Incatnating Bear

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat

Daily conversation - Incatnating Bear:
MK: BEAR! For real?
BC: What’s your problem? Emphasis on the “YOUR.”
MK: Why is your food bowl in a different room?
BC: Because it doesn’t belong in this room.
MK: {sigh} I’m aware. I wasn’t referring to it being IN this room or in a different room than the one we are having this conversation in. Let me rephrase that … Why isn’t your food bowl in the room in which it belongs?
BC: Gary and Larry.
MK: The aliens?
BC: Do you know a different Gary and Larry?
MK: Technically, I don’t know THIS Gary and Larry other than that you blame them for everything that you don’t want to take responsibility for.
BC: Gary and Larry sold me into slavery.
MK: What?
BC: {sigh} The kitten you fell in love with.
MK: I’m sorry, but WHAT?
BC: Gary and Larry incatnated me as a kitten. You fed the kitten and it was the kitten that was more interested in your love than the food. Then they tricked me into showing up so I was the cat you brought inside.
MK: And why would they incatnate you?
BC: Because I was onto their scheme to take over the world.
MK: So you’re here against your will?
BC: Isn’t that obvious? Now Gary and Larry can run around executing their schemes without me being able to stop them.
MK: It’s been ten years.
BC: It was a long range plan.
MK: Why would Gary and Larry continue to mess with you if you’re finally out of their way?
BC: If you don’t understand, I can’t explain it to you.
MK: So everything I don’t like that happens around here is Gary and Larry’s fault?
MK: Bear?
BC: What?
MK: I asked you if everything that happens around here is Gary and Larry’s fault.
BC: That was a question?
MK: Well, if you don’t want to be here, I love you enough to let you go.
BC: Wait, what? Go WHERE? Go WHY?
MK: You said Gary and Larry tricked us both and you weren’t the sweetheart cat I fell in love with.
BC: Affirmative.
MK: You’re free.
BC: How INSULTING! I’m valuable!
MK: No. I meant you’re free to leave.
BC: Are you trying to get rid of me?
MK: I thought you didn’t want to be here?
BC: I don’t know.
MK: Okay.
BC: But, but … if I go out THERE, I’ll have to forage for food! I’ll be vulnerable to the elements! I’ll be homeless and loveless.
MK: Then thank Gary and Larry for helping you find a home.
BC: Gary and Larry?
MK: The aliens.
BC: Don’t be ridiculous … aliens, err … wouldn’t choose human names for themselves.
MK: So then how did your food bowl get in a different room?
BC: Because it doesn’t belong in this room.
MK: {sigh} Let me rephrase that … Why isn’t your food bowl in the room in which it belongs?
BC: Isn’t that like asking, the fishy or the treat?
MK: Huh?
BC: The feline version of “the chicken or the egg.”
MK: No, it’s really not.
BC: Not what?
MK: ANY kind of version of the chicken or the egg. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
BC: How should I know whether the chicken or the egg came first? I’m referring to the quintessential feline question … would you rather have the fishy or the fishy treat? Essentially unanswerable given both are available. Your human version, asked in various intellectual circles, is: "W
ould you rather have the chicken or the egg?"
MK: I’m sorry I asked.
BC: Aren’t you usually?
MK: {sigh}. I quit.
BC: QUIT? QUIT? And you call yourself a cat? CATS don't quit.
MK: Actually, it’s KAT …
BC: You incatnate too.

MK: InKATnate.
BC: Whatever-nate.
MK: I learned it from Gary and Larry.
BC: They are busy aliens ... always destroying stuff and causing mischief.

MK: So I hear.

Pictures of the Day:
Momma was gone for a few days ... but Bear's happy she's home now (mostly).

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  1. Busy, destructive aliens can be very good "fall guys" Bear! Well done! You look very handsome in your photos :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I should teach a class on 'fall guys!' I never get tired of hearing how handsome I am :) ~Bear Cat

  2. HOLY CAT, you were sold into SLAVERY!?!??! For REALZ??? ~ Faraday

    1. I know! These humans and aliens are in cahoots! All felines are in danger ... with the exception of Maxwell maybe ... he's just a suck up!

  3. I bet you missed your Momma a lot. You are very handsome- I love tabby cats. Well, I love all cats, but my first cat was a tabby so I have a special place in my heart for them.

    1. I did miss her. When she's not here, I don't get my wet food treat! Okay, okay. I love her too, but don't tell her that - she'll get a big head and then nothing will go my way!

  4. Those aliens are up to NO GOOD! The next time you see them moving your bowl, you should catch them and knock them around a little just for fun. You know, like the way you would if they were catnip toys.

    1. If they touch my food, I'll KILL them! You just don't mess with a cat's food!

  5. Aaaaaaaaw We know you luv your mommy Bear. It's just sometimes ya' gotta keep 'em on their toes by keepin' 'em guessin', right? MOL Great fotos.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  6. Gary and Larry are strange names for aliens. But then again, aliens are strange. 'Specially ones that move your food bowl.

  7. Gosh, I thought we were the only ones who had little aliens moving bowls (and our assistant's shoes) from room to room. Do you think Gary and Larry are any relation to Carrie and Sherry? I think there might just be a whole nation of aliens out there moving stuff around to drive the humans crazy.

    1. Now why didn't I get girl aliens? Male ... female ... they just want to get us in trouble!

  8. "It was a long range plan." MOL! I wonder how that plan is working out... :-)

    1. I'm thinking with the presidential candidates this season, it's possible the aliens' plan is about to come to its conclusion. Once they get one of them into the White House ... that's why everyone must vote Oliver and Olive!!!

  9. OooHhhh! Its Larry and Gary!?! Mes thought their names was Frick and Frack!!
    Great shots of yous Bear...Mes would catnap yous too!

  10. Hmmmm...don't think I would wanna have some aliens, or anybody messin' with my special pedestal food bowl. And I like it right where it belongs, close that ice box that keeps my raw chikhen nice and fresh. Best be careful Bear buddy, those aliens could put that bowl someplace where the food service girl can't get to

    1. These aliens are super smart ... they move my food bowl where Momma can't miss it (and would trip over it if she didn't pay attention). You'd think my food bowl would always be full ... but just yesterday, it was 10% empty!!! That food service girl is slipping! A cat should never have more than 5% empty! ~Bear Cat


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