More dental drama for Bear

After another dental surgery for Bear, there's more "fun" for everyone with a slightly groggy, VERY medicated cat. This time, with his mouth swollen quite a bit after having canines and a pre-molar extracted and a growth lanced, Bear struggled to speak to us in a way we could understand (then again, how well do we ever really understand Bear?).

If you missed the events after Bear's last dental surgery, you may catch up here: It's all fun and games until somecat loses teeth.

You might remember Bear had surgery for a growth in his mouth - and to extract several teeth six weeks ago. We found out the growth was benign - but that conclusion was re-evaluated when the growth grew back within two weeks. Again, the conclusion came back as benign - with a diagnosis of a pyogenic granuloma. Irritation from Bear's pre-molar from the top of his mouth likely caused the inflammation and growth of the soft tissue on the bottom of his mouth. Last week, we visited a specialty dentist who agreed with the theory of irritation from the top pre-molar and removed the growth and the suspected culprit tooth. Surprisingly, the specialty dentist found periodontal pockets around Bear's canines - that our veterinarian missed. Those canines were extracted that same day as well. 

Besides some facial swelling after the second dental surgery, we haven't faced any complications so far. Bear's been eating normally, with the help of pain medication and a wet food only diet. One difference that struck Momma immediately after the second surgery is while he barely moved in the carrier after his first surgery - Bear hopped all over the place in the carrier after the second surgery.

For the best and total effect, Bear's muddled language should be read aloud!

Vet tech at pet dental office
BC: Bear Cat Kat [handsome tabby cat] 
EM: Ellie Mae Kat [black, gorgeously floofy cat] 
MK: Momma Kat [Bear and Ellie's human Momma, named Kat] 
The Boy: Momma's fiance 

Vet tech: Here's Bear! He's sure talking a lot, but I can't understand him!

BC: Howth ruth! Ifth loft myth chicthfens!
[Probable translation: How rude! I lost my chickens!]


BC: Ifth donth knoth thifth womaft! Sheth a crazyth cath-naffer!
[Probable translation: I don't know this woman! She's a crazy cat-napper!]

MK: Hi, Bear.

BC: Ifth donth knoth herth! Ifth donth knoth herth! HELFTH! HELFTH! I'mth beifink caft-naffed!!!
[Probable translation: I don't know her! I don't know her! Help! HELP! I'm being cat-napped!]


BC: Mofftha?!?! Whereft haveth youth beefn?
[Probable translation: Momma?!?! Where have you been?]

Vet tech: He's still a little groggy.

BC: Andth yourfth stillfth af lofth stufith!
[Probable translation: And you're still a lot stupid.]

Vet tech: Did he just say ...

MK: No. He's just talking gibberish.

Vet tech: I could've sworn I heard something about stupid.

[Probable translation: YES! YES!]

MK: Thank you so much! You've been great! We appreciate you!

{Momma closes the car door}

BC: HEYTH! STUPITH!!!! Youreth evenfth tooft stupith tooft knowfth Ifth insulthingf youth!
[Probable translation: Hey! Stupid! You're even too stupid to know I'm insulting you!]


BC: Donth SHFTH mefth! Shfth YOUTH!
[Probable translation: Don't SHHH me! SHHH you!]

MK: BEAR! We have to bring you back for a follow-up in three weeks ... how about we NOT tick them off?

Vet tech: {running after the car and yelling} DON'T FORGET THE FOLLOW UP IN THREE WEEKS!

BC: Ohth! Soth youfth careth abouth tifckingth THEFMTH offth, whenth youth REAFLLY tifckedth mefth offth!
[Probable translation: Oh! So you care about ticking THEM off, when you REALLY ticked me off!]


BC: {GASP!} Myth panfts arth missthink! Mommath! Ift knowth youth hafth my stfipe-yeth panfts! Youfrth beenth envfyingth themth forfth yearths!
[Probable translation: My pants are missing! Momma! I know you have my stripe-y pants! You've been envying them for years!]

MK: {pulling over, opening the carrier and pointing at Bear's stripe-y pants} Those pants?

BC: YEFTH!!! Theyth werenft hereth ath minufte agofth! Phewth! Ith thoughft someth losfer stoleft myth panfts! Nofth oneth geffs in myth panfts excefth torfies! Theyth areth hufeth panfts tooth fillft!
[Probable translation: YES!!! They weren't here a minute ago! Phew! I thought some loser stole my pants! No one gets in my pants except torties! They are huge pants to fill!]
MK: Okay, Bear.

