Ellie learns to snuggle [kind of]

Ellie's new to snuggling and Bear and Momma try to catch her up. Of course, things don't go exactly as planned; it is our house after all!

BC: Bear Cat Kat
MK: Momma Kat 
EM: Ellie Mae Kat 
The Boy: Momma's fiance 

MK: Ahhh. Feels good to finally put my feet up and ...
BC: Wha?
EM: {on the side of the loveseat} [AHEM].
MK: Hi, Ellie.
EM: Ummm ... what are you doing?
MK: I'm about to take a nap.
BC: {running in to the room} Nap? Snuggle time?! I'm here, Momma! Your handsome stripe-y pants is here and ready to snuggle!
EM: Mmm ... hmmm. Humans take naps? Are they still called cat naps if a person is the one napping?
MK: Ummm ...
BC: Deep thoughts by Smellie Neigh.
EM: No thoughts ... by Bear Cat.
BC: Hey, now!
EM: Is my lap broken?
MK: What?
EM: Well, I need a lap and with the way you're laying ... there's no lap! Is my lap broken?
MK: I have something even better!
EM: Better than LAPS?!?!

BC: You blew her mind. Well, what there is of one.
MK: You know how you like to lay on my side while I'm in bed?
EM: Yeah.
MK: Well, instead of leaving after a couple minutes, you could SNUGGLE.
EM: HUH? Why would I want to do that?
MK: It's a bonding thing.
EM: If that's true, do you think I could snuggle with Bear until he likes me?
BC: Not even if you snuggle with me until I'm dead.
EM: So umm ... this snuggling thing ... how do we do it? Is there something I need to know? Some etiquette? Do I need to study? Does snuggling hurt?
MK: You don't need to worry about how. And it won't hurt. There's no wrong way to snuggle. 
BC: Especially with a Momma involved! 
EM: And are you sure nothing will eat me? You won't like roll over on me or something? I won't fall off? Is there a certain position?
BC: I've been snuggling with Momma every day for thirteen years and she's never let me fall off. And she's never rolled onto me either. OUCH! You just have to trust her.
EM: Trust? Ummm ... 
BC: The worst thing that happens is that Momma might drool on you. She drools in her sleep.
EM: Ummm ... I don't like to get wet.
BC: After the last week where you sneezed in Momma's face every single day, I think it's all good.

EM: I don't know ...
EM: Will Momma lick me? Because I don't like being licked unless I'm doing the licking.
BC: Wait ... you don't like being licked?
EM: Erm ...
BC: You're overthinking this. Now THAT'S something I never thought I'd say about you.
EM: Do I have to?
MK: NO! Of course not.
BC: Whew! More snuggle for me!
BC: {jumping onto the loveseat} Let me show you how it's done. First, you jump on the loveseat and jump on Momma.
{Pause as Momma pets Bear}
BC: SEE?! She's petting me! I like ear ... oooooh ... PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
EM: But ... but ... I want ear rubs!
BC: Purr ... See, you walk around on Momma in circles until you find just the right ... purr ... spot.
{Bear settles into the small hole between the back of the loveseat and Momma}
BC: Did you notice how I made a point to stick my butt in her face and show her my tail?
EM: Phht. YOUR tail. You haven't seen a tail until you've seen MY tail!

BC: Just because you said that, I'm not moving!
EM: Now what do you do?
BC: What do you mean?
EM: Aren't you supposed to be snuggling?
BC: We are!
EM: I don't see it! What are you doing? 
BC: Spending time together!
MK: Touching!
EM: Are you sticking your back claw in Momma's side like you did the other night? Is that what you mean by "snuggling?" Because I'm pretty sure Momma used another word ...
BC: SEE?!?! It's easy! Momma and I are bonding! We keep each other warm. She pets me and I purr. She tells me I'm a handsome kitty ...
{Ellie busts out laughing}
BC: WHAT?!?! What's your problem?
EM: She tells you ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ... you're a handsome ... HAHAHAHAHAHA ...
BC: Well, that's just rude! I have handsome stripe-y pants you know! And my Momma loves me. So THERE!
EM: She also loves The Boy.
BC: You just had to rub my nose in that, didn't you?
{Ellie continues to laugh}
EM: {jumping down from the love seat} Sheesh.

