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What fun has been going on in the Momma Kat household this past week? Ellie finds a solution to Bear kicking her out of the bed, we play name games,  Momma uncovers Bear's latest scam, and Momma and Bear are caught cuddling.

BC: Bear Cat Kat 
MK: Momma Kat 
EM: Ellie Mae Kat 
The Boy: Momma's fiance 

~~~ THE PILLOW ~~~

MK: Ellie! You can lay in the bed with me and Bear!
EM: Umm ... {looking at Bear} I err ... don't want to.
BC: Don't look at me! I don't know! She's just weird! I sleep with my Momma so I can protect her.
EM: Bear told me I couldn't sleep on the bed. So I chose the next closest comfy spot - the extra pillow.
BC: But you can't protect her from over there!
EM: I like being near my Momma. That's why I keep jumping on the bed!
BC: Not as near as ME.
MK: Bear, you have to knock this nonsense off. Every time Ellie gets on the bed, you're mean to her until she jumps down.
EM: The pillow is okay ... really.

MK: NO! It's not okay! The commotion wakes me up at least once a night - if not three or four times.
BC: Phht. If Smellie knew her place and didn't try to SHARE you, this wouldn't happen.
EM: If you weren't a total jerk face it wouldn't happen either!
BC: I love my Momma.
EM: I love MY Momma!
MK: I love you both! That's why I want us all to get along. I have no idea what to do! I know the experts usually claim it's best to let cats negotiate on their own terms - but I'm tired of Ellie being picked on when she has just as much a right to be on the bed!
EM: With the protection money Jasmyn's paying you, you could buy your own bed.
MK: WHAT!?! The spider in my closet is paying you protection money?
BC: Well, after you raided her nest and killed her babies, I offered to see to it that it doesn't happen again.
MK: Where does a spider get money?
BC: Not my problem.
EM: You said it's not ACTUAL money! 
BC: Sometimes a boy cat takes liberty with favors.

MK: Err ... Bear ... err ... this is a little older than you can handle.
EM: I'm eight! How much older can a cat get?
BC: Hi. I'm thirteen.
EM: You don't count!
BC: I can make myself count!
MK: Bear, she didn't mean it.
EM: YES! I did!
MK: Bear, what favors or liberties are you referring to?
EM: {to Bear} You said you're paid in spider legs.
BC: I'm never telling you a secret ever again, Ms. Blab McBlabby! It sounded way cooler when I said "liberty with favors."
EM: It's not a protected secret until we braid each others' fur while sharing our secrets!
BC: I don't play by the sissy code.
EM: It's not code! I mean ACTUALLY braiding each others' ...
BC: SEE?!?! You want this nitwit in your bed?
MK: What's Jasmyn going to do when she runs out of legs?
BC: Be lunch.
EM: That's horrible! No wonder you don't have friends! You pull out their legs and eat them!

BC: HEY! Don't knock it until you try it. Friends don't let spider friends live without legs. I'm just being nice.
EM: Remind me to NOT ask you to be nice to me again!
MK: Wait a ... you're not doing anything to protect her or her babies.
BC: I'm counting on her not figuring that out until she's legless.
EM: You're a horrible friend!
BC: Want to be friends?
EM: OH! YES! YES! I do want to be your ...
BC: Never mind.
MK: Only in this house do we start with sharing the bed and end talking about protection money for spiders.


MK: Smellie Yellie Bellie!
The Boy: Call her by her regular name.
MK: 'Her regular name!' You're in my way!
The Boy: Ha. Ha. Ha. That's not her name.
BC: Smellie smellie smellie smellie!
EM: I don't mind. At least if you change my name to 'her regular name' Bear can't call me Smellie.

BC: Smellie smellie smellie smellie!
EM: I like 'her regular name.'
BC: Wait ... I'll come up with a way to make fun of that. Err ... hernia? Harem?
The Boy: Call her Ellie!
EM: But I don't want that name anymore! Between Momma and Bear, there are too many things that rhyme with Ellie.
BC: Smellie.
MK: Bellie.
BC: Yellie.
MK: The Ellie-vader or Elevator.
BC: The Ellie-phant or Elephant.
The Boy: You aren't helping! Her name is Ellie Mae!
BC: Ellie may what? Fall off a roof? Get lost?
The Boy: KAT!
BC: Ellie may Kat? She's the sorriest excuse for a cat I've ever met.
EM: Oh, yeah? So I should be a jerk like you? You're an em-BEAR-@$$-ment!

The Boy: Hahaha. Embarrassment. With "Bear" and "@$$!" That's a good one!
BC: Shut up, TUBA!

MK: Hahahaha. The Boy. Initials ... TB. Tuba!
The Boy: Compli-KAT-ed!
EM: Un-BEAR-able!
BC: Her regular pain in my @$$!
EM: I'm not talking to Bear OR Momma ever again!
BC: GOOD! Then I'll have Momma to myself!
EM: But whose lap will I sit on?
The Boy: I'm here!
EM: Err ... is there anyone else?
MK: That got out of control relatively quickly.


BC: OH! Outside! Outside! Outside!
{Bear runs outside}
BC: Hmmm ... now what do I do? Never mind.
BC: {sitting in front of the door like a good boy} Momma! 
MK: Here, Bear. You can come inside.
BC: Do I get treats?
EM: Treats?!?

MK: For what?
BC: For coming back inside on my own!
MK: Is that a scam you're running? You go outside just to turn around and come back in on your own so I'll give you treats?
BC: There's a precedent.
EM: OH! The president? WHERE?!?
BC: Outside!
EM: OH! Momma! Can you let me out so I can see the president?
MK: Ellie, Bear said PRECEDENT not president.
EM: Human words. So confusing.
BC: {AHEM} Treats?
MK: Bear, you're ridiculous! The only reason I started giving you treats after you came in on your own is to reward that behavior so I didn't have to chase you in circles on the front porch or drag you out from the rose bush to get you inside. Going outside just to be able to come back in on your own for treats ... NO!
BC: So I can't have treats?
MK: I swear. It's one scam after another with you.
BC: Just to clarify ... that's a ...
BC: Awww. Look! I'm cute!

MK: Give me the strength to resist ...
EM: LOOK! I'm cute too, Momma!

MK: {getting out the treats} This was a lot more fair when it was one-on-one instead of two on one.
BC: You still lost when it was one-on-one.
MK: That's true.

