Broadening horizons

Momma's texting The Boy asking for a favor ... but she doesn't have a phone that texts? What's going on? Let's just say that in this house ... this interchange is the definition of "broadening one's horizons."  The moral of the story? Beware bored felines with the ability to text.

Texts from a New User [identity unknown to The Boy] -
as the conversation is seen on The Boy's smartphone

{Text of screenshots typed out for ease of reading}

Users texting this conversation:
New user: New user texting The Boy, whose identity is unknown to The Boy
The Boy: Momma's fiance 


New user texts: Hi, honey.
The Boy texts: Kat?
New user texts: Do you have another honey?
The Boy texts: NO! Of course not!
The Boy texts: It’s just that your phone can’t text and you never call me honey!

New user texts: New Year’s resolution.
The Boy texts: Which one? Texting me or calling me honey?
New user texts: Never mind.
The Boy texts: So how are you texting me?

New user texts: I’m using a program to text on my computer. The screens look real and everything!
The Boy texts: Why didn’t you text with me before like this?
New user texts: I hate apples and the menu sucks.
The Boy texts: WTF?
New user texts: Sorry, I meant to text that to someone else.
The Boy texts: SOMEONE ELSE? Someone who?
New user texts: Says the guy who apparently has more than one honey.


The Boy texts: I have only ONE honey! I was just surprised you were texting me!
New user texts: Right.
The Boy texts: Besides, you’re texting someone else! WHO ELSE ARE YOU MESSAGING WITH?
New user texts: Iz speako non Englaish!
The Boy texts: Why are you acting like Bear?
New user texts: That handsome stripe-y devil? You only WISH you were texting with him.
The Boy texts: No, actually, I don’t.

New user texts: As much as this repartee amuses me, I need you to do something for me.
The Boy texts: You never ask me to do anything!
New user texts: Yeah. Whatever.
The Boy texts: It’s like you don’t trust me to take care of things for you.
New user texts: Well, if you don’t want to help out …
The Boy texts: NO! Tell me! I’ll do whatever you need me to!
New user texts: Anyway, I wanted to tell you to bring home a case of cat treats on your way home.


The Boy texts: But we’ve got more cat treats than we know what to do with! You’ve got a whole pantry full of cat treats!
New user texts: I do?
The Boy texts: YES! You have all the treats on the second shelf in the pantry.
The Boy texts: Hello?!
The Boy texts: Kat?!?

New user texts: How do I open the pantry?
The Boy texts: WHAT?!?! You do it all the time.
The Boy texts: Wait a minute …
The Boy texts: Bear?

New user texts: Gotta go.
The Boy texts: What? WHY?!
New user texts: Momma just walked in!
The Boy texts: AHA!
New user texts: But really, can you still bring some treats?
New user texts: HELLO?!?!
New user texts: There’s a hairball with your name on it!
New user texts: I mean it!
New user texts: Hello?
The Boy texts: I’m not talking to you!


New user texts: What?! What did I do?
The Boy texts: You tried to trick me into bringing home treats for you!
New user texts: Larry?
The Boy texts: STOP TEXTING ME!
The Boy texts: I have to work!

New user texts: You’re texting me!
New user texts: Wait … why was Bear on my computer?
The Boy texts: Kat? I’m so glad it’s you! Bear’s been texting me trying to get me to bring home treats for him.
New user texts: He IS starving …

New user texts: Bear’s not only handsome - but smart too!
The Boy texts: Okay. If you say so.
New user texts: Can you bring home some treats for Ellie?
The Boy texts: That girl is fat enough! You overfeed her!
New user texts: Are you going to help me out or not?
The Boy texts: Of course! What flavor treats?
New user texts: Chicken.
The Boy texts: YOU’RE NOT KAT!
New user texts: Genius.


New user texts: Miss me?
The Boy texts: How can I miss you when I’m texting with you?
New user texts: DONE!
The Boy texts: Wait, what? Done what?
New user texts: The hairball with your name on it.
The Boy texts: So help me, if you barf on my work pants again, I’m going to be mad.
New user texts: You’re AT work. You’re WEARING those pants.
The Boy texts: Oh. Right.

New user texts: You just checked, didn’t you?
The Boy texts: You’re annoying.
New user texts: That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said about me!
The Boy texts: Don’t you have something better to do?
New user texts: Like what?
The Boy texts: Sleep?
The Boy texts: Annoy your sister?
The Boy texts: Misbehave?
The Boy texts: Tick off your Momma?

New user texts: I’m turning over a new leaf.


The Boy texts: Really?
New user texts: Broadening my horizons.
The Boy texts: Taking over the world?
New user texts: Something like that.
The Boy texts: Oh, shoot! My phone needs to be charged! Your Momma’s calling me soon and I have to make sure I have enough charge in my phone to be able to talk to her.
New user texts: So how are you?
The Boy texts: What?
New user texts: How are you?

The Boy texts: I’m fine.
New user texts: Good.
New user texts: Are you sure?
The Boy texts: Yes.
The Boy texts: I need to plug in my phone.