BC: {bunny hopping around in the carrier} Wherfth arfth myth chicthfens?! Wherfth arfth myth chicthfens?! Theyth wereft hereft just afth fefth minuftes agofth! Youth wouldeth unferfand asth noth oneth wanths tooth fet inth yourfth panfts!
[Probable translation: Where are my chickens? Where are my chickens? They were here just a few minutes ago! You wouldn't understand as no one wants to get in your pants!]


BC: {GASP!} Theth veth tefk stolfe myth chicthfens! Turf thifs carth afoundth soth Ith canth geth myth chicthfens bafk!
[Probable translation: The vet tech stole my chickens! Turn this car around so I can get my chickens back!]

MK: Bear, you don't have any chickens.

BC: Ith knowth! Befauthe thaft efilth veth tefk stolfe themft!
[Probable translation: I know! Because that evil vet tech stole them!]

MK: No, Bear. You've never had chickens.

BC: Ohth, surf. Juft rubth fifth inft. Wellft, you'feth nefert haft safity! Soth THERETH!
[Probable translation: Oh, sure. Just RUB it in. Well, you've never had sanity! So THERE!]


BC: Ith canft tift thifst carrifter, refemmfer? Bethides, youth haveth ith strafted inth byth theth seatfelt. Imth noth gofing anyfair.
[Probable translation: I can't tip this carrier, remember? Besides, you have it strapped in by the seatbelt. I'm not going anywhere.]

MK: You're right. My wishful thinking HOPES you tip your carrier.

BC: Thafts noth verfty nifthe.
[Probable translation: That's not very nice!]

MK: I was kidding. But you hopping around in there makes me nervous.

BC: Ith mafeth YOUTH nerfous?!? Youth hanft meth foffth tooth someth quafk anfeth disaffearth? Ith haveth tooth rideth inthe ath farth you'rf driving andeth Ith maketh YOUTH nerfous? Thaft's richt! Thaft's asth richt asth myth chicthfens!
[Probable translation: I make YOU nervous?!?! You hand me off to some quack and disappear? I have to ride in a car YOU'RE driving and I make YOU nervous? That's rich! That's as rich as my chickens!]

{Momma busts out laughing}

BC: Whath?!? WHATH!?!?!
[Probable translation: What?! WHAT?!?!]

MK: I'm {giggle} sorry {giggle}. {giggle} It's {giggle} hard {giggle giggle} to {giggle} have {giggle} a {giggle} serious {giggle giggle} conver-{giggle}-sation {giggle} with {giggle} you {giggle} when {giggle} you {giggle} talk {giggle} like {giggle} that! Hahahahaha.  

BC: Talfk fike whath?!?
[Probable translation: Talk like what?!?]

{Momma bursts into giggles}

BC: Howth ruth! Ith canft helf haffing ha speef imfediment!
[Probable translation: How rude! I can't help having a speech impediment!]

{Momma keeps laughing}

BC: Ohth, shuft upth!
[Probable translation: Oh, shut up!]

MK: I'm sorry {giggle} {giggle} I was just {giggle} really worried about {giggle} you and {giggle} all that anxiety {giggle} is melting away in {giggle} nervous laughter!


MK: I can FEEL you glaring at me.

[Probable translation: Obviously!]

MK: I think I have it under control. {giggle} Wait a minute ...


MK: There we go. Just don't say chicken - I'll lose it again.

BC: {GASP} Myth chicthfens are missingth! They'veth gofth tooth beeth afoundeth hereth somethfere! Hereth chicthy chicth chicth chicth!
[Probable translation: My chickens are missing! {Hopping around the carrier and sounding like a bag of popcorn popping in the microwave} They've got to be here somewhere! Here chicky chick chick chick!]

{Momma loses it and bursts out laughing}

BC: Whatsth wrongth wifth youth?
[Probable translation: What's wrong with you?]

MK: Chicthfens!!! Hahahahahahahaha.

BC: Whyth areth youth safing chicthfens liketh thath? Youth soufd rificulouth! Youth shoulfth profounfe ith Chicthfens!!! Chicthfens!!! Chicthfens!!! Chicthfens!!!
[Probable translation: Why are you saying chickens like that? You sound ridiculous! You should pronounce it Chickens!!! Chickens! Chickens! Chickens!]

