It is a ramp!
L: So it's not a scratcher?
EM: It's a scratcher! I just scratched it!
MK: And a ramp!
L: So it's a ramp ...
EM: A scratcher AND a ramp!

L: It's a scramp! A scratcher/ramp ... a scramp!
MK: When we put it up against the side of the litter box, it helps you guys get in the litter box.
L: Oh. So the ramp is for Ellie.
MK: She's 12! It can't hurt to offer her the opportunity.
EM: {scratching}

MK: And she likes the scratcher!
EM: {scratching}

L: Hey! Leave some for me!
{Ellie lounges on the ramp}
EM: It's comfy.

MK: Hmmm ... it's not entirely obvious how to set it up next to the litter box. I wish the instructions were a little more detailed. Do you hook it over? Let me try a few positions.
EM: {snoring}

MK: She fell asleep on the ramp!
L: Leave it to Ellie to be confused by the purpose of the ramp ... and scratcher.
MK: We'll just let her sleep and look at possible positions. You can hook the "v" part of the scratcher over the top of the litter box. You can set the ramp flat. Or, there's this little flap that you can use to elevate the ramp a bit. I'm scared that using the flap might cause the ramp to fall while you are on it. I think hooking it over the side of the litter box makes the ramp too high. I think we'll use it as is ... flush with the floor (set up 2).

L: HEY, ELLIE! The ramp isn't for sleeping!
EM: HUH?! Latte, you scared the poop out of me!
L: Good thing you were right next to the litter box!
MK: Latte, that was mean.
L: It got her off MY scratcher!

EM: That wasn't nice! Get away from my scratcher!
L: Are you going to sit on me?
L: Erm ... I think you're bluffing ... but I prefer to not be a flat cat.
EM: You're not moving!
L: I need to check out the stability and construction of the ramp ... so Ellie doesn't get hurt.

EM: You didn't care about things like that last night when you pounced on me as I walked to the food bowl!
MK: LATTE! Are you chewing the cardboard?
L: NO! I'm not CHEWING the cardboard! I'm testing the sturdiness of the ramp!
MK: By chewing the cardboard?
L: Obviously. How else am I going to ensure that Ellie won't flatten it?
EM: Why would I flatten it?
L: You're not exactly petite!
EM: You weigh more than I do!
L: But your butt is bigger.
EM: It is not!
L: Do you mind? This is important work! I don't want my fatty sisfur to get hurt! I'm carefully checking the ramp for stability and responsible construction.

EM: I'm not a fatty!
MK: Latte!
L: These bonus chew flaps are great!

MK: They aren't chew flaps!
EM: Stop chewing my scratcher! It's a scratcher ... not a chew toy!
L: Hmm ... what's under here?!?

EM: HEY! Leave my ramp alone!
MK: {sigh} Yes. This might be one disadvantage of this ramp. It's lightweight and might not stand up to a ...
MK: Ellie!
EM: What? It's the truth!
MK: Latte, leave the scratcher alone!
L: I'm messing with the ramp.
MK: Latte, leave the ramp and scratcher alone!
L: Fine.
EM: Hmmm ... this is MY scratcher and ramp.

L: Your underpants are showing!!!
EM: Oh, no! {Turning around} Where ...
EM: Wait a minute! I don't HAVE underpants!

L: Made you look.
EM: I'm ignoring you ... and scratching my scratcher ... 

EM: {scratching} This is my happy place ... I don't have a sisfur.

MK: I thought I would have to use catnip to encourage you two to use the scratcher and ramp. I'm very impressed with how quickly you both picked it up.
EM: We're smart!
L: I'M smart. I want catnip!
EM: Me too!
MK: Okay. Okay. At least you two agree on something. While you two enjoy your catnip, I'll write a list of what we like and prefer to be different about the ramp/scratcher system.

