A Momma's boy with a mind of his own

A few weeks ago, our friend Mudpie from Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries and Meows, posted about her crush on Bear. The comments on the post were somewhat disparaging of Bear. After thinking about it, maybe Bear's character is TOO developed to the point of not even being accurate. Then again, on this blog, we all are characterized to some extent. The majority of our posts are built around a kernel of truth - some aspect of the day to day that I embellish. In doing that, much is left out. Our heart is the day to day stuff that doesn't make for an interesting blog. Please keep that in mind. Bear Cat's character on the blog is embellished and expanded upon. At heart, he's a Momma's boy - and he's not ashamed of that. Yes, he has his moments of claws and fangs - but at the end of the day, he loves his Momma and it will be at her side that he sleeps and her lap that he seeks.

Ellie is our sweetheart - but she isn't better or worse than Bear. They're just different. For instance, she could spend an entire day running from lap to lap - while Bear's more come and go and only with his Momma. But she will fight me to the death to brush her teeth - when Bear hardly fights me at all. At the vet, she uses her paws to try to stop the examination - she knows how to make the fur fly - but Bear does not fight. Another point ... Bear sleeps beside me every night - half on and half off me - but Ellie will sleep at the bottom of the bed, not touching me. It's these differences - these quirks of both - that I love dearly. They are my heart - sometimes even BECAUSE of the fangs and claws. What makes for an interesting blog isn't always 100% true. 

BC: Bear Cat
EM: Ellie Mae
MK: Momma Kat
The Boy: Momma's fiance

BC: Huh. Does anyone smell that?
EM: Did you fart again?! That joke is really old!

MK: And not really appropriate for meal time.
EM: Phht. I've been done for HOURS. As always, Bear's a bit slow. I'm just hanging out on my ottoman!

BC: HEY! I'm not slow! 
EM: You're right. You're not slow when it comes to your royal sharkiness or your claims to be a princess.
BC: HEY! That's not what ...
EM: Whatever.
BC: No! LISTEN to me!
EM: Like you listen to us?
BC: Oh, SHUT UP! I licked my wet food treat plate until I got every last bit - but I still smell wet food! I don't get ... and that's MY ottoman.

EM: Hahahahahahahahaha. I dare you to try to steal my ottoman.
BC: What's so funny?! You think it's funny that it's my ottoman?! Well let me tell you ...
EM: Momma! Momma! Come see this!
BC: See what? Where? Bazookas? Tasty whole chickens? A Corvette?
MK: Corvette? What do you ... hahahahahahahahahahaha. Tell The Boy to come see this.
EM: Daddy! Daddy! Come look at Bear!

MK: My boy is so cute! I can barely stand it!
BC: Hahaha. I'm cute now ... let's see if you'll still sing that song after my shark is through with you!
{Everyone snickers}
BC: I'm a ferocious bad-ass! Hear me ...
EM: Did he just ...
MK: Clear out! Hit the deck! 
BC: Haha. VERY funny. You all won't be laughing when my royal sharkiness is loosed.
{Everyone continues to snicker}
BC: HOW RUDE! You all are laughing and pointing at me! I don't get it!
MK: No one's pointing.
BC: Oh, so you ARE laughing at me! WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!?
The Boy: What's going on?
BC: Oh, great. The peanut gallery just showed up.
{The Boy cracks up laughing}
BC: All right. THAT'S IT! You don't see me going around and making fun of any of you! BELIEVE ME, I got LOTS of material! Let's see ... there was last night when Momma screamed when I tore out of the pantry ...
MK: I didn't know you were in there!! 
The Boy: Is that what happened? Her screaming woke me up!
BC: The Boy's always picking his nose. And Smellie ... well, she's Smellie. That's bad enough.
The Boy: That's not very ...
MK: I gotta get a picture of this! Where's my camera?
BC: A picture of what?!?! THIS ISN'T FUNNY!
EM: He smells wet food but he can't find it!
The Boy: Hahahahahahahaha.
BC: What is this?! Some kind of joke?!?! Haha. Find the wet food. You all know I refuse to work for my food. I'm not playing along!
EM: Momma! Hurry with the camera before he figures it out!
BC: Of all the ... you all have finally lost your marbles! And don't ask ME to find them for you! Laugh at someone your own size!

BC: That made more sense in my head.
The Boy: Look at the spot.
BC: SEE?!?! I'm a TABBY. I don't have spots, stupid!
EM: {walking up to Bear with her tongue out} I'll help you.
BC: HEY! Keep that stupid tongue far away from me! 
BC: HEY! STOP LICKING ME! What's wrong with you?!
BC: Where to even start on what's wrong with you, Smellie ...
BC: On second thought ... I'll work for my food ... but only if tasty whole chickens are involved.
MK: Got the camera.
BC: MOMMA! Tell Smellie to keep her tongue away from me!

