The no name game

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - The no name game (The name game - part 2):

MK: Well, the reaction to yesterday's post was interesting.
BC: Hmph. One person commented on my "drama." But you started this whole name thing! 
MK: Bear, all I said was that the desk chair didn't have your name on it.
BC: EXACTLY! You started it! People clearly don't understand how things work around here. Including you. 
MK: You mean that you're the boss and everything is yours.
BC: And yet you argue with me.
MK: I just think we can share. And everything can't be yours.
BC: Not EVERYTHING is mine. I take what I want and the rest is yours.
MK: Oh?
BC: The shredder isn't mine. It's loud and obnoxious ... hmmm, not unlike you ... and besides, I'm available for all your shredding needs and I'm cute! 
MK: You can't just ... where did you get more post-its?
BC: And the toothbrush you use on me ... the acne pads you use to clean my chin, the toothpaste, and the claw clippers .... NOT MINE!
MK: Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you can claim it's not yours and therefore be done with it ...
BC: And then there are these cat treats you got from the conference. Yuck. NOT mine.
MK: I'm sure a starving cat like you used to be would enjoy ....
BC: Then YOU eat them!
MK: Ummm ... no. 
BC: No Dust Buster. No vacuum. NOT mine. EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!

MK: Oh, now THIS is ridiculous! You disown everything that scares you?
BC: I'm not SCARED. Bear Cat doesn't get SCARED. I just don't LIKE them.
MK: Sure. That's EXACTLY what's ...
BC: These don't scare me!
MK: No. Those are the toys you refuse to play with. I don't even know why I bother trying to give you nice toys because you always manage to find something of mine to play with instead. But you are scared of this one ...
BC: I don't know what you're talking about!
MK: Bear, it comes in your direction and you run. So much for giving you exercise.
BC: Hmph. I don't see you exercising!
BC: Plastic bags are evil!
MK: Yeah, somehow I don't think the plastic bag was the problem ... as I remember there was a jumpy cat whose curiosity got the best of him. Something like this ...
BC: (BLEEP)! I keep forgetting that even though I destroyed the pictures that you scanned them into the computer first!
MK: Bear, why is there a note on Kitty's picture?
BC: Hmph. Like you need pictures of other cats when you have me. Which reminds me ...
MK: The camera? You've run off with it because of the strap just as often as you've run off with my bras and drawstring pants!
BC: But the rest of the time it's annoying. Which reminds me .. someone commented that I didn't need a bra to play with ... but I DEFINITELY think pink is my color. Very flattering! NOT that I'm thinking of wearing it ... I'm just saying that if I did, pink suits me. But back to the evil camera ... you're lucky you keep the lid down on the toilet because otherwise ...
MK: Why is there a note in the bathtub?

BC: I don't do baths.
MK: Fair enough. And the stereo?
BC: I have to listen to YOUR music! Not that I mind chewing on the cords to make it stop ... but when you start singing I just want to ...
BC: Well, the desk chair IS mine ... so I guess you need somewhere to sit too, right?
MK: What's wrong with the candle?
BC: It smells funny.
MK: Says the cat whose litter box makes the candle necessary ...
MK: So now you disown whatever you don't like? Most cats like boxes you know! And that cat cave I made you is pretty cool.
BC: Then YOU use it.
MK: I'm surprised you haven't disowned the carrier.
BC: Did you check?
MK: {sigh} Of course. Though it also has the sticker with your name on it that the vet put on there.
MK: You marked the tape?
BC: It likes to stick to my fur!
MK: And yet you used post-it notes?
BC: Well ... umm ...  
MK: And it looks like you used tape on this one too! So is the tape yours or not?
BC: Sheesh, Momma! You act like everything has to be mine or not mine! Live a little! There's a lot of gray area!
MK: Great. Then you don't mind me sitting in my desk chair.
BC: Oh, sure. Everything is YOURS. Bear Cat gets NOTHING.
MK: Says the cat that used an entire pad of post-its to label what was his and what wasn't his.
BC: I don't know what you're talking about.

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  1. I say, Bear, if I'd known you liked pink I could've sent you pink Post-It notes to use, that way not only would things not be yours, but they'd not be yours in a fashionable you, not yours kind of way. PS definitely something fishy about those treats, but try as I might I couldn't get peep to eat one, even dipped in cream! purrs ERin

    1. "Something fishy about those treats." Oh, Erin. That had us on the floor laughing!

  2. Well now Bear, guess dat's one way to do it. Altho' you're missin' out on a lot of fun, with dat shower and tub not bein' yours and all. You know what's really fun? Me's sis Lexi taught me this one. When da mommy be good and asleep, ya' jump in da tub and get up on da side and start pawin' at da shower curtain with all ya' got. It makes a racket like no other and mommy's wake up really fast. And ifin ya' meow at da same time, ya' know dat low catterwall...well....As fur those treats, we haven't tried anythin' from dat company dat we like. When me was a kitten mommy fooled me and me ate their food and said me liked it, but since me grew up, dat's been a big fat NO. Only doggies like dat stuffs. Anyways, hope ya'll are havin' a great day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't like those treats. They smell great but eww. Though they did attract tasty whole ants ... ;) I'm going to try the shower curtain trick ASAP. ~Bear Cat

  3. This is a great idea -I am going to try this. I will mark the treadmill and all our bills as not mine :)We won some of those treats and they are horrid, I am pretty sure starving cats on the street wouldn't even want them.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that didn't like those treats. They smell great but eww. Though they did attract ants ... ;) ~Bear Cat

  4. You are too clever for words, Bear! Now the question is...who's going to have to go through your house and remove all the post-its??? ;)

    1. I have a feeling they might "disappear" without a trace :) ~Momma

  5. Technically speaking, since the house doesn't have his name on it .... No, no. Just kidding. I wouldn't want to give him any ideas :)

  6. Bear, seems like the only thing that's yours are the post-it notes!

  7. I think you left your momma plenty of stuff to claim as her own.

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