What we like
Easy to set up (you put the scratching material in the jacket and attach it to the litter box)
Easy to get cats to use to scratch/use as a ramp (my cats did both instinctually, without any incentive or encouragement)
Great at trapping litter outside the box
Easy to dispose of trapped litter (turn the ramp over the litter box)
Sturdy construction

What we prefer to be different (if we're really picky)
More instructions on how to set up the ramp
Add a weighted bottom to keep the ramp from moving
Increase the incline of the ramp

You can't go wrong by buying the Purrfectly Clean Paws ramp system. If your cat struggles to get into the litter box, this is a great [and inexpensive] fix. Even if your cat stubbornly refuses to use it as a ramp, I'm sure they will love to use it as a scratcher (and maybe a bed!).

If you're interested in trying out the Purrfectly Clean Paws 3 in 1 Anti-Tracking, Scratcher, Cat Litter Box Ramp System with your cats, you may purchase it on the Simply Paws page!

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  1. I enjoyed the girls trying out their new ramp/scratcher. I could sorta use that but...Mom doesn't know it's durability yet. Maybe you girls can tell us as you go along.

    1. We've had ours for over a month and it looks pretty good!

  2. Oh Boy ~ Happy new toy and great captions ~ sweet kitty photos too! Xo

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Good morning dear ladies,
    Oh I must share a deep dark secret about Angel Madi. She was a very X 100 messy litter box kitty. She would dig and throw it about then when finished...scrap the litter back in place throwing it in the other directions
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. Latte is like that, too! The litter we found in the ramp isn't due to cats using the ramp, but Latte throwing litter out of the box!

  4. Well done, girls! Nothing like a multi purpose accessory.

  5. What a clever two-in-one idea! Thanks for the review all.

  6. L and E…we iz knot on free wi fi but still wanted two say HI….hope all iz
    well, oh kay BYE 🐟💙💚🍀

  7. We'll that's a great idea but here the kitties all sleep on scratchers so they might have the litter box blocked.

  8. AMARULA: Any chance that they sell a ramp that leads to an airplane that is on a one-way flight to Timbuktu? I would love to buy that for Frodo! The human said she thinks it looks cool!

    1. Hahahaha. If there were such an airplane, Smellie would already be booked in economy. ~Latte

  9. I think you can add bed to that system!

  10. That's a really great idea, and Ellie and Latte sure did a wonderful job with their testing/review! We might consider it in the future, but Ava is pretty spry for now AND we have a low profile litter box (it was Angel Gracie's, but Ava likes it best).

    1. We have one low entry side. The cats have gotten so much out of the scratcher, it's well worth it!

  11. This seems like a great idea, but at my house my brofurs would sleep on the scratcher and block me from using the potty box. Living with brofurs is a real pain in my patootie.

    1. I understand about brofurs! They are gross. We have one low side to our litter box, so my sleeping on the ramp doesn't keep Latte from using the litter box. ~Ellie Mae

  12. I think I may need to try one out for my cat and foster cats!

  13. That looks like a good idea, and they both seem to like it.

  14. Kitties Blue: We know this is a product of one of our PetBiz Collaborative members. We had offered to try it, but never heard more. Anyhoo, Mom says she knows what a bunch of independent cats we are and suspects we would just jump over this to get in and out of our box (we have a total of ten) or go to one that has lower sides. She’s quite sure it would just be a scratcher for us. Does look like Latte and Ellie had fun with it. Thanks for the demo and your assessment. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, angel Mauricio, Misty May, angel Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet, Audrey & Raleigh

  15. I kind of like the idea of a ramp, but not using it as a scratcher. They are missing a trick here, a corrugated style ramp/walkway that isnt a scratcher and collects the grit in a box beneath would be soo cool. Plus, if made of a sturdy plastic, would last longer and be more stable. Anyways, you all gave it a good test, though I suspect loitering on the litter ramp may soon become a traffic offence!

  16. Okay, how did I not realize that Ellie is 12? I guess Woodrow is into older ladies! Btw, I should be meeting Patti in person this weekend at CatCon!

    1. I'm a cougar?! Is that an upgrade from panther? My people got me when I was 6. That's why most people think I'm younger. ~Ellie Mae

  17. This is a real multi-tasker! Looks like a great addition to any house controlled by feline overlords!!


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