{Momma laughs ...}

BC: Areth youth mafing funth foff meth?!?
[Probable translation: Are you making fun of me?!?]

{Momma laughs ...}

BC: Noth Ith knowth howth thef boyfth feelths whenth youth maketh funth foff himft.
[Probable translation: Now I know how The Boy feels when you make fun of him.]

MK: I don't make fun of him!

{More thumping around the carrier - sounding like popcorn popping}

MK: KNOCK IT OFF! CALM DOWN! We'll be home in a few minutes.


MK: Sheesh. I picked you up after your last surgery and I was sure you were dead you were so still. This time? You're all over the place. LITERALLY!

BC: Gifeth meth liferfy orf gifeth me deaf! Lofk meth afayth andeth tfrowth afayth theth keyth! Imth ath FAD foy! Thiseth craffer hafth sfeet fred!
[Probable translation: Give me liberty or give me death! Lock me away and throw away the key! I'm a BAD boy! This crapper has street cred!]

MK: Hahaha. Your street cred for crapping smells pretty foul.

BC: Whofth areth youth calfing foulth?!? Waif! Speafing foff foulth, whereth areth myth fowlth?
[Probable translation: Who are you calling foul?!? Wait! Speaking of foul, where are my fowl? My chickens are missing!]

MK: Bear ...

BC: I'm staffing! I hafenth eatden ninth fourth da ... EIGHTH MONFTHS!
[Probable translation: I'm starving! I haven't eaten in four da ... EIGHT MONTHS!]

MK: Bear, before the vet tech brought you out, she told me you ate almost an entire can of Feline Feast.

BC: Noth onfy isth the sheth stufidth, sheth ath liarth!
[Probable translation: Not only is she stupid, she's a liar!]

MK: Oh? Is that why you have food stuck in your whiskers? When I opened your carrier to point out that you have your pants, I saw the little bits stuck in your whiskers.

BC: Ith wath ramed!
[Probable translation: I was framed!]


BC: Imth hunfreyth. Ifth Ith hafth myth chicthfens ...
[Probable translation: I'm hungry. If I had my chickens ...]


BC: Whyth areth youth befing soth meaf tooth meth?
[Probable translation: Why are you being so mean to me?]

MK: Why are you being annoying?

BC: Imth ALFAYS affoying!
[Probable translation: I'm ALWAYS annoying!]

MK: And I'm ALWAYS mean.

BC: Huhth. Youth haveth ath foint.
[Probable translation: Huh. You have a point.]

MK: And you have two fewer points.

BC: Excufe meth?
[Probable translation: Excuse me?]

MK: The vet took out that pre-molar that caused the growth - but he found pockets around two of your fangs and so he extracted those too.

BC: Didth youth flirth fith fimeth?
[Probable translation: Did you flirt with him?]


BC: Didth youth bath yourf eyeths ath hifm? Giffle? Gife himth thaff annofing smilfe? Rolleth onth yourth bafk? Showth yourth belffy? {GASP} Isth hethh gofing tooth beth myth nefth Daffy?
[Probable translation: Did you bat your eyes at him? Giggle? Give him that annoying smile? Roll on your back? Show your belly? Is he going to be my new Daddy?]

MK: I'm not a cat!

BC: THAFT'S forth surfth!
[Probable translation: THAT'S for sure!]

MK: Are you okay with that?

BC: Width youth noth befing ath fat?
[Probable translation: With you not being a cat?]

MK: No. With you having two fewer points.

BC: WHATH?!?! Ith KNEWETH thaf veterifary denfist wasnth ath reafl veth! Ithfe beenth deth-fangth! Whaths neft? Youlf haveth meth de-flawfed?!
[Probable translation: WHAT?!?!? I KNEW that veterinary dentist wasn't a real vet! I've been de-fanged! What's next? You'll have me de-clawed?!]

MK: You know how I feel about that.

BC: Ith didenft bithe theth veth, didth Ith?! Ith wasth gooth, Ith promiff! Ifth myth teefth wereth remofed bethause theth veth saift Ith bith hif, heth lifed!
[Probable translation: I didn't bite the vet, did I? I was good, I promise! If my teeth were removed because the vet said I bit him, he lied!]

MK: Bear, your teeth were bad.

BC: BATH?!?! BATH!?!?!?! Myth teefth arenft BATH!
[Probable translation: Bad?!?! BAD?!?!? My teeth aren't bad!]

MK: No! I meant your teeth were DAMAGED and couldn't be saved.