BC: Don't interrupt my moment with my Momma. We're like master snugglers and we take care of each other. This is what we DO. This is how we rescue each other and enjoy life together.
MK: Want to try?
EM: Err ... I don't know ...
BC: You're right. It's really not that great!
MK: WHAT?!?!
BC: {whispering} Just go along with it, Momma. Then it can always be me and you. It's bad enough that I have to wait in line for your lap sometimes - but what if I have to wait to snuggle with you?! Once Smellie tries it ... she'll realize how great it is ... and it won't be just you and me. 
MK: But I love Ellie too! I want to snuggle with her too.
BC: WHAT?!?!?! Why choose a ... a ... base model when you can have ultimate luxury? You're my Momma! I look out for you and take care of threats and take care of you and fix everything ...
MK: Just because I snuggle with Ellie a time or two doesn't change that. Remember when you didn't want her to be on my lap? We still have our special times even though she's on my lap now sometimes.
BC: But I don't like having to share. First, The Boy ... now THIS!
MK: I know life was great when it was just us ...
BC: YEAH! So why go and blow everything?
MK: I didn't mean for any of it to happen. I wasn't looking for a life partner other than you. I wasn't looking for another cat. But it happened and I tried to be brave enough to not seize the opportunity when it presented itself.
BC: Hmph.

MK: You know, there was once a kitten that I met outside that I fell in love with. Logically, it was a bad idea to adopt him - with Kitty being sick like she was at the time. But my heart couldn't let that kitten go.
EM: Huh? You had another cat?
MK: And outside of a time or two when handling that much cat seemed too much ... I haven't regretted a day - or minute.
BC: Did you hear that, Smellie? TOO MUCH CAT.
EM: Momma was talking about the other cat. Not you.
BC: I am that other cat!
EM: Oh. That makes sense.
BC: What?
EM: I already know you're too much cat! How can I not when you sit on me?
BC: THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!! And besides, you're just as big as me!
EM: Not my ego.
BC: Phht. What do you have to warrant an ego?
EM: The love of a good Momma? She could've walked right by my enclosure - but her heart was open to my call.
BC: I think I'm going to barf.
MK: HEY, now! Not on me!
BC: Well, that is a hazard of snuggling.
MK: Just like a claw to the side ... or a sneeze in my face ... or an up-close-and-personal look at a cat's butt.
BC: Oh, yeah? How many times have you drooled on me? OH! And the times you just HAD to get up when I was comfy?
MK: HEY! I've sacrificed my bladder and feeling in limbs ... but when your back paw goes right to the bladder ... and my leg's asleep so I can't run ...
BC: Oh, yeah! It's ALL about you!
MK: Now, look here ...
EM: Is this part of snuggling?

MK: Is what part?
EM: Arguing!
{Pause as both Momma and Bear think}
MK: He's right!
BC: She's right!
MK: No. You're right. When you're close to another person ... err ... cat, space can get a little tight.
MK: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! That's your entire back set of claws!
BC: Oops.
MK: Your brother's done. Want to try to snuggle with me, Ellie?
EM: Err ... no, thanks. I'll just wait for a lap.
MK: Are you sure?
BC: Phht! You're going to have to wait for a while! I'm snuggling with my Momma!
MK: Then get your @*&! claws out of my belly.
BC: Huh. Who knew. I thought you had sufficient padding ...
MK: Oh, NO you DIDN'T!
BC: Oh, yes, I did!
MK: This is nice.
BC: I know.
MK: I love you, Bear.
BC: I love you, Momma.
EM: Ummm ... WHAT?!?!?! This snuggling thing is too complicated for me.

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  1. You almost did it Ellie, don't give up, it's worth it!

  2. Snuggling is the best! But Lexy hates it, with humans anyway. And I hate it with cats. We're a pair, aren't we? MOL

    1. Oh, now we've seen you two touching a time or two, Lola!

  3. WTG Ellie
    Madi wasn't at all a snuggler but she did like sitting behind our heads or beside us.
    NEVER ever a lap cat like our first one.
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. That's the irony. Ellie's a lap cat - and so sweet - but the whole cuddling thing seems to not interest her.

  4. Tee hee hee. Oh Ellie, you really should try snugglin'. It think you would find you really like it. I like to snuggle with Mom early in the morning. She makes a spot for me in the crook of her arm. Purr purr purr.

