How to get to ... {Part 2}

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

How to get to ... {Part 1}, The cat's path to healing: How to get to ...

Daily conversation - How to get to ... {Part 2, the non-cat, BORING path to healing}:
BC: All right, Momma. Time to get to work. Dice dice.
MK: Excuse me?
BC: Mince mince?
MK: Chop chop?
MK: What?
BC: Is it a tasty whole chicken chop? A lamb chop? Or one of each? HUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH?
MK: BEAR! OUT of my face!
BC: Where's my chop chop?
MK: Bear, being only HALF in my face is still being IN MY FACE!
BC: Come on, Momma. Time is tasty whole chickens!
MK: Money!
BC: Stop changing the subject!
MK: No, you're muffing up the terms!
BC: I'm not STUPID! I know my wit!
MK: You mean you know your (BLEEP)!
BC: That's what I said!
MK: You know what? Never mind.
BC: Let's get to work.
MK: US? I'm the one doing the work! You just keep telling me I'm doing it wrong!
BC: Phht. A map is meant to be PRECISE, Momma. You wouldn't want a map with an error in it, now would you? You'd still be lost!
MK: {sigh} I have to give you that one.
BC: A chop?
MK: A chop WHAT?
BC: You said you have to give me one! And earlier you mentioned chops! I want a chop!
MK: I need ibuprofen.
BC: You have a headache AGAIN? You act like you have STRESS or something!
MK: No. I don't have STRESS ... I have a CAT.
BC: Is it state the obvious day? Besides, you don't HAVE me. I CHOOSE to be here.
BC: Sheesh, are you TOUCHY today! Let's get you on the road to happy!
MK: {sigh} Okay.
BC: You can't be passive in life, Momma. You have to take the bull by the balls!
MK: {laughing} Horns?
MK: Never mind. Tough crowd tonight.
BC: {sigh} At least I only have ONE human ... I can't imagine those poor cats with MORE THAN ONE!
MK: Haha.
BC: Laugh.
MK: What?
BC: You laughed. It made you smile. Add laugh to the map.
MK: Oh. Good point.
BC: You like creating stuff, right?
MK: Well, I mean blogging kind of IS creating stuff ...
BC: Of course, I make it EASY since I'm so awesome. I mean, you mostly just have to stick with the truth. So what else makes you happy?
BC: {AHEM!!!!}
MK: What? Why are you staring at me?
MK: Oh. You.
BC: "Oh. You." NICE, Momma! Really nice!
MK: Come here, cuddle bug.
BC: NO! NO! Don't touch me!
MK: I'm sorry, Bear. I didn't mean it like that.
BC: Hmph. BITE ME!
MK: Please? I have some ear rubs at my disposal.
BC: FINE! But ONLY because YOU need ME!

MK: Yep. Definitely add Bear cuddles to the map.
BC: PURRRRRRR. I AM pretty fantastic. I should charge for my services! Bear Cat Kat, psy-cat-atrist. Or no! I could be bottled up and sold! I'd be rich!
MK: {AHEM}. Being bottled up means being trapped in a space smaller than your carrier.
BC: It sounded better in my head.
MK: You might be the expert at destruction, but you fix everything.
BC: OBVIOUSLY. There's A LOT to fix when it comes to you! My work is never done!

BC: But I also know our friends have helped you too. All those people who e-mailed or messaged or posted stuff on your Facebook page or commented or told you the things you already know but needed reinforcing or offered to deal with HIM, the Boy who shall remain nameless ...
MK: You're right, Bear. I'm VERY, VERY lucky to be supported by so many wonderful people.
BC: Of course, they only stick around for me. I mean I AM this blog. I'm sure all those people realize that if you're not okay, I might go a day without food ... or {GASP} not have my litter box scooped for a day. HORRORS! I wouldn't survive! Thus, by helping you, they ensure that I live in the relative comfort to which I'm accustomed.
MK: Our friends, Critters in the Cottage, came up with the idea of making a list of things I love to do and then checking something off the list each day. I'm going to add that to the map!
MK: Hmmm ... all this talking about what makes me happy made me realize how blessed I am. I am VERY lucky to still be able to laugh, and have you, and have all the friends that mean so much to us.
MK: And THAT makes it easier to forgive and accept where I've found myself. This isn't the path I'd have chosen - or the path I would've liked - but I'm happy with all the things and people I do have. I don't need a guy to validate my worth when I see my life demonstrating it daily.
BC: {sigh} It's ABOUT TIME you figured this all out! Well, it looks like my job is done here. It's time for a ...
BC: Oops. I get these IMPULSES. I see paper and I think CLAWS! I think SHRED!
MK: All that work just for you to shred my map?!?!?
BC: You're welcome. Sheesh. Your map reading skills could use some help too. By decimating the map, you won't feel inferior when you get lost again.
MK: Ummm ... thanks ... I think?!?!?!
BC: Map time is over ... nap time is now!

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  1. Good job, Bear. Sounds like the map has shown peep where you are and what to do, now you both must forge ahead and go where YOU want to go. Now I understand tasty Chicken farms are IN this year, have you thought of a vacation for you both? purrs ERin

  2. Aaaaaaaaaw Dat's pawsum fur both of ya'. As always Bear you look totally adorable and handsum. We're so glad your mommy's feelin' better. Everyday befur we eat brekky, dinner and got to sleep, mommy makes us list at least one blessing dat we be fankful fur. And we can't use da same one each time. No matter what else is goin' on, we are blest. And, mommy sometimes has too much time on her hands. MOL Keepin' ya'll in our purrayers. Big hugs to both of ya'. Have a great weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  3. Bear, it sounds like your Momma is feeling better and I think she has you to partially thank for that. Yes, I said partially. :-) Although, I'm sure you're a BIG part of that partially. I'm just glad that she's starting to feel better! I hope you both have a wonderful weekend and keep working on (and repairing) that map.

    1. Sheesh. What's a cat got to do to get a weekend off around here? ~Bear Cat

  4. That is a wonderful map! Happy healings!

  5. It sounds like your Momma is starting to feel a little better. (You made her chuckle!) How could she not with you around, Bear?

    1. I AM handsome. And better than boys too! Or human boys anyway. ~Bear Cat

  6. That's a great map. It really says something how much more direct a cat's path is than a human's. The humans can learn something from us, can't they, Bear?

  7. The Critters in the Cottage are very wise and I like their idea a lot. Might try to do that myself. I love the map, too!

  8. I am glad your Mom is starting to feel better.

  9. Bear, you have been a huge help to your Momma. We're glad she's feeling better.


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