Thank you to our incredible friends

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - Thank you 
to our incredible friends:
BC: WHOA! These comments from our friends are incredible!
MK: I know! Our friends are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! So much love and concern.
BC: Well, to be FAIR, I AM handsome. I mean, OF COURSE they would notice! 
MK: What's that have to do with anything?
BC: All these comments mention how handsome I am! If only they knew the rigors of being a feline model around here!
MK: What rigors? You sit in the sun. I take pictures.

BC: I posed for HOURS! HOURS! And I didn't even get treats! What's all this sadness for if it's not to make you appreciate me more and give me extra treats!?!?! You feel sad ... you appreciate hugging me ... you feel grateful ... you give me treats. BOO-YAH!
MK: I filled my camera's memory card up with pictures of you because I was inconsolable over the breakup, Bear. Those pictures reminded me what matters. And anyway, that's not what I was talking about when I mentioned feeling so much love.
BC: Well, what else matters? Our public loves ME!
MK: No. I was referring to everyone's comments of love and support for me because I'm struggling.
BC: Not everything's about you, Momma!
MK: All the love and concern for me touched me so deeply. 
BC: WHAT!?!?! How come a hand doesn't come out of the computer screen and touch me? 
MK: What?
BC: You said you were touched deeply. I rub up on that stupid screen and no hands come out to pet me!!! Piece of $#!+ computer screen! Discriminating against a cute, little kitty cat!
MK: No ... the touching is figuratively.
BC: Figurative touching? What's the point of that? FIGURATIVE back scratches? No thanks!!!
MK: {sigh} Never mind. I couldn't even imagine the kind of love shown toward us. There's a majority of me that says people are just being nice ... but what if they mean it?
BC: Is that why you were crying every time you read the comments people left?
MK: Shhhh.
BC: Seriously, Momma. You read ONE COMMENT that people won't forget ME and BOOM! CRYING. You used to NEVER cry. Now you cry at a drop of a cat.
MK: Hat?
BC: No, thank you. Though I wouldn't refuse a tiara if you were to offer one. I'd look EXTRA handsome with a tiara! Male Princess Buttercup Black Bear Cat of the Forest will see you now! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

MK: HEY! Look at this comment! It says you should give me a hug! Come 'ere, Mr. Grouchy!
BC: AGAIN?!?! Do I look like a teddy bear? I should get HAZARD pay for this!!!
MK: Aww ... come on, you know you enjoy snuggles!
BC: Wipe that goofy grin off your face if you want a hug.
MK: {hugging Bear} I love you, Bug.

BC: Yeah. Yeah. Being a cat is a hard job. Hard to believe you humans lived so long before we cats were domesticated. You ESPECIALLY need all the help you can get.
MK: Hahahaha. Look at this comment! "Boys are like buses, there is ALWAYS ANOTHER one coming along!!!" 
BC: HEY! I'M a boy!
BC: What?!?! Why are you LAUGHING?!?!? That takes balls to laugh at me!
MK: Which would be why you're not actually a boy.
BC: WHAT?!?! I have ... oh. RATS! Don't tell my favorite tortie! Did you see her selfie yesterday?!?! VA-VA-VOOM!
BC: So if boys are like buses, do you need a schedule or something?
MK: That'd be nice.
BC: Can you ride a boy though? How does that work? Do you pay for a ride like with a bus?
{Stunned silence from Momma}
BC: "NO BOY is worth making ourselves not being able to function!!" She IS right about no boy being worth not being able to function.
MK: After three years of recovery, I'm not going to throw it away for some stupid boy with his head up his @$$.
BC: Hahahahaha. No more boys, Momma. This boy and the Big Dodo ... enough heart breakage right there ... you don't give your heart often, but when you do ...
MK: No one needs that boy nonsense, right? You know it takes a special boy for me to even give him a chance ... they don't come along all that often. And I only give my whole heart when I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE ...
BC: So you're back to normal? PHEW!
MK: Not quite, Bear. Sometimes I still get unbearably sad and can't find a way out of it. Not to mention the whole feeling unlovable and not good enough thing ... But I'm working on it.
BC: Hmph. This unbearable sadness crap over a BOY. And that interferes with you showing everyone how magnificent I am!!! So are we blogging again? Because I promised one reader that you would blog even if I had to sit on your head until you comply. And we all know how hard your head is!
MK: Probably not every day. But you're right. I'll do what I can.
BC: When I get sad I take a nap! Or take a crap. Or find something to roll in.
MK: Yes.
BC: You can borrow my teddy bear if snuggling him will help. He's my favorite toy right now ... well, besides my chicken leg! You can't have my chicken leg. How about my favorite mousie? Here's Gray-ie! Gray-ie likes snuggles!
MK: You're a sweet boy, Bear.
BC: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe then I can get a nap in without being disturbed by "hugs." Sheesh! What's a cat gotta do to get some sleep around here?!?!? Especially without that damn camera going off?!?! I should've dropped it in the toilet when I had the chance.
MK: Our friends are incredible, Bear. Just plain incredible. They were truly there for us ... encouraging us, showing us love, sending us pictures of their own cats to make me smile, messaging me to check on how I'm doing or offering a shoulder to cry on! I can't ever repay that kindness. I made so many new friends too!
BC: Hmph. I was the one that had to deal with the hugs!
MK: Awww, Bear. I love you too! Come here!
BC: {using his paw to move Momma's arm} PUT ME DOWN! NO HUG! NO HUG!

