Sniff me

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - Sniff me:
BC: Where were YOU? You were gone ALL WEEKEND.
MK: I was …
BC: {narrowing his eyes} Were you with THE BOY?
MK: What?
MK: Yes, I’m familiar with who you’re talking about.
BC: Were you with him?
MK: I saw my niece and nephew.
BC: Don’t lie to me!
MK: Sniff me.
BC: What?!?!? Why would I want to do that? Did you hit your head?
MK: You smelled him before. Do I smell like him?
MK: HEY! I do not! My nephew said I smell good!
BC: He lied. Unless he LIKES the smell of dirty socks.
MK: I do NOT smell like dirty socks. When have you smelled dirty socks?
BC: I ASSUME the smell is dirty socks.
MK: This from the cat that loves the smell of fish and thinks mint smells bad.
BC: Fish is the mint of the cat world.
MK: Eww.
BC: If you want to kiss a lady cat, your breath must smell like fish.
MK: When have you ever kissed a lady cat?
BC: A gentlecat never kisses and tells.
MK: Which is convenient when the gentlecat doesn’t kiss lady cats.
BC: What do you know?
MK: When have you even gotten close to another cat in the past 10 years? I mean without howling and being ridiculous.
BC: There was Kitty! We necked!
MK: Bear, you bit her on the scruff of the neck to assert dominance. That's not necking.
BC: I … you … you’re PICKING on me!
MK: It’s not PICKING on you to state the truth!
MK: Bear ... you were a year old ... Kitty was fifteen and not feeling so hot. Not to mention she would've given you anything just to leave her alone.
BC: What do you know? She WANTED me. She wanted me so badly it scared her! I tell you ... we were NECKING.
MK: Biting someone on the neck is not necking!
BC: Oh, so NOW you're the relationship expert? 
MK: Umm ... okay. That's a good point. 
BC: Are you CRYING!?!? AGAIN!?!
MK: Bear ... I'm sorry ... I just can't.
BC: I was KIDDING! I didn't mean to bring up all your pain about you not being good enough and lovable and all that again! Stop crying! PLEASE!?!?! I love you, Momma! Boys are just stupid! It doesn't have anything to do with you! Err ... or at least not mostly. I mean, you're certainly not perfect, but ...
MK: Bear, I just can't okay?
BC: Come here, Momma. You can hold me for however long you want, okay? I love you, Momma. Please stop crying!
MK: I love you too {choking back a sob}, Bug.
BC: Umm ... I meant you can hold me until my wet food treat time. 

Picture of the Day:
Yes. Bear IS biting the couch. Why? Good question.

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  1. Aww, Bear, you do love your Momma. Give her lots of extra hug time right now. She IS good enough, more than good enough, and I hope she knows that. Now, why are you biting the couch?

  2. Kiss and claw and tell is just not the done thing, stick to your guns, Bear, they cant prove anything. OK so the picture is a bit telling but it's all down to interpretation, yopu were stretching your jaw and the sofa just happened to get in the way. Simple really. purrs ERin PS your peep needn't sob, the other party who shall not be named, is just not worth the tears.

    1. "the other party who shall not be named, is just not worth the tears." That's what I've been telling her!!! And the sofa got in my way as I yawned ;) ~Bear Cat

  3. Your such a sweet boy, Bear. Now about this Kitty...Mudpie wants to know if she should be jealous???

    1. OF COURSE NOT! She crossed the rainbow bridge 9 years ago and she hated me besides. ~Bear Cat

  4. Bear, are you having a bite of a couch potato?

    1. You always crack us up!!! "Couch potato!" Do they make couch tunas? ~Bear Cat


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