Come out and play

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - Come out and play:

MK: Hi, Bear.

BC: What are you doing?
MK: Picking up your toys.
BC: That's what I thought! I'm ready to play!
MK: No. I'm picking them up so I can vacuum.

BC: But ... but ... I heard you playing with my toys! I want to play!
MK: Bear ...
BC: It's cruel to play with them and then not allow me to play with them!
MK: Bear, I'm picking them up to vacuum. I wasn't PLAYING with them.
BC: Could've fooled me!
MK: {sigh}.
BC: Can we play?
MK: Bear ...

BC: I want to play!
MK: Bear, I'm trying to get ready for company!
BC: What company? A tasty whole chicken company?
MK: No. Not company as in corporation ... company as in visitor.

BC: Ooooh. Is the visitor a tasty whole chicken?
MK: {sigh}. No.
MK: Not everything is about you.

BC: What?!?! It's not? Then what's it about?
MK: Ummm ... err ... a whole world of people?
BC: And cats.
MK: Well, yes, I suppose cats are included too.
BC: Hmph. Cats aren't a "too," we are the main event. You humans are "too."
MK: Sure.
BC: Where are you putting my favorite mousie?
MK: I'm putting it up for only a few minutes so I can vacuum.
BC: But that's my favorite mousie!
MK: Bear, you were sleeping on my bed ten minutes ago. I think you can live without mousie for a few minutes.
BC: But ... but ... I need my mousie!
MK: Okay. Here.
BC: What are you doing with my paper?
MK: I'm trying to pick up everything so I can vacuum, Bear!
BC: But I want to play with mousie in the paper!
MK: You can play all you want when I'm done vacuuming.
BC: But ... but ... 
MK: Bear, you were sleeping just a few minutes ago, it's not like you can't live without your toys for a few minutes!
BC: Wait!!! What are you doing with my kitty?
MK: Oh, for crying ... Bear ...
BC: I want to play with kitty! 
BC: WAIT!!! That's my teddy bear! I want my teddy bear too!
MK: BEAR! I'm going to vacuum and then you can have all your toys back ... I promise. You're not really helping here.
BC: But those are my toys! And I'm not trying to HELP. I just want my toys! You're trying to steal my toys!
MK: {sigh} Fine. Play.
{Momma gets the vacuum out}
BC: What the (BLEEP)!!!! (BLEEP) the (BLEEP)ing (BLEEP) (BLEEP)! Why's the devil here?!?!? Is that what you meant by a visitor? 
MK: Bear ...
BC: You're fraternizing with the enemy! BYE! I'll be under the bed. {Eyeing the vacuum} But don't tell HIM.
MK: {sigh}. You forgot your toys that you couldn't live without five minutes ago!
BC: (BLEEP) that! I'm getting out of here! Every cat and toy for himself! I'm not coming out until that THING is put away. And when I come out, I'm going to double check that every toy is still here! Or ELSE! I don't trust HIM ... I bet he'd love to steal my toys!
MK: What are you going to do if one of your toys is missing?
BC: I'll ... I'll ... make you get it back!
MK: Why am I not surprised?

Pictures of the Day:
Bear's pretty handsome, isn't he? Of course, he knows it too!

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  1. That vacuum thing is definitely scary, Bear. It certainly scatters my cats - they go running for cover!

  2. Replies
    1. Re: your comment on my blog. It sounds like Seth aka Bummy who used to live on our floor moved into your place. The peeps never had a problem with hi but everyone else did. His mother owned the condo but moved to Europe and left him here. He didn't have a dog but used to spit out of the window. He also used to dumpster dive and bring everything home. I actually wrote 2 posts about him. This one shows his apartment.

    2. I know what it's like to live through this! I refuse to use my cat tree anymore because the guy above us has his stereo right there. My Momma's trying to figure where to move it so I can enjoy it again. When there are parties up there, there are no quiet spots and I end up under the bed. Not to mention the smell and barking of the dog up there that scares me. Don't tell anyone about the fear thing though. I was homeless when my Momma found me and I like to act tough, but when your home turns into a war zone (even by extension), there's no peace! ~Bear Cat

  3. That is so not right, Bear. That sucky monster is definitely scary. And right when you were all set to play. :(

  4. Best put your paws down now on this cleaning thing, else before you know it your peep will have banned Post-it notes and those tasty chickens will be a mere fond memory. purrs ERin PS have you thought of having a separate room, just so peep can play with the vacuum?

    1. Good points, Erin! What I don't understand is why she'd play with the vacuum when she has me?!?! Talk about no appreciation!

  5. Why is that beast allowed in the house if it steals cat toys? That is not right. You are very handsome Bear.

  6. Replies
    1. They did ... this time. Still keeping my eye on the vacuum though.

  7. Make sure the rug sucking monster doesn't steal your blue mousy, Bear.

    1. He's my favorite because he's got sparklies! Every cat needs sparklies! ~Bear Cat

  8. Bear you are so adorable!!!! Tell that evil vacuum to leave your toys alone!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody


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