    1. Sweet Valentine, you live up to your name in every respect.

  5. ellie; it iz complee cated; coz say one day ya want ta bee snugglin then de next itz like 274 in de shade N ya want nothin round ya but a breeze then sud den lee itz winter N snugglin with blankitz iz de best N did we menshun why DUE they call it cat nap when a purrsonz snoozin !! :) ♥♥

    1. The whole thing is confusing! Should I take notes? ~Ellie Mae

  6. "Why choose a base model when you can have ultimate luxury?" LOL! Sounds like a car salesperson...

  7. Ellie Mae...don't let anything dissuade you. Once you get into your Mom's lap and snuggle down all warm and safe and getting your ears rubbed, your head scratched, your bib on your chest smoothed, your back rubbed..oh wait, I need my momma right now. Lap emergency! Just like you.

    1. It takes a ferocious cat to let down his or her guard and attach to a human. Of course, I'm biased. ~Bear Cat

  8. Snuggling is the best! You'll never believe Mudpie's favorite way to snuggle lately. When I'm laying in bed she stretches her body the full length of my chest, butt in my face. MOL!!!

  9. You will figure it out Ellie. Snuggling is great. And sitting in laps is great too. Just give it a try. You all have a great day.

  10. You just take your time, Ellie, and you'll get the hang of snuggling soon enough!

  11. Yes, Ellie, it can take time to fully comprehend and trust snuggling. Annie does it but on her terms and it took years. Pierrot likes to be near us all the time. I think cats can have their own cuddling personality. There are lots of ways they show their love, though. It's not just snuggling as I know you know.

    1. Before me, Momma had Kitty- and Kitty wasn't a snuggler. Momma was so un-used to snuggling that it took her a bit of discomfort to learn how when she adopted me :)

  12. Keep trying Ellie, you will get the hang of it. :)

  13. The learning curve on the snuggling thing with a certain black dog at this end is "evolving" here too. 😇

  14. AMARULA: It is amazing and perplexing isn't it Bear-how humans will choose a Base Model when they could have us!!

  15. Keep at it, sweet Ellie! You'll get the hang of snuggling soon enough. Ava wasn't sure what it was about when she got here, either. She is learning, and snuggles with us most every night now. :)

    1. Maybe I'll try ... if Bear ever leaves Momma available. ~Ellie Mae

  16. Jake likes to snuggle on my chest with his butt touching my face. Especially now that's it's 80 degrees in the room where I sleep, he can never be too warm. Of course I'm giving off heat like a furnace so that's a plus for him.

    1. I've been accused of being a furnace too! There's nothing like a warm kitty on a cold night though!

  17. Yes, snuggling can be complicated, Ellie. But you'll get the hang of it! We definitely have some snugglers in this house. I'll get Sophie to text you some tips.

    1. Maybe Woodrow would like to teach me how to snuggle? ~Ellie Mae

  18. Oh Ellie, there's nuffin' on the planet better than snugglin' with your mommy. Trust us. And, the bestest pawrt is that you can't do it wrong. And mommy's just luv it. All ya' gotta do is just get close to 'em and they coo and moan and purr with glee. Bear, we're sure you're a great snuggler, and guess what, there's room fur both of ya' at the same time. We snuggle with mommy at the same time and on a teeny twin bed no less. MOL Happy snuggles. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    PeeEss: We wish you lived closer too. Fur lots of reeasons. We would so luv to meet you and hang out and mommy would enjoy goin' fur a donut or two some time. MOL She's always tryin' to figger out a way we can meet up with ya'. Maybe some day...

    1. Umm ... if I snuggle with Momma, does that mean I get extra treats? Because I'm pretty hungry ... ~Ellie Mae

  19. Snuggling is good. Moms really like that. Ellie, why are you sneezing so much? I hope you don't have a cold, lovely girl.

    1. We took her to the vet a couple months ago. I didn't really think about the sneezing though (except that it was gross). She sneezed on me again tonight! Then again, when I get her fur up my nose, I sneeze!

  20. Snuggling is the "in" thing to do. Keep her on her toes though and try a quick nip of her arm and then look all angel like. It'll keep her on her toes. MOL


    1. I just sneeze in Momma's face. Momma might've underestimated my abilities! ~Ellie Mae


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