Sock it to me

Communication in our house sucks ... but the socks DO NOT! Of course, with Bear's handsome face on the socks, we might be biased!

BC: Bear Cat Kat 
MK: Momma Kat 
EM: Ellie Mae Kat 
The Boy: Momma's fiance 

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The Boy: What's in the package?
MK: Bear's socks.
The Boy: Umm ... excuse me?
MK: Bear's socks!
The Boy: Are his paws cold?
MK: I don't think so.
The Boy: So then why does he need socks?
MK: They're customized from Socksery- they're not just normal socks.

The Boy: Why?
MK: Because I thought it would be a great way to recognize and remember him.
The Boy: By wearing socks?
MK: Yep.
The Boy: Now, I've heard it all! Socks? For CATS?! Please tell me you're not going to try to put them on him.
MK: Of course not! That would be silly.
The Boy: He'll put them on himself?
MK: Now you're just being ridiculous.
The Boy: Says the woman who buys her cat socks!
EM: I want socks!
The Boy: Do you know what socks are?
EM: Well, no. But if Bear gets some, I want them too!
MK: They're not for Bear.
The Boy: You said they're Bear's socks!
MK: They're for me - but they have Bear's face on them.

EM: Oh, no! Where's the rest of him?
MK: Wait ... what?
EM: Then again ... if his face isn't attached to his body, he can't talk and he can't lick me until I move. Though he could fart. That's the really stinky end.
BC: What up, Peeps!
BC: What's HER problem?
EM: Momma said your face is on her socks!
BC: OH! We got my socks!
The Boy: You two really need to reconsider clarity when you speak.
BC: Who's that gorgeous kitty?!? I have a crush. Hubba hubba.

EM: But that's not a tortie!
BC: We'd make beautiful babies.
EM: You and torties?
BC: NO! 
BC: Err ... well, yes. But I was talking about me and the handsome devil on these socks. Can you say STUD MUFFIN?
EM: Stud muffin.

EM: So? I can say stud muffin.
BC: Somehow it isn't nearly as sexy as when I say it.
EM: But that's YOUR face on the socks!
BC: Shocking!
EM: No, really! Look!
MK: Ellie, he knows. He's just complimenting the way he looks.
EM: Why?
BC: WHAT?!? What do you mean ... WHY?!? What's wrong with you?
MK: You know he kind of has a high opinion of himself.
BC: Phht. I'd just say it's justified!
BC: That you're not swooning shows your poor taste.

EM: I see what you leave in the litter box! Not exactly romantic - or attractive.
MK: Should I try them on?
BC: Wait ... what? You can't wear them!!!
MK: What else would I do with them?
The Boy: Put one over his head. He might shut up for once.
MK: They go on my feet! See?!?! Looking pretty good, I think!

BC: I can't see it when your foot is on the table!
MK: Oh, right. How's that?
BC: Oh, great. Now you get to walk all over me.
EM: What? Momma wouldn't do that!
MK: He means because his picture is on the bottom of the socks, I would step on him.
EM: What does having his picture on the bottom of the socks have to do with stepping on him?
MK: NO! His pic ...
The Boy: That's kind of a predicament ... he doesn't want to be near a stinky foot ... but if he attacks your foot, he's attacking the image of himself.
BC: RATS! He's right! At least you got the socks in my favorite color. But why didn't you give them a picture of me in my tiara?

MK: I'm pretty impressed. This was the original photo.
MK: And this is the final product ...
MK: To be honest, I love these too much to wear - I'll instead use them as a keepsake. If I were to wear them, I'd hope they stretch out a bit. I'm surprised at how thick the material is - these are definitely not cheaply made! Excellent all around!
BC: Well, it helps to have an exquisite model!
MK: You are very handsome, Bear.
BC: Like I don't know that!

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  1. I love fun socks and these are purr-fect! I would proudly skip shoes for the whole day at work to show them off to others.

  2. Those are really awesome! I need to get some.

  3. Those are pretty nice Bear socks and now you can be the official foot monster Bear!

    1. Eh. That's Smellie's job. I'm retired from foot monstering ;) ~Bear Cat

  4. These socks are very cool! I get what you mean when you say you wouldn't want to wear them.

    1. It sounds crazy ... but I'm especially tough on clothes I wash and I wouldn't want to ruin these!

  5. I think I'd get two pairs; one with Manny's photo and the other with CB's. Both in the same color. Then I'd wear one sock of each, 'cause they are a matched set, afterall.

  6. Bear, one of these days Momma Kat's feet are going walk all over you! We owe them a post. MOL!

  7. Those sure are great Socks Bear. You sure will famous. All of you have a great day.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bear you are gonna keep Mama's feet so very warm
    Hugs cecilia

  9. OMC, those are super cool Bear Cat socks! They are, dare we say, super handsome. :)

    I, too, would be afraid to wear them for real. I always seem to wear holes in my socks.

  10. That is pretty cool! The Bear socks came out great! It's good to know that the material is thick. I need thick material to help cushion my hurting feet when I wear shoes. I bet Carmine and Tylan socks would be adorable. :)

    1. I was impressed. It was a little weird too trying Nylon socks when I usually do almost purely cotton.

  11. I am sure there is a pun I could make about Bear sockin'it to 'em etc. but in truth I think that they are lovely. Maybe the next pair could be smaller, for Ellie to wear? What about the Boy though? Does he get some of Ellie, in black and pink stripes? Or if that doesn't work, pink and black stripes?

  12. Everyone should have Bear Cat socks, right, Bear? You could sell them, if they weren't priceless. :)

  13. AMARULA: Stud Muffin!! Yes! If only i could get your head imprinted on my fur Bear!

  14. Awww...those came out great. My hubby loves his. :)


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