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Welcome to News with Latte! For Latte, there is no such thing as personal space. If Latte can stick her nose in it, she will. She's got plenty of dirt to share from the last few weeks!

This week, I tried my paw at dating profile pictures. While Ellie said this is the worst dating profile picture ever, I would like to point out that Ellie has never had a boyfriend. Daddy said this profile picture looks a lot like the centerfolds in Bear's Viva La Tortie magazines. Of course, Daddy only reads Viva La Tortie magazines for the articles. 

#ouch #truth #toosexy

I discovered I am too ... err ... ZAFTIG to fit under the bed! Ellie told me I don't have to take having my claws clipped, so I made a run for it! But I can't fit under the bed now! I was screwed. SCREWED! Mani/pedi, my @$$!

Even worse, my Momma LAUGHED at my predicament. A 14-pound cat should fit under the bed. Just saying. I continue to argue that there's just more of me to love.

#claws #notfunny #fatty #likeMomma

Momma got her copies of the book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Lessons Learned from My Cat, which goes on sale February 14. The story of how Bear saved Momma's life is included in the book. Ellie, always the lover of boxes and paper, found a new bed right next to where Momma works. 

In a twist of fair play, Ellie used her new lair to get revenge on my tail. How rude. I just ignored her, and she got bored. 

#takethat #rudeness #nowondershedoesnthaveaboyfriend

I decided I'm tired of Momma waking me up to take my picture. Don't humans have anything better to do? I guess my Momma doesn't. She needs to get a life, ideally one that means she'll be home at my meal times.

#fourteenpounds #feedme #getalife

My Momma walked into the bathroom and turned on the light when I was CLEARLY busy! I made sure to give her my most stinky stink eye and stare at her, but she didn't take the hint and proceeded to use the facilities. She didn't even bother to think she might be interrupting something important! Clearly, my need for the mirror is less important than her need for the facilities.

#rude #goodgrief #bossy #ifeelpretty

I gave Momma some extra love, and of course, Ellie had to be a copycat.

#takingturns #love #kids

And Momma walked into her room to find the following. She squealed so loudly that Daddy came running to make sure everything was okay. Ha! Momma is NOT okay. You'd think he'd know that by now!

Ellie Mae: "Damnit, Latte! I told you to run!"
Latte: "No! You said PUN! I was thinking of a pun!"

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  1. Living with humans is tough, kitties...but they have thumbs to open cat food cans, so there is that.

  2. It is for sure snuggling weather every where.
    If Angel Madi was here she'd day humans are a work in progress, training should happen daily. If you miss a day,
    training must start all over.
    Hugs cecilia

  3. Replies
    1. Don't rub it in. Next time Latte will get a claw in the ass to make her move. ~Ellie Mae

  4. Dear Latte, I agree with yoo regarding mani-pedis. I am thinking of getting a restwaining odor to stop further torment. As for laffing at yoor booty not being able to get under the bed... I ask yoo - when was the last time yoo saw her get under the bed? And finally, while the cuddling with yoor sisfur is adorable and makes yoor meowmy squeal, don't gt too comfortapurr. From experience I can assure yoo that sisfurs can be nice one moment, and the next they're smacking yoor bottom and eating yoor noms. Have a wonderpurr day. Love, Dori

    1. The good news is that Ellie couldn't steal my food even if she wants to. My body size has it's benefits! ~Latte

  5. Congrats to your momma for getting her story published in The Chicken Soup book. And don't worry Latte, it is your winter coat making you not fit under the bed

  6. Latte dear, you do know that the older beds get the lower they are to the floor, it's the bed, not you!

    1. Ellie told me that maybe it shrunk in the dryer ... But she still fits. ~Latte

  7. Latte, you're gonna get a lot of swiping right from the boycats with that profile pic!

  8. Darn it. What the heck kind of bed is that? Beds are for going under, aren't they???

  9. Bravo on getting your story published-that's just pawsome. Welp...I know exactly about that whole not fitting under the bed thing. Clearly Christmas goodies were far more plentiful than I thought.

    1. Hahaha. Fortunately us humans only have to worry about how much the dryer shrunk our clothes.

  10. Latte, Ellie has never had a boyfriend?!? Do you mean like one she's met in person (in cat)? Because Woodrow would beg to differ...

    1. REALLY?!?!? REALLY!?!? This is THE BEST DAY EVER! ~Ellie Mae

  11. hairballsandhissyfits.comFebruary 3, 2023 at 4:36 PM

    AMARULA: All 14 pounds of you looks gorgeous Latte--there is just more of you to love!

  12. Love all the precious kitties. Cats are just the best.


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