You might wonder why we have a "Characters" page AND an "About Us" page. Our "About Us" page describes who we are "in real life," the unbreakable bond that inspired our  journey, and what we believe. The "Characters" page describes the characters you'll meet on Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat. The characters in our humorous stories all grew as extensions of our authentic personalities. While the characters in our conversational posts are caricatures based on reality - we take a bit of [carefully crafted] creative license in how we appear in our stories. In short, "About us" is fact.  "Characters" describe the carefully crafted [mostly nonfictional] personalities on our blog. These character descriptions might help you understand our posts a little better.

Momma Kat 
[The cats' human Momma, named Kat]
Mottos: "It's a kitty!!!" and "Life with cats is never dull."
40ish. Professional member and Treasurer of The Cat Writers' Association. Background in psychology and accounting. Obsessed with cats - including her own. Once a professional pet-sitter. Loves reading, crossword puzzles, sudoku, learning about random [and often nerdy] topics, and of course, her cats. Her inspiration for our tagline, "Cats: Expect the Unexpected," is based on Kat's life-changing and heart-warming relationships with her cats. Cats are capable of so much more than most people think! And, of course, life with cats is never dull.
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Bear Cat 
[handsome tabby cat]
Motto: "Tiaras, tanks, and tasty whole chickens ... what could possibly go wrong?"
Born February 2006 {estimated}. A homeless kitten for the first eight months of his life {originally thought to be female and named "Lily"} before being adopted by Momma in October 2006. When Momma started feeding him, he'd reject the food for as much love as Momma was willing to give - and only eat once she went back inside. Named "Pooh Bear" because of his incredibly lovable and loving personality and his habit of wrapping his paws around one's arm like a giant bear hug. Shortened to "Bear" once he was out of isolation and earned the title of Resident $#!+ Disturber. His contentious relationship with Kitty began due to his demand that he follow her everywhere. While Bear has an enormous capacity for love, he also possesses an equally large attitude. When he wants attention, he'll tear the house down if you resist. Sometimes he'll even tear the house down just because he can. Very determined, stubborn, enthusiastic, LOUD, a bit of a daredevil, and never does anything half-assed {often leads to predicaments he needs help to extricate himself from}. Always an unapologetic Momma's boy (he sleeps with Momma every night, he meets her at the door when she gets home and if Momma's sitting down, Bear's in her lap) - he also maintains an indignant air toward Momma when it suits him. Despite his big britches, a big scared-y cat {birds, squirrels, insects that buzz ... his own shadow}. Bear also loves to play, steal Momma's things when she's not looking {and even when she is}, and watch himself prance in front of the mirror. The reason Momma will never get a deposit back on her rental - anywhere - EVER. Favorite game? I'm the shark!! Dreams of retiring to a tasty whole chicken farm with a harem of torties and some crab cakes. 
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Ellie Mae 
[black, gorgeously floofy cat]
Motto: "Admire me, laps, laps laps laps."
Born June 2011, adopted out, then found on the street and returned to the rescue organization. Adopted by us in July 2017. Named by the rescue after a supermodel - which is pretty apt considering she really knows how to strut her stuff. She makes sure we all admire her tail on a regular basis; her tail is also the most expressive part of her. Daddy's girl. Extremely playful - but also known to run from lap to lap for hours on end. Her favorite way to be petted is to put her front paws on your shoulders with her back paws on your belly and stretch out so you can stroke her from head to tail in one swipe. She will meow until she's picked up and loves to "talk" to us about her feelings, her day and everything else under the sun. Her meow almost sounds like a bleat ... thus her nickname, Ellie Goat. Since joining our house, she's become more ... robust ... yielding her second nickname, Ellie Belly. She eats just about anything - and has no shame in finishing off the leftovers. Of course, Bear has his own nickname for her: Smellie. Ellie doesn't take much smack from Bear and gives as well as she gets. To read all the posts on our blog involving Ellie ... Ellie Mae.

The Boy 
[Momma's fiance]
Motto: Oh, for Pete's sake!
Boyfriend/fiance of Momma Kat. Sometimes friend (The Boy tends to share his dinner with Bear), but mostly rival of Bear for Momma's attention and affection. The cats enjoy calling him "Not-the-Momma" because the cats favor Momma. Not quite as much of a sucker for the cats as Momma. Conveniently, when the cats misbehave or do something ridiculous, he calls them "YOUR [Momma's] cats;" and  when they behave or jump on his lap, he calls them "my [The Boy's] cats." Calls Ellie his "Baby Girl" and Bear his "BuddyBear." Uses his motto of, "For Pete's sake!" in response to the craziness of the cats and Kat (about equally). To read more about the changed dynamic in the Momma Kat household with the addition of The Boy - and to find out more about him ... Daddy (the OTHER Dodo). At the bottom of that post, you'll find the links to read about how The Boy came into Bear's and Momma's lives.

Born July 1991. Started as a family pet and taken with Momma when she moved out. So named because no one in the family came up with a better idea and she started responding to "Here, Kitty-Kitty," so it stuck. Fairly laid-back. "Secret service" type cat - not usually affectionate, but always in the same room as her "person." When she was affectionate, felt like the heavens were shining down on her "person." Known for her hissing among everyone that was not her "person." Not so much into playing but LOVES boxes and watching birds. Very no-nonsense, wry, sarcastic, and practical - she does not suffer fools {like Bear and the Big Dodo} lightly. Peed in Momma's bed every day for a few months after Momma and the Big Dodo moved in together. To those who filled in for Momma in giving her pills and insulin shots - also known as the devil - known to destroy heavy gloves, heavy coats {both requirements to even survive the affair}, and at the very least, pee and poop on the provider. Pretty amazing since {at the time} she only had back claws and three fangs. Left Momma heartbroken in May 2007 ☹️.  To read all the posts on our blog involving Kitty ... Kitty Kitty.

Big Dodo 
Ex-husband of Momma Kat. Not as much of a sucker as Momma. Extremely disliked and barely tolerated by Kitty. Another option for love and attention for Bear: though Bear never really liked the Big Dodo, he wasn't opposed to asking him for loves if Momma wasn't available. Otherwise, mostly avoided by Bear. Not surprisingly, wanted nothing to do with the cats after May 2007 when Momma and the Big Dodo split up {pretty sure the feeling was mutual}. Because of this, only appears in the beginning of Bear's story {adoption/and the events right after}. And Bear and Momma have never looked back :)


  1. Hi Katherine,

    You fur babies are adorable! I love your social media share buttons. They are perfect for the theme of your blog.

    I found you in Kristie Hill's 2020 Jump Start class.

    My husband and I have two cats that we adore! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! The social media buttons are new! Thank you for stopping by ... we love new friends :)

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