"I do what I want" {with supervision}

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - "I do what I want" {with supervision}:

BC: There's a topic that must be addressed on our blog!
MK: Your lack of tasty whole chickens?
BC: That too! But not what I was thinking about.
MK: Your lack of a cat hammock?
BC: Holy baboon biscuits! That too! But not what I was thinking about.
MK: Not enough treats or outside time?
BC: How did I not notice this before?!?! Oh, wait. I DID! THIS. PLACE. SUCKS! I need to find a better Momma!
MK: Then what needs to be addressed on our blog?

BC: Aren't you paying attention? I don't have tasty whole chickens! No cat hammock! Not enough treats! And you never let me outside!
MK: I know that. I meant what you originally thought should be addressed on our blog.
BC: After seeing my Sunday Selfies where I was foraging in the kitchen cabinets, a bunch of readers commented on me being allowed in the cabinets.
MK: Yes, I remember.
BC: I'm not allowed to do anything! I do what I want. YEAH! You just have to deal with it!

MK: Ah. That is true. I don't "let" you do anything. You do what you want.
BC: And occasionally, you get there with the camera before I stop whatever I'm doing.
MK: True. I figure if you're already misbehaving - and whatever it is you're doing isn't going to hurt you
while I'm supervising, I might as well get a picture.
BC: Or twenty.
MK: True.

BC: You don't take pictures of me chewing cords or sticking my paw in the toaster! Or climbing your closet!
MK: Exactly. Because you could get hurt. With this incident, after the shots with one door open, I was scared you'd hurt yourself getting out because you looked truly confused on how to get yourself out of that situation ... 

MK: ... thus I opened the other door so you had a way out. Then I supervised until you looked ready to jump out and I gently picked you up from the cabinet and set you on the counter. Again, so you didn't hurt yourself. 

MK: This is the first time you've managed to get in the cabinet before I put the dishes away. My favorite picture is the one where you're looking at your tail in the other half of the cabinet and you look confused as to how it got there.
BC: What do you mean I could get hurt? You act like I'm fragile!
MK: No. But you are mortal.
BC: Hey! I have NINE lives you know!
MK: Yes. And you're grounded well into your ninth life because of all your hijinks.
BC: You're overprotective!
MK: Bear, you mean everything to me. I'd be crushed if anything happened to you. 
BC: You mean like you were crushed with the boy?
MK: No, Bear. Some "crushed"s aren't recoverable. Your love is the reason I'm still alive ... both because you gave me a reason to fight and because your heart healed so much of mine.
BC: Oh.
MK: This isn't the first time you've been asked if I "let" you do something.
BC: Oh yeah! There was also the time you got a picture of me with the broken glass and people thought I'd actually broken it.
MK: Yes. If you'd broken it, you wouldn't be allowed anywhere near it because there could be shards everywhere. But in this case, it was broken in the dishwasher and there were three pieces ... and we were working on the shaming post, so I figured it would make a funny picture. I was watching you the entire time.
BC: {rolling his eyes} You watch EVERYTHING. OVERPROTECTIVE!
MK: Because I love you and I'd never forgive myself if something happened to you.
BC: I'm not allowed to play with my wand toys without supervision ... I'm not allowed to play with half of my other toys without supervision. You keep them all in the pantry so I can't play with them if you're not around! You freak out when I jump ...
BC: You blocked the jump to the top of the bookcase so I couldn't do it anymore ... and when you looked for a new house, you made sure there were no cabinets I could climb on top of. Then you took those balls away that came with the cat tree! They came with MY cat tree and you stole them!
MK: Bear, the balls came with the cat tree but the instructions clearly stated they were NOT cat toys, but only for use as decoration. But you took off with one of them so I let you bat it around a little bit as I watched.
BC: I didn't hear the instructions say that the balls weren't cat toys!
MK: No, not out loud. I didn't mean "stated out loud."
BC: Hmph. Did I mention that you're OVERprotective? 
MK: On the other hand, I've been asked why I "let" you have my desk chair. Or why I "let" you bite me.

BC: You don't let me bite you! Nor do you let me have the desk chair. 
MK: Exactly. 
BC: When you try to remove me from the desk chair, I attack you. And I bite you when my furry fury needs some release. We wouldn't want it to get clogged up. Or I bite you just because I can. I AM a cat!
MK: I also don't "let" you on the kitchen table. Or "let" you on the kitchen counters. Or "let" you sit on my computer.
BC: You don't "let" me do any of that! I do what I want! I'm my own cat!
MK: {sigh} Yes. And if it's not going to hurt you, I take advantage of the situation and grab a picture before taking care of situation. Though, after thinking about it, maybe I'd be more effective at teaching you what you shouldn't do if I remove you from the situation immediately. I should probably also be more clear about what goes on around here. I, and most of our friends, know the dangers - but some people might not. I wouldn't want to give someone the idea that something is safe because you are pictured with it when it's really not and I'd closely supervised you and limited the dangers.
BC: Hmph. If you remove me from the situation immediately, I'd have to bite you.
MK: You already do. But I guess I pick my battles. You getting on the counters isn't likely to hurt you. Trying to jump the seven-foot-tall entertainment center? Umm ... yeah ... no.
BC: I almost made it that one ...
BC: And you grounded me anyway!
MK: Bear, you can't fly.
BC: HEY! If measly squirrels can fly, so can I!
MK: Squirrels don't fly, Bear.
BC What are you talking about?!?! "FLYING squirrels!"
MK: No, they "glide."
BC: WHAT?!?! That's false advertising! Leave it to you humans to be deceptive!
MK: Oh, Bear.
BC: Don't "oh, Bear" me, Momma! Next thing you're going to tell me is that a mountain chicken isn't a chicken! Or an American buffalo isn't a buffalo!
MK: Ummm ... Bear?
BC: WHAT?!?! I AM the expert on chickens you know!
MK: Ummm ... actually, a mountain chicken is a frog. And the American buffalo is really a bison. ***
BC: WHAT?!?! I don't want a tasty whole FROG!!! Or wait ... maybe I do?!?! Are frogs tasty?
MK: I have no idea.
BC: What about a killer whale?
MK: Part of the oceanic dolphin family. ***
BC: A honey badger?
MK: While they do eat honey, they are more similar to weasels than badgers. ***
BC: You humans are confusing. You should classify animals based on whether they are tasty or not!
MK: Tasty according to whom?
MK: Right. The scientists of the world will get right on that.
BC: And I expect samples! Especially of chickens!
MK: Oh, Dear.
BC: WHAT?!?! Now I'm a cat ... with the name Bear ... but I'm really a deer? What kind of !@#%&$ up world do we live in?
MK: No, D-E-A-R. Like sweetheart.
BC: Are hearts actually sweet?
MK: True. You are more of a sweet TART.
BC: You know what would be SWEET? A tasty, whole CHICKEN tart!
MK: You know what? NEVER MIND. 
BC: Wait?!? Where are you going?
MK: To get some ibuprofen.
BC: You be WHAT?
MK: No. NOT "I be profen ... "
BC: That's right! You be nerdin'. You be meanin'. Hahahahaha. You be DOUGHNUTTIN'!!!
BC: HEY! You can't go in the pantry and close the door! The pantry is mine! It even has my name on it!