~~~ THE CUDDLE ~~~

BC: I love you, Momma.
MK: I love you too, Bear. I love when you let me wrap you in my arms and cuddle. I haven't gotten a decent picture of it because I never know when it will happen.
BC: {seeing The Boy walking into the bedroom} WHAT DO YOU WANT?
The Boy: I live here!

BC: That's no excuse! Don't rub it in!
The Boy: But ...
BC: Can't you see that Momma and I are having a moment?
The Boy: You two are awfully cute. I'm going to get a picture!
BC: Haven't you ever seen a boy cuddling his Momma?
The Boy: Every day! But this is extra special!
BC: Could bite ... shark ... but so tired ... so comfy with my Momma ... my Momma and me. 
BC: Sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

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  1. It's good to see you and Ellie getting along going into the weekend Bear!!!

  2. We love that photo of you and your Momma cuddling!! We're a little concerned about Jasmyn!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bear and his Momma that just warms my heart
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Ellie isn't going anywhere, Bear...haven't you figured that out by now?

    1. Err ... I have a box with her name on it ... to Mongolia! ~Bear Cat

  5. Jasmyn should bite your butt, Bear. I'm going to send her a message on the web and let her know what you are you doing.

  6. Momma and you cuddling is simply just the best. Hope you had a good fourth yesterday. Thanks for the wonderful share. Have a great upcoming weekend.
    World of Animals

  7. Bear, there's lots of spidies at our house...come eat all you want! --Mudpie

    1. Do they have all their legs? Asking ... for a friend. ~Bear Cat

  8. Awwww....Bear, we love seeing your soft side!
    That whole thing with going outdoors and the treats? That's a dog thing too...thought you might want to know that. :)

    1. My soft side?! Is that a joke about my weight?! Very funny. Haha. ~Bear Cat

  9. Ok, if spiders are making deals with the cats, I'd be VERY worried! PS: I had the same problem with Leia never getting enough time to hang out with me on the pillows. Toby usually ran her off, and I felt so bad about that.

    1. I just wish I could do something! I want her to feel wanted and loved and it doesn't take a whole lot for her to give up.

  10. That sounds like a good scam Bear. :)

    1. I just have to be smarter than Momma ... no biggie! ~Bear Cat

  11. Aw, you're MK's cuddle buddy. Rumor has it there *might* be a pic like that with me and TW but I'm sure I ended the moment by biting her. I think she has a pic of her and Nicky on her FB page. Heh heh.

    1. WHAT?!?! And you haven't destroyed the evidence?! Your street cred! Everything you've worked for! Thank you for reminding me ... I haven't bit my Momma in the past 2 1/2 minutes! ~Bear Cat

  12. Ellie, now's the time. Get on in there. Mom's automatically include all kitties present even if they are asleep. She will scoop you up too and you'll be warm and comfy right there gathered in a pile with...with...well...with *whispers* Bear.

    1. Err ... how do I get by Bear?! I mean, he's dedicated! ~Ellie Mae

  13. Umm, Bear...just so you know...those last two images are what's known as blackmail. Just saying. You guys sure have some wild adventures!

  14. Oh Bear, you are such a big softie and Momma’s boy. Now we have photo proof!

    1. It's true. For all my attitude, I'm a Momma's boy. ~Bear Cat

  15. We love the photos of Momma Kat and Bear snuggling. So sweet! :)

    The name game made us laugh ... ya'll certainly come up with some creative monikers. MOL!

  16. Hey Bear! Do you fancy a holiday in the UK? We have some ginormous spiders keep appearing in the bath and you can have them all if you want to. Flynn used to keep them under control, but now they are running riot.

    1. OH! Okay! It doesn't require a cat ride to get there, does it? ~Bear Cat

  17. Lots of fun little tales—which I hasten to add is neither acompliment or a slur on anyones tail living past or to come, MOL
    Have a great nap filled spider leg free week.

    1. Phht. Momma saves those spiders and steals them from me! ~Bear Cat


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