BC: Whenth weth meth, peofle saidth youth wereth damagefth andth couldfnt beth safed! Ith worfth mifacules!
[Probable translation: When we met, people said YOU were damaged and couldn't be saved! I work miracles!]

MK: You have a point.

BC: Oth, cometh onth! I'veth stilff hafe myth clafs - ath leaft eifeeteen poinfts! Noth juft oneth poinft!
[Probable translation: Oh, come on! I still have my claws - at least eighteen points! Not just one point!]


BC: Myth poorf selfth-estheef ... Ith haveth onfyth fenfy poifts!
[Probable translation: My poor self-esteem ... I have only twenty points!]

MK: Erm ... correct that ... you only have nineteen points.

BC: WHATH?!? Myth lifeth asth ath bifert isth OFERT! Illth haveth tooth beth ath ziffy life Smelffie!
[Probable translation: WHAT?!?! My life as a biter is OVER! I'll have to be a sissy like Smellie! What will give life meaning if I can't bite?!?]

MK: Darn.

BC: Youth thinfk thiff isth fuffty?!?! Thiff isth ath nightfare! Life whenth youth broughft Smelffie hofm! Myth lifeth isth oferth!
[Probable translation:  YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY? This is a nightmare! Like when you brought Smellie home! My life is over!]

MK: Umm ... if your life was over when we brought Sm ... Ellie home, how is your life newly over now?


MK: What's that smell? BEAR?!?! Did you fart?

BC: NOTH! Myth bellfy isth sothe empfyth, youth canf hearth theth growfling.
[Probable translation: NO! My belly is so empty, you can hear the growling.]

MK: Oh, really? Because I didn't HEAR anything. Nope. This was gas.

BC: Haveth youth seefth myth chicthfens?
[Probable translation: Have you seen my chickens?]

MK: This is the longest car ride ever.

BC: Ith knowth! Youth wonth sthof talfing!
[Probable translation: I know! You won't stop talking!]

MK: ME?!?! I won't stop talking?!?!

BC: Youfllth payf forth steafing myth fangths: sofetife afferth Ith geth someth footh, taketh ath lofng naff andth theth goof stuffth wearfs offth. Marfth myth wordth: Youth willth payf.
[Probable translation: You'll pay for stealing my fangs: sometime after I get some food, take a long nap and the good stuff wears off. Mark my word: YOU WILL PAY.]

MK: I already DID pay! Today's visit cost another twelve hundred dollars in addition to your last dental surgery.

BC: ITH KNEFTH ITH! Youth faid thafth fafe denfist tooth stealfth myth teefth!
[Probable translation: I KNEW IT! You paid that fake dentist to steal my teeth!]

MK: Bear, I've brushed your teeth every day for fourteen years. Why in the HELL would I pay someone to remove them NOW when I took so much care to ensure you kept them?

BC: Youth wanft tooth sifence meth! Ith wobnth beeth keft dofn! {GASP} Whereth areth myth panfts?!?!
[Probable translation: You want to silence me! I won't be kept down! {GASP} Where are my pants?!?!?]

MK: Here we go again.

BC: Goff?!? Goff whereth, againth? Tooth geft theth reft foff myth teef refoved?
[Probable translation: Go?!? Go WHERE, again? To get the rest of my teeth removed?]

MK: To find your chickens.

BC: {GASP} Myth chicthfens areth miffingth tooth!
[Probable translation: My chickens are missing too!]

MK: I bet your chickens stole your pants.

BC: Ith knewth thofe chicthfens canft beeth trusffed! Orth, waith, could panfts stealeth chicthfens?
[Probable translation: I knew those chickens can't be trusted! Or, wait, could pants steal chickens?]

MK: No.

BC: Yourth fight. Panfts wouldth fut chicthfens ninth itsth poffets.
[Probable translation: You're right. Pants would put chickens in its pockets.]

MK: Just when I think the conversation can't get any weirder.

BC: Whyth areth weth stoffed?
[Probable translation: Why are we stopped?]

MK: We're not.

BC: Wyeth areth weth gofingth soth slowth?
[Probable translation: Why are we going so slow?]

MK: Traffic!

BC: Myth chicthfens couft ruff fafferth thanft thiff!
[Probable translation: My chickens could run faster than this!]

MK: Fine. Then let your chickens carry you.

BC: Donth befth rificifous. Ith lofth myth chicthfens, rememfer?!
[Probable translation: Don't be ridiculous. I lost my chickens, remember?]