BC: You be pantryin'! You be ogrein'. You be starvin' me! Hahahahahahaha.
BC: {whispering} Are you coming out?
MK: No.
BC: Not ever?
MK: No.
BC: Hehehehehehe.
MK: Uh oh.
BC: I'm not up to ANYTHING, Momma!
MK: {coming out of the pantry} HIIIIIIIIII!
BC: RATS! You ruin all my fun! 

*** Source: 15 Animals With Misleading Names. And fact checked by Momma through various additional sources.

Pictures of the day:
When looking for the ball pictures that evoked concern from a few of our readers, Momma came across the never-shared-before pictures she took in the 15 minutes of play Bear had after Momma attached two of the balls to the cat tree. We should note that Momma was supervising the play the ENTIRE TIME. For those of you who don't know, the balls came with the cat tree but the instructions clearly indicated they were NOT cat toys, but only for use as decoration. Thanks, but no thanks. I might be overprotective, but my boy means everything to me, so the balls disappeared forever after the supervised play session. Yes, he enjoyed playing with them while supervised, but I also know how much he likes to destroy things and can make quick work of even the best made cat toys ... much less things like these balls that are disasters waiting to happen with any cat (in the last three pictures, he's trying to chew through the string hanging the ball ... thus the end of the supervised play session).

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  1. Bear Cat, you have a lot in common with the kitties around here. Lots of shenanigans going on, although they would use the term "fun" instead. And you're not alone, Bear, as the kitties around here also think that this mom of theirs can be a real buzzkill. But, it looks like you have lots of fun anyway, Bear! Purrs!

    1. My favorite is when I do something that makes my Momma come running, meanwhile flailing her arms around to try to get me to stop. Cracks me up every single time ;) ~Bear Cat

  2. Look at you, Bear! You look like you're having a lot of fun :)

    My mum hides my toys too. She worries too much!

    Purrs xx

    1. They always say curiosity killed the cat ... but I'm pretty sure it was really overprotective Mommas! ~Bear Cat

  3. Oh we so admire your spirit Bear Cat!!!

  4. MOL Oh Bear, gawjus as always. You're lucky your mommy is young and whimsical. Takin' fotos is da last thing mommy thinks 'bout, 'specially when we be oin' somethin' we ain't 'posed too. MOL Altho' mommy does say she misses a few really cutesy shots. But our mommy's so worried 'bout trainin' us all purropurr like dat we don't get away with much. Somethin' 'bout bein' good examples??. Anyways, have fun. Big hugs comin' ya'll's way.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Shhhh! I think my Momma just realized her error ... she hasn't been "training" me properly. Hmph. Who heard of training a cat! Err ... present company excepted ... you two ladies do a phenomenal job with your Mommy! ~Bear Cat

  5. It's ok Bear, my Mommy is very overprotective of me too. It's just because they love us so much and can't live without us! --Mudpie

  6. Wow! There is lots of DON'T on your lists...but mes thinks that if yous thinked about it, the list of what yous can does would be WAY, WAY longer!!!

  7. Bear Cat, we understand. Our mom and dad are overprotective of us, too. Supposedly, because they love us so much, and can't stand the thought of us getting hurt. And we know that's why Momma Kat ruins your fun times. :)

    1. How come she never wants to ruin my un-fun times?!?! ~Bear Cat

  8. Bear, you are so lucky to have an overprotective Momma.You are such a cutie.

  9. We know the humans mean well, but why does it so often have to cut into our fun?

  10. My mum is laughing as she reads, but I don't know why. Everything you said is very important. Talking of which, you missed something very important. She admitted to the whole world that she framed you with that broken glass.

    1. I know! She totally owes me some special treats! I'm just a sweet innocent kitty cat who never does anything wrong! ~Bear Cat

  11. Whoa Bear, congrats to your mom on some awesome action shots. Although, I guess you get partial credit for being IN them. You and Sophie...just doing what you want!

    1. Sophie and I are masters of our own destinies! Ummm ... except for those cats who are jealous and don't like us! ~Bear Cat


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