One-on-one Momma time

Ellie Mae isn't feeling well but gets a special visit from her sisfur. We're dealing with some health issues with Ellie Mae, so we apologize if we aren't as present in the blogosphere for a while. Ellie obviously comes first, and she's enjoying her one-on-one Momma time and special treats! The news isn't good. We were told locally by several specialists that nothing can be done. If you know Kat, doing nothing isn't in her operating manual, so we have a meeting at the closest veterinary school next week.

EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy lady cat] 
L: Latte [tortie/tabby lady cat aka "Kitten"] 
MK: Momma Kat [Latte and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat] 

L: Ellie?!? Are you okay?
EM: Umm ...
L: Momma said you and her were spending time back here because you don't feel so good.
EM: Yeah, she's spending a lot of time cuddling with me and telling me what a pretty girl I am. 

L: Momma said that when you came to live here, you didn't really like to cuddle!
EM: Her and Bear were always together, so I laid on Daddy's lap. It wasn't until Bear went to live in his box that I found out how great it is to cuddle with my Momma!
L: She's a good Momma.
EM: Ohh! Earlier today, we played with the laser pointer a little bit!

L: Yeah. I ... erm ... noticed that Momma didn't bring any of your favorite toys back here. So ... umm ... here they are.
EM: My red ball! And my rainbow! 

L: Your purple yarn ball is missing. I couldn't find it!
EM: But the pink mousie isn't my favorite!
L: Yeah, but the pink mousie makes me feel better when I don't feel so good.
EM: She does?
{Latte whispers in Ellie's ear}
EM: Pink mousie is a BOY?!

L: {sigh}. SHHHH! He's VERY sensitive about that!
EM: Did you see I got a new scratcher for my room?
L: Momma says I'm not allowed to touch it. Like I'm not allowed to lay in your lap bed back here.
EM: But you have all the scratchers and cat beds in the rest of the house!
L: You know how it goes! The scratcher is ... umm ... always greener on the other side of the ... erm ... hallway?
EM: You can lay in my lap bed when I'm snuggling with Momma.
L: Really?!? What about using your scratcher?
L: You're mean!

EM: Thank you for bringing me my favorite toys!
EM: what?
L: {whispering} Is it true that they shaved your belly?
EM: Do you want to see?
L: Fine! It's lame in here!
EM: I like it! But I appreciate you bringing me my favorite toys!
L: You're welcome. I'll help you eat your food!
EM: Really?! That's ...
L: But she said ...
L: Ellie, I know! When the food police leaves, I'll come in and help you eat!
MK: As you should know, since you got put on your diet, wherever the food police goes, so does Ellie's wet food.
L: Hmmm ... Oh! Maybe when she's not watching, you can move the food off the plate and hide it!
MK: No. NO. NO!!!!! After tuna-and-whitefish-gate a few weeks ago, we will not make Momma find the hidden food. I've washed everything in this room several times, and I still occasionally get a whiff of something fishy.
EM: Besides, Momma's always watching me! She watches me use the litter box, then uncovers my business to make comments like "not bad" and "okay." She also watches me sleep!

L: Is that why you pooped in my litter box the other day?
EM: No. You know the saying, "Don't poop where you live."
L: You pooped where I live!
EM: Yes, but it's not where I live, so I'm following the rule!
L: Oh, come on. You don't mind Momma being all up in your business. Every time I come in here and Momma's here, you're snuggling with her!
EM: Erm ...well, it's nice to not have to share her! But yesterday, she woke me up to make sure I'm alive! She didn't think I was breathing!
L: You get Momma to yourself, and I'm essentially an orphan!
EM: You have the Poop Scooper!
L: You know he doesn't count!
{Ellie carries the red ball into the bed to play}
L: {whispering to Momma} Can I use Ellie's scratcher now?
MK: Okay.
L: Why are you watching me? Do I watch you when you scratch?
MK: Ummm ...
L: That sounded better in my head.
EM: HIIII-YAH! {WHAP!} Got ya!!!

EM: Prepare to die, Red Ball! You will meet your maker! This is your last chance to surrender before I annihilate you!
L: My job here is done!
MK: Thank you, Latte.
L: Yeah, yeah. You can give me some ear rubs later.

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  1. Sending healing thoughts for Ellie Mae 💕

  2. Ellie Mae, I am sure you already know my Mom and I love you bunches. You were and are always our fave. We are sad that you don't feel well. Please feel better and tell Latte I am glad she is being a good sisfur.

    1. I know my Mom loves me and is fighting for me. I may not like at the vet visits, but I know she's trying to help me feel better. ~Ellie Mae

  3. Do get better soon, Ellie Mae. With such caring family, who are even willing to eat your food (in exchange for scratching post and lap time rights) I'm sure you'll be on the mend soon. Sending healing Buddhist cat purring mantra our way.

  4. I hope you are able to find help for Ellie Mae. So sorry to hear that she isn’t feeling well. Linda

    1. Me too. Every day, she tells me not to give up. So I won't.

  5. Oh dear, I'm so sorry you are unwell Ellie Mae and we all send purrs and prayers your way along with lots of hugs for you and Momma.

  6. Lots of healing energy hugs to you sweet Ellie Mae ~ both are sweet kitty photos ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Oh No Ellie Mae...I send you so many purrs and healing hugs and to Mom too. I know when the furries feel bad the humans do too.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. There's been a lot of snuggling and research into alternatives around here! My Mom is pretty relentless. ~Ellie Mae

  8. We are so sorry you aren't feeling well, Ellie Mae! We're all purring up a storm for you here.

  9. Poor Ellie Mae. I will add you to my prayer list. I hope you are better soon. XO

  10. da tabbies o trout towneJune 11, 2024 at 12:58 PM

    ellie mae, eye total lee understand…ewe come furst az it shuld bee, blogs can wait
    and wait sum mor. de manee blezzingz oh st francis two ewe that de new place
    will givez yur mom hope and good mewZ. N if her haza holistic vet neer bye, tell
    yur mom ta purrhapz chex them out all sew. 🐟💖💖

    1. That is one thing she hasn't considered! She's looked at alternative therapies (including natural remedies) ... but not for a holistic vet. Thanks! ~Ellie Mae

  11. So sorry to learn Ellie Mae is under the weather. Elsa, Wilson the House Pony and I are sending pawsitive healing energy and hope the Mama can get some help from the vet school. Hugs and tail wags. 💙

  12. With your Mom not being well isn't an option. She will get you well as she can as soon as she can. You hear me???? OK?

    Toulouse and Marjorie
    Dash Kitten

    1. We're doing our best to take care of each other :) ~Ellie Mae

  13. I'm so sad to hear you aren't feeling well, Ellie Mae. Sending all of you bucket loads of purrs, prayers, and love!

  14. It's not easy when they aren't well. I hope the vets at the school have some better news. Meanwhile, her favorite toys are a good thing.

    1. We hope so, too! I think I need to stock up on catnip, too!

  15. We are sorry to hear you're not doing so well, Ellie Mae. We love you, sweet girl, and are sending so many purrs, prayers and good energy for you and your Momma. XO

    1. Ellie Mae is such a sweet girl. That makes this even harder. She deserves all the best.

  16. I am sorry you are not feeling well, Ellie Mae. Your sister is being very good bringing your toys to you.

  17. Woodrow would like to see your shaved belly, Ells! He's sending lots of hugs and kitty kisses.


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