MK: If I gave you two chickens, would you let them carry you home?

BC: Donth feeth rificifous. Chicthfens donth hafeth heeft life thiseth caft!
[Probable translation: Don't be ridiculous. Chickens don't have heat like this car.]


BC: Whafth?!? Wereth stoffed agaifen?!?! Isth thereth ath parafe orth somethfing?
[Probable translation: What?!? We're stopped AGAIN?!?! Is there a parade or something?]

[The passenger side door opens]

BC: AHFTH! Imth befing caft-naffed! HELF! HELF! Imth befing caft-naffed! HELF!!!!
[Probable translation: AH! I'm being cat-napped! Help! Help! I'm being cat-napped! HELP!!!!]

The Boy: Hi, BuddyBear! I'm going to carry you in!

BC: Daffy?!? {trying again} Ddddddddafthy?!? RAFTHS!
[Probable translation: Daddy?!? Daddy?!? RATS!]

The Boy: {tearing up} How sweet! Bear called me Daddy! Did you hear that, Kat? Bear called me daddy!

MK: TECHNICALLY, he called you daffy. Hahahahaha. 

BC: Blafe ith onth thefth paift mefifation! {To himself} Greath. Thiff dayth juft geths befferth and befferth.
[Probable translation: Blame it on the pain medication! Great. This day just gets better and better.]

The Boy: I love you too, Bear.

BC: LOFETH?!?! LOFETH?!? Whafts lofeth gofth tooth dooth wife ith?!? Imth figher thanth ath kife!
[Probable translation: LOVE?!?! LOVE?!?! What's love got to do with it? I'm higher than a kite!]

The Boy: Don't worry. I won't tell your Momma.

BC: Telfth herth whath?!? Thereths nuffink tooth telfth herth!
[Probable translation: Tell her what?!? There's nothing to tell her!]

The Boy: Wink wink.

BC: Whaths flong wifth yourth eyf?!?
[Probable translation: What's wrong with your eye?]

MK: {from the car} Ask him about the chickens!

The Boy: What chickens?

BC: Ifth loft myth chicthfens!
[Probable translation: I lost my chickens!]

The Boy: Ah. Your Momma's been making fun of you.

BC: YEFTH! EXFACTFY! Canth youth befiefth theth galfth foff thaft wofan?!
[Probable translation: YES! EXACTLY! Can you believe the gall of that woman?!

{Pause as The Boy bursts into laughter}

The Boy: Sorry! I tried so hard not to laugh!

BC: Whaff's wronth wiffth alf ofth youth?!?! Youth thinfth thisth isth funfy?!? Imth noth talfing tooth anyth ofth youth eferth againth!
[Probable translation: What's wrong with all of you? You think this is funny? I'm not talking to any of you ever again!]

MK: {following The Boy and Bear inside} Promise?

[Probable translation: F*** YOU!]

EM: BEAR! You're home! I was so worried about you! Are you okay? What did you do? Was it fun? I missed you and was really worried about you!

BC: Ugth. Goofth griefth.
[Probable translation: Ugh. Good grief.]

EM: Bear, why are you talking funny?

BC: Imth noth talfing funty!!! Youth allth areth craffy!
[Probably translation: I'm not talking funny!!! You all are crazy!]

EM: I don't know that language.

[Probable translation: OHHHHHHHHH! SHUT UP!]

EM: Fee moy rof dyth actreut. This is a fun game! Hahaha! I can talk funny like Bear and make no sense!

BC: Imth glarfthing ath allfth ofth youth righth noff!
[Probable translation: I'm glaring at all of you right now!]


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  1. I’m sorry Bear had to lose more teeth... and his pants and chickens. He will never lose his spirit!
    Hope he has recovered.

  2. Oh Bear bless your itty bitty kitty heart. I'm can surely sympathize as I too have frequent flyer miles at my dentist. Hugs to you, Ellie and Mom

    1. Are frequent flyer miles a thing at the dentist? Asking for a friend that would cash in his points to go on a tortie tour of North America ... ~Bear Cat

  3. Oh you poor boy. I hope you get plenty of make up chicken!

    1. I hope you meant REAL chicken to make up for the indignity ... not MADE UP chicken ... ~Bear Cat

  4. That got funnier and funnier and then wrapped up all touching. I’m sorry he had to lose more teeth. I get the fang marks thing.

