The picture wars

With the blog, Momma takes a RIDICULOUS amount of pictures.  And as she's gotten SLIGHTLY more confident in her picture-taking and picture-editing skills, more and more pictures are being taken AND used. For every picture our readers see, there are easily a hundred that you don't. Today, Bear and I have a battle where our evidence is pictures. The links to specific incidents pictured are included in the dialogue if you missed any of the related posts. Enjoy. 

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - The picture wars:

MK: Hi, Bear.
BC: {jumping on the table} Hi!

MK: What?

MK: This game again?
BC: {jumping in Momma's lap} What are you doing?
MK: Reading an article.
BC: Why?
MK: Because I want to.
BC: {putting his nose to Momma's nose} Why?
MK: I don't know.
BC: This might be a good time for a few of those salmon treats.
MK: I gave you your wet food treat an hour ago.
BC: Exactly. 
MK: I don't normally give you treats after your wet food treat.
BC: You did in these cases ...

MK: Because I needed the pictures for a post. The first one is from Momma's revenge and the second is from The line-up. See?

BC: So take pictures for another post and bribe me.
MK: No.
BC: Since I had my wet food treat, I'm ready for dessert.
MK: Treats don't come with dessert.
BC: Why?
MK: They don't.
MK: Because I said so.
BC: Well THAT seems like a crappy reason.
MK: Tough.
BC: I want salmon treats.
MK: No.
BC: Chicken treats?
MK: Bear, this isn't a negotiation.
BC: Why not?
MK: Because I'm the adult here.
BC: Technically, I'm older than you. Ten in cat years ...
MK: Are you trying to annoy me? Like these times?

BC: Who's the annoying one?

MK: I'm the boss.
BC: Well, THAT'S debatable. When this happened, I pretty much looked like the boss.

MK: What about these times when you got bested by a box of papers and a soda bottle?

BC: And this ... I owned the conference swag!
BC: HEY! There was CATNIP in there!
MK: Yeah. I remember the resulting catnip habit. Who looked like the boss in this one?
BC: HEY! I'm rocking that chair ... as inferior as it is. You forgot that this was your view.
BC: It's not my fault your butt is bigger than my entire body!
BC: Uh oh.
MK: I'm the parental figure.
BC: You mean the tyrant-ial figure?
MK: That's not a word. And besides ... your signs were rather tyrannical.
MK: And who can forget your little "I'm too sexy" show?
BC: Haha. Nothing about me is "little!" Besides, I wasn't so sexy when I lacked sexy pens ...
MK: Poor you.
BC: FINE. Then you're a harridan!
MK: Now I'm old? You said in cat years you're older, so ...
BC: I err ... err ... I HATE YOU!
MK: Oh?
BC: I'm not talking to you Ms. Know-it-all.
BC: Umm ... Momma?!?
MK: Hang on a second, Bear! 

MK: Bear. Not this game again, okay?
BC: Maybe you should watch what you're doing?
MK: Just hold on ... I'm in the middle of reading this article and screwing on the cap of the soda bottle.
BC: Maybe it's just me, but look at the cap, Momma!
MK: Yeah ... just a minute ... almost ... GRRRRRR.
BC: {snickering} I told you!
MK: Oh .... crap. You could've told me there was already a cap on the bottle.
BC: I tried! You said you were too busy to listen!
MK: I find it interesting the dichotomy between what you listen to and what you choose NOT to listen to.
BC: I hear it all as "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." I wish the kitty gods would create a silent lap. 
MK: Bear ...
BC: That was ALMOST as funny as the time you looked for the cap to my toothpaste for fifteen minutes before you realized you'd already screwed in back on. 
MK: If you don't have a picture of it, it never happened.

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  1. MOL! Bear Cat, you may not want to insult the human while trying to get treats from her....we find that staring our human down usually works pretty well.

  2. Aaaaaaaaw Bear we luv seein' your handsumness. Mommy takes hundreds of hundreds of fotos fur one or two good ones. MOL Everytime she loads them into da catputer she complains 'bout havin' more than 3 rolls of film with room left on da cawrd, whatever dat means. We're glad your mommy's gettin' more confident in her abilities. Hope ya'll have a great day. Big hugs all 'round.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. It used to take Momma YEARS to fill the card ... now it takes WEEKS. Sending you ladies our love :) ~Bear Cat

  3. I love your photos of you with the crowns on- so cute :) XO

    1. Thank you! Two of our friends did them for us since my Momma's so mean and won't give me a REAL tiara. ~Bear Cat

  4. Bear, we think you have proven that you are the Boss. Well, next to Bruce, of course. ;)

  5. Rosie is most impressed with sitting on the keyboard technique. She prefers to walk across the keyboard kind of like a treadmill. She says it helps her keep up her girlish figure.

    1. Bear's impressed too ... Rosie is clearly onto something ;)

  6. Sometimes photographic evidence can be helpful, other times it can come back to bite you ;)

  7. Bear is the boss, but you are the one with the thumbs.

  8. tell Mom to stop by our blog on might be right up her alley!!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  9. Well, well, well, it turns out all that picture taking was to your benefit after all!


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