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  1. Breakups are difficult. I'm sorry you're hurting so much. I, too, have had many people leave my life for various reasons. Even my own mother disowned me in college, so I can totally relate to the feeling of not being "good enough." But you are. I hope that you can see that. *hugs*

    1. I think our parents went to the same parenting school. It's sad that they couldn't love us as we deserved. Logically, I know that ... but a little part of me still wants to believe that if I do x,y, and z, I will be good enough. Otherwise, I have to face the devastation that it's completely out of my control (and has nothing to do with me) and will never change. ~Momma Kat

  2. Aw, Bear...we love it when you shared your toys with MK. We know that made her feel better for sure. A good catnip mouse always gets us outta a funk. ;) We're happy MK has you to get her through this rough time.

  3. That's so sweet of you to share your toys with your mom ! We bet some nip time with your beloved mouse would make her super happy ! Purrs

    1. Good idea! At the very least I'd be blissed out and care a lot less about those grabby hands! ~Bear Cat

  4. Of course you're handsum Bear, and deserve lots of treats. You know us kitties have to take care of our mommies. They're one in a million, and there ain't nopawdy else in da universe like 'em. Mommy's had da sads and da mads lately, but she's always there fur us, so it's our job to be there fur her just like you are fur your mommy. Mommy says there ain't nuffin' or no one in this universe or any other dat can luv more than us kitties. And men boys, ain't but a drop in da bucket in da big scheme of things. Mommy says we have to be happy bein' us and bein' alone befur we can be happy with anypawdy else. Cuz nopawdy be half of anythin', you're a whole all by yourself. Your mommy doesn't need any man boy to make her complete, she's complete and purrfect all by herself. Big hugs from all of us.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi, Raena and mommy A

    1. Whoa! Your Mommy is SOOO smart! There's a reason my Momma tells people that as good as I am at destroying things, I fix everything. You are right, these Mommas are few and far between ... we got lucky :) ~Bear Cat
      ps - My Momma and I hope your Mommy feels better soon ... we're sending all of you our love.

  5. Oh, Bear, you are so handsome and you obviously know it. Please continue to take good care of your momma!

  6. Hehehe...Over here if boys were like buses, there would never be one when you needed him... er... it, and then they would come in threes. Of course one of which would not be in service, one would be full and the other would be on the wrong route! Life stinks but if it ain't yours, you don't need to clear it up. purrs ERin PS. That was awesome you offered mousie to your mom, I do to my peep, but it strangely never that well received... keep them hugs going, and coming, and you will be OK ERin

    1. "Life stinks but if it ain't yours, you don't need to clear it up." LOVE that. Truer words were never spoken!

  7. I am happy to see you and your Momma posting again- and you are still funny. I am glad you are enjoying that chicken leg too :) XO

    1. Thank you! And thank you for my favorite toy :) ~Bear Cat

  8. Mom finds you an adorable tiger. I think you handle your mom very well, humans and their feelings they can overreact. I think some will never be grown up.

    1. I know. Can't live with all these EMOTIONS, can't live without the attached thumbs! ;) ~Bear Cat

  9. Your mom couldn't be in better paws, Bear. Your toys look like lots of fun...would you let me play with them too??? --Mudpie

  10. We are sorry your mom is down. But the two of you make a wonderful team. I know you will take great care of her. That is what we do. Yorkie kisses and Griffon hugs to you both

  11. We are sure glad you are back! Very nice of you to offer to share your teddy bear. You might have to put up with a few more hugs to cheer your mom up.

    1. Such a hard job ... but somecat has to do it, right? ~Bear Cat

  12. You are a handsome boy. I can't believe how she man0handles you. I would be all bitey and scratchy on her. I always bite TW when she laughs or cries. Then she cries even her cat hates her.

  13. I'm with BC. Boys are like buses, there'll be another one along in about 10 minutes. Personally I think the 'boy' did you a huge favor. 😊Hug that purr-dy boy and celebrate.

  14. Thank you for taking such good care of your mom, Bear. She's an awesome human, but even the awesomest peeps need some reminding (and kindness shown through niceties like teddy bears) now and again. We're glad to hear you two are easing back in to blogging. Big hugs to you both!

  15. My bus comment is the TRUTH Bear!! But not when it pertains to handsome mancats like YOU!!!!! (wink!!) xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  16. * Cheers * YOU ain't going? You staying???

    WooHOOO Party at BEAR'S PLACE - NOW!!!!

    1. Yes, yes ... I suppose the cat's ... err ... out of the bag?!?!

  17. Real beautiful pictures ! Yes being a model is very hard work !!

  18. Nice to see your mom posting again, Bear. Tell her she doesn't have to post every day. My mum doesn't. I think your mom is doing really well considering. When my mum gets down it takes a lot of effort on her part to actually type a sentence out. In fact, when she's very down she can't even string a sentence together, hence some very short posts sometimes and some with just a photo. So there you have it. And it takes a lot of effort on my part to get her moving again. But as well as her healing cat I am also her muse and I make sure to inspire her every day so she doesn't sit around moping.

    Purrs to you and your mum,
    Athena xx

    1. I understand, Athena. I have to keep my Momma laughing and give her a reason to get out of bed. It seems like my job is never done ... and this one stupid boy has made things so much worse! These humans and their "feelings." UGH! ~Bear Cat


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