    1. I'm always glad when we live up to our tagline of "humorous and touching tales!" I wish I did that more often.

  5. Poor you Bear. We sure hope you feel better soon pal and that you find your pants and your chickens. We love the photo of you and Daffy though!

    1. You too - making fun of my temporary speech impediment!? I won't be calling The Boy daffy or daddy ever again! ~Bear Cat

  6. Replies
    1. "Sweet?" Bear?!?!? Are you thinking of Bear, my brofur, or another bear somewhere?! ~Ellie Mae

  7. Bear! That was horrible!You have no teeth! By the way, I think your chickens are in the coop in the next yard over! They were cackling up a storm in the middle of the night.I thought I heard ...TABBY...Bear...Run... The tunnel is primed and ready! Marv

    1. Well, to be honest, I have one fang left and a smattering of other teeth. So I don't have NO TEETH ... though I wouldn't put it past my Momma to have the others removed FOR NO GOOD REASON. ~Bear Cat

  8. We're so sorry you had to lose so many teeth, Bear ! (And your chickens. And your stripe-y pants). We wish you a good recovery. Purrs

    1. On the plus side, I'm garnering a lot of sympathy pets and wet food ... ~Bear Cat

  9. Poor Bear. Sending you lots of purrs, love and hugs xx

  10. I hope you are feeling better and have found your stripey pants and chickens. I don't think you will be finding those fangs again though. I hope it stop that mass growing in your mouth now and you make a good recovery.

    1. Me too! I'm sick of wet food, pain medication and going to the vet! ~Bear Cat

  11. Poor Bear! My childhood cat Patch had *all* his teeth removed at once...I was just a kid but remember it well. Purrs and love from Mudpie and I for a full, complete recovery!

    1. Does Mudpie have a nurse's outfit?! If not, I have one she can borrow. ~Bear Cat

  12. Purrayers and POTP to Bear. Our Buzz had all his teeth out a couple of years ago.

  13. Poor Bear, I am sorry he needed more dental work. I am glad the growth was benign though. Praying you feel better soon. I bet the dentist is going to sell your teeth on ebay- celebrity cat teeth for sale. XO

    1. OH MY GOSH! You are so right! If I'd thought of selling my own teeth I'd have my flightless bird ranch by now! ~Bear Cat

  14. Oh, poor Bear! We are sorry you had to go through more of that dental drama. And you lost chickens and pants, too??? FULFF!

    Feel better soon. We're purring and praying for a speedy recovery. XO

    1. My Momma just spit out her beverage all over the computer screen at "FULFF!" I don't get what's so funny! ~Bear Cat

  15. Dear Bear... I feel yoor pain. Not weally me, but I'm twanslating for my brofur Jesse who losted all of his toofs to the Demon Monster Stomititis. Jesse is back to nomming just about anything, but told me he misses crunching kibble very much. I'm sincerely glad yoo are going to be better, despite yoor toof loss. I'm sending healing purrs in case yoo need them. Love, Dori

    1. Dori, my Momma needs some healing purrs too! I might only have one fang left ... but I know how to use it! Since I only have one fang left - I have to bite my Momma four times as much to get the same effect. I've learned a lot of new bad words recently! ~Bear Cat

  16. So sorry you had more dental work but it just means your mama is fully dedicated to you. Enjoy the new softer diet. I'm guessing tuna will be prominent.

    1. Ellie wishes! Bear isn't as big on tuna as his sister. He's a fan of variety and chicken!

  17. Sending healing thoughts to Bear.

    1. My Momma needs some healing thoughts too! I might only have one fang left ... but I know how to use it! ~Bear Cat

  18. Oh Bear, more dental work? I'm glad the missed canines were caught. Harley and Olive are missing a lot of teeth too. They send their love and hugs!

  19. AMARULA:Oh Bear!!! My poor brave boy! Send me any teeth they pulled so I can make a necklace!! You know I heard that the best way to keep your teeth in shape is by using them on other cats! Do you want me to send you Frodo?!?!

    1. No, THANKS! That's so ... umm ... KIND of you, but I have my mouth full with Smellie! ~Bear Cat

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  22. Another alien abduction. I myself have been abducted more than the number of all my toes. Mom says I was "wired" all night long when I came home from the last encounter earlier this year. The aliens must've given me and Bear the same cocktail. They seem fascinated with us, but who could blame them. Tee hee hee.

    1. As long as they always bring us back ... and we don't have to travel in a car. ~Bear Cat

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