New user texts: Okay.
New user texts: But I have an important question for you.
The Boy texts: Really?
The Boy texts: What?

New user texts: What’s your favorite color?
The Boy texts: ???


New user texts: OH! Momma finally got the results of her pregnancy test.
The Boy texts: Her WHAT?
New user texts: HELP!
The Boy texts: What?! What’s wrong?
New user texts: The refrigerator is running!
The Boy texts: It’s supposed to do that.
New user texts: It’s running down the street!
The Boy texts: WHAT?!?!?!?
New user texts: Momma’s crying.
The Boy texts: What?! WHY?!


The Boy texts: What’s wrong?
New user texts: You don’t want to know.
The Boy texts: Is your Momma pregnant?
New user texts: She doesn’t sleep with any guy who comes …
New user texts: Never mind.
The Boy texts: Is your Momma pregnant?
New user texts: Why do you keep asking that?


New user texts: I see I got your goat.
The Boy texts: I don’t have a goat!
The Boy texts: IS.
The Boy texts: YOUR.
The Boy texts: MOMMA.
The Boy texts: PREGNANT?!?!

New user texts: I’ve gotta go!
The Boy texts: WHAT? NO!
New user texts: Stop yelling at me.
New user texts: I’m feeling really delicate given the news
The Boy texts: WHAT NEWS?

New user texts: A baby kangaroo!
The Boy texts: My phone’s about to die!
The Boy texts: I don’t have my charger at work!
The Boy texts: Kangaroo?

New user texts: Took you long enough.
The Boy texts: Tell your Momma not to panic when she tries to call me.
The Boy texts: My phone’s about to die.

New user texts: You’re welcome.
The Boy texts: WHAT?
The Boy texts: Is your Momma pregnant or not?

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  1. Oh Bear! You really have The Boy tied up in knots!!
    A baby kangaroo? That must have been a jump and a half.
    Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

  2. Bear it appears you are already doing what you are good at...being handsome and adorable
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Umm, that's really a cliffhanger there!!!

  4. Oh bear, you gonna have a sticky person to text with too?

  5. Bear, I admire the way you are branching out here but it's pretty easy to catch on that it's you!

    1. I don't know what you're implying about my Dad ... err ... The Boy. ~Bear Cat

  6. Uh oh.... the boy must be running home to talk to you about this, Bear!

    1. He's not speaking with me at the moment. If I'd known this is what it takes ... ~Bear Cat

  7. MOL....good one Bear Cat. You just about had more treats at home and in the pantry.


    1. I'd share my wealth with all the starving cats of the blogosphere! ~Bear Cat

  8. I think the gig was up the moment you asked how to open the pantry! MOL

    1. That knob is tricky! I whack it time and time again and I can't get it to budge! ~Bear Cat

  9. Oh Kittens Bear, you sure know what to meow to get someone goin'. MOL We luv the new layout. We've so gotta get everythin' wrapped up 'round here and work on our bloggy. Big hugs to all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. THANK YOU! You are the first and only person to say anything about the new layout! I don't have everything ironed out yet, but I'm working on it!

  10. Clearly technology is a dangerous commodity in the paws of Bear.

  11. Is your Momma pregnant? You didn't tell us the results. Nosey people ( like me) want to know.

    1. Momma is NOT pregnant - which is great news for the cats, the potential baby, and the rest of the planet!

  12. Wait, what? Is Momma Kat having a baby, or are you just messing with the Boy, Bear???

    1. Momma is NOT pregnant - which is great news for the cats, the potential baby, and the rest of the planet!

  13. Bear, we're not sure you're making the best use of technology, MOL ! Purrs

  14. OK, now I really do need to ask as NOBODY answered: Is the momma staff member pregers with kittens?
    PS I think Momma should get a new phone just in case she gets called into the hospital.....

    1. Momma is NOT pregnant - which is great news for the cats, the potential baby, and the rest of the planet!

  15. have a predilection for doing this as you have AMPLY shown us! Ellie...I think Bear is rubbing off his Bear-ness onto YOU. MK, you need a texting phone. BC, you do NOT need a texting phone. Ellie...I think you can be trusted with one. At least you can say a Cat 911 for lap emergency! Momma Kat...what's up with the teaser?

    1. Oops. My bad. I didn't think anyone would believe I was pregnant. I forget that we don't see each other frequently. Even so, The Boy asked me if I am pregnant so I might've massively misjudged that one.

  16. Replies
    1. I laughed my butt off to "MK, you need a texting phone. BC, you do NOT need a texting phone. Ellie...I think you can be trusted with one." Hahaha.
      {Bear's comment: Don't worry, my Momma has PLENTY of butt left!}

  17. It's like those dreams where you think you woke up, but you really didn't! Poor Larry! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  18. Wowy, Bear you really got 'The Boy's' attention and kept him hanging?! Tee hee hee. Tummy tickles.

    1. He hasn't learned to never underestimate a cat. ~Bear Cat


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