Kitty Lawn: Backyard in a box

When a lawn mysteriously appears in our living room, Latte and Ellie must investigate! They'd also love to tell you about what they think about the backyard in a box.

Disclosure: We received Kitty Lawn (the 24 x 9 in size) - for free in exchange for an honest review. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat only shares information we believe would interest our readers. The content is ours - Kitty Lawn isn't responsible for the contents of this post. 


EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat] 
L: Latte [tortie/tabby lady cat aka "Kitten"] 
MK: Momma Kat [Latte and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat] 
The Boy: Momma's fiance, Daddy to Latte and Ellie 

{Ellie walks through the family room}
EM: Hmmm ... {looking both ways} ...

EM: Well, this is highly unusual ...

EM: Yep. It's grass. {looking up} Where did it come from?!

EM: Hmmm ... people?!?! There's a lawn in the middle of our family room! This wasn't here before!
EM: Umm ... right? I mean, it wasn't here this morning, right?

L: Did it fall out of the sky?
EM: I've heard of raining cats ... but not raining lawns.
L: What does it do?!
EM: Erm ... makes outside green. And it covers stuff. Or something.
L: So it's like a blanket?
EM: Erm ...
L: How did it get in here?

EM: Maybe it got lost?
L: Someone had to put it here.
EM: Are you sure?
L: It doesn't have legs!
EM: Maybe they're really short legs?

{Latte looks at Ellie with disdain}
EM: Maybe Momma and Daddy plan to smoke it?
L: Why would humans smoke grass?!
EM: Don't ask me. Why do humans do ANYTHING?! They make no sense!
L: You should touch it.
EM: You touch it.

L: No, thanks.
EM: Come on, Latte, all the cool kids are doing grass!
L: Well, anything the cool kids are doing, you DEFINITELY know that Momma and Daddy aren't doing it.
EM: Come on, Latte! Touch it once! Just don't inhale! Where grass is concerned, inhaling is bad. I heard that!
L: I feel pressured. 
EM: Just touch it! You know you want to!
L: I'll watch. But don't say I didn't warn you. You could lose a paw.
EM: Oh, fine. I'm the big sisfur and have to take care of everything around here!
{Ellie sticks her paw in the grass ... testing how it feels}

EM: Well, it feels pretty normal ... for ...


EM: {jumping} AHHH!
L: Hahahahahaha.

EM: VERY funny. You almost made me ruin our grass!

L: How do you smoke it?
EM: Erm ... set it on fire?

L: In the middle of the living room?
EM: Yeah. That seems dangerous. 

L: Hmmm ... since it didn't kill you ... let me try it!
EM: That's right! I'm the BRAVE one!
L: Touching this grass ... I feel very ... Zen. 

L: I'm at one with nature .... Ohhhhhhhhmmmm.

EM: Zen? Is that like gas?
L: Do you mind?
{Pause as Latte resettles}
L: Let's try this again.

L: Oooohhhhmmmm ...

EM: Your stripes make your butt look big!
L: Do you mind?! I'm trying to get my Zen on!

EM: I bet putting on your Zen makes your butt look big, too!
L: {sigh}.

L: Since I can't chillax without some sisfur getting all up in my business ... Let's give our readers the details on our backyard in a box. Tip #1: The grass is MUCH better without a sisfur to ruin it for you.

The details ....

What do you get?

Kitty Lawn is all-natural grass grown in California. Your patch of grass, grown without any harmful pesticides or toxins, is shipped to your home. Kitty Lawn lasts 2-4 weeks. One note: Kitty Lawn isn't for eating or chewing. They recommend spraying the Lawn with bitter apple spray to keep your cats from eating the grass. Neither Ellie nor Latte were interested in eating the grass, so we could skip this step. When Bear was alive, his interest in grass was solely to eat it. This might be the best choice for a cat you know can't resist eating grass.

Your backyard in a box

What to expect

Because your box contains dirt and roots, the grass will continue to grow! I was worried about dirt getting all over our living room - but it didn't. 

At first, my cats weren't fans of the grass when it was really moist. As it dried out, my cats enjoyed investigating this simple enrichment tool. So if your cats won't walk or lay on it at first, be patient! My cats never could quite figure out exactly what it was or why it was here. But that's great in terms of engaging their mind and adding something novel to their environment.

Ellie preferred to lounge on the grass ...

At about Day 10, I noticed the grass looked matted down in the shape of a cat's behind. Sure enough, I walked out one morning to this ... so apparently, that's how we're going to play this. When the lights are set up, and I'm waiting for the cats to sit on the grass, they won't. But without the fancy equipment ready-to-go to take decent pictures ...

It seemed like every time I turned the lights off and turned my back ... Ellie would sit on the grass again! 

Latte preferred to play in the grass ...

L: Momma, what do you do with it?!
MK: Roll around, Latte!
L: You want me to do what?

MK: Roll around!
L: Ummm ... okay?

MK: No! Roll around in the grass!
L: Why?

MK: It should feel good.
L: Have you tried it?
MK: Ummm ... no?!?
L: Then why should I?
MK: Try it!
L: Hmmm ... This is nice ... but I prefer to play in the grass.

Check out Kitty Lawn for your cats! There are two sizes of lawn available (24 x 9 in. and 24 x 16 in.). You may also select a one-time purchase or a subscription.

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  1. Latte who knew there was such a wonderful way to bring the out of doors inside w/o bringing in critters that live the backyard. I loved how you posed so professionally on the indoor grass
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. My Mom didn't give me a choice! She's a real slave driver! And no compensation! ~Latte

  2. Wow, you can bring the outdoors lnside. Very cool.

    1. I kind of worried it would turn into a litter box ... but maybe that's more a dog thing? I imagine my cats would think peeing in the grass is a downgrade. Haha.

  3. That is so cool, an indoor lawn buffet, who woulda thunk it??!?

  4. Great photos of the kitties enjoying 'real grass' ~ fun ~ hugs,

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Neither shows much interest in going outside ... so this is a good alternative!

  5. Me thinks that looks like too much work: Mowing, feeding, weeding and pest control, all that jazz. Of course, us cats would be leaving all that to the staff gardeners. Mrs H just sighed and shook her head. I guess I'd better buy some Astro-turf instead.

    1. You can assure Mrs. H that there's nothing to do! It comes already grown and no maintenance is required! All she has to do is take it out of the box! No watering! Though ours got kind of long in the end.

  6. 'THIS looks fascinating' - Toulouse
    'But you have a garden of your own!' - Mum
    'But it's so cool and fun and they get to play without going out in the rain' - Toulouse
    * sigh * - Mum

    1. The lawn is always greener on the other side of the fence ...

  7. My cats are so jealous. I never have any luck when I try to grow grass for them.

    1. I grew some for Bear because he loved to eat it ... but it didn't last very long. This is very maintenance free though!

  8. That is a good idea, but I can't really see why they are not supposed to eat it. When we went on holiday we always cut a couple of turfs from the field and put them in big trays for the boys. They had one inside and one in the outdoor run. Flynn ate it but Eric liked to sleep on the outdoor one.

    1. I didn't ask, but I wondered the same thing. I suspect it's a liability thing given the FAQs "Our grass is similar to any sod you'd use for a residential lawn. It is not grown specifically as a food product and we'd therefore recommend your cat not eat it."

  9. AMARULA: I am going to get one for Frodo! i will lure him towards it and then throw it outside and Frodo will follow and then i slam the door shut! Who knew grass could be so helpful at solving problems!

  10. Ooh! It's like the outdoors, all up in your house. So cool!

  11. Ells, if you get the XL size, I'll come sit on that grass with you. ~Woodrow


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