MK: Hold still.
BC: {gasp} You're trying to kill me! 
MK: WAIT! STOP! I want to get a picture of ...
BC: STOP CHASING ME! I'm gonna die! I'm gonna die! Why else would you chase me around? And it's COLD. You want to take pictures of you killing me! I'm innocent! I was framed! I'm falsely accused! I demand my rights!
MK: Ummm ... Bear?
BC: WHAT?!?!
MK: You have a glop of food on your nose.
BC: WHAT?!?!
MK: That's why you can smell food but can't find it.
BC: How long has is been there?! What will the ladycats think?!?
{Momma walks toward Bear}
BC: Aww ... HELL NO! You keep your tongue to yourself as well. I'll take care of this MYSELF!
BC: Lick ... lick lick ... lick lick lick ... lick ...

BC: RATS! I can't get it! 
BC: WHAT?!?! Why are you all laughing?!?! I HATE ALL OF YOU!
BC: HMPH. I'm taking a nap. I DARE you to disturb me!

EM: But you're ALREADY dis ... {seeing Bear's face} ... right. No problem.
{A couple hours pass}
BC: I'm not a bad boy, right, Momma? 

EM: If you have to ask ...
The Boy: The answer begins with a "y" and ends with a "s."
MK: Both of you knock it off! Bear, what's going on?
BC: Mudpie posted about me and all the comments talked about how sweet Mudpie is ... and how I'm not. I'm a Momma's boy! I mean, I wouldn't advertise that or anything ... but I'm not a BAD boy, right?
MK: Of course not.
BC: You should've seen how Amarula challenged Mudpie in the comments! Do you think I could get them to mud wrestle? I mean, two hot torties and all ...
MK: Bear, you're not helping yourself here.
BC: But what if Mudpie and Amarula change their minds and listen to other people about me not being nice?
MK: They're too smart for that, Bear.
BC: Mudpie and Amarula are at the VERY top of my "To all the torties I've loved before" list ... only I hope neither of them ever walk out my door. The loss would be immediate and deeply felt.
MK: I know.   
BC: {to the tune of "To All The Girls I've Loved Before"} 
To all the torties I've loved before,
I'm glad never walked out my door.
EM: Sing it, Bear!
BC: {to the tune of "To All The Girls I've Loved Before"}
I'm glad they came along, I dedicate this song,
To all the torties I've loved before.
EM: You're dreamy ... for a brother, I mean.
BC: And everyone else should know that I'm NOT a bad boy! I'm a Momma's boy with a mind of my own!!! There's a BIG difference! 
The Boy: Well, you're mean to me!
BC: Neither of you are Mommas!
The Boy: Thank goodness for THAT!
MK: Bear, you're sensitive and sweet.
EM: For a hippo.
BC: Is that a joke about my weight?
MK: The people who care about you know you.
EM: People care about him?!? REALLY?!?! I'm the sweetheart! I'M the innocent! And he's just mean to me!
BC: But ... but ... YOU start it! You try to make ME the bad guy!
EM: TRY?!?! Hahahahahaha. Everyone thinks YOU'RE the bad guy!
MK: That's not true. Don't listen to her. You're my boy, my love bug, my snuggle bug. And you're every bit as handsome as the first time I saw you. What I approached with hesitancy and uncertainty has easily become the greatest gift of my life. Beyond what's shared on here, you're a Momma's boy with a mind of your own. And to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. You make me laugh, your sweetness touches my heart, and I have to admire your pluck and ability to live life out loud ... and this journey has been INCREDIBLE. I love you, Bear Cat Kat. I'm glad to share your awesome with the rest of the world.
BC: I AM pretty awesome, aren't I? Maybe each week should have a SHARE BEAR DAY.
MK: It kind of already does! We do two posts a week and each post is about sharing the happiness you bring me with our readers!
The Boy: Claws and fangs only a Momma would love!
BC: My public loves me! As do my lady-cat friends! You just have Momma. So HA! 
BC: Err ... not that there's anything wrong with her of course ... well, nothing TOO bad anyway.
MK: A Momma's boy with a mind of his own!

And, because sometimes pictures are just better than words ... here are pictures of the cats enjoying the package we won from Valentine and his Mom over at Noir Kitty Mews. Thank you, Valentine and Kerry!


  1. Oh to live a year as lion rather than a lifetime as a mouse, especially a mouse round my palace! Bear, dude, it is easier it seems to laugh at than it is to laugh with, and I guess folks just don't get it sometimes, in the same way we don't always see it (the truth or lighter side) ourselves. Take the moral upper ground my friend and you'll be OK... PLUS you'll get to see them tasty chickens ages before Ellie does! But amongst family I'm sure all things will balance out, and opportunity for fun is never far away.... Certainly it is in this place/palace!
    Toodlepips and purrs
    PS Awesome prizes from Valentine, and love the dating book you got too... is that for Ellie?

    1. The moral upper ground? Does that bisect the gutter? Because it should ;)

  2. Love Bear & Ellie!

  3. Poetic license is definitely required when our peeps write our kitteh or woofie blogs. 😉 Nothing wrong with that. I too love my cats for who they each are, they are actually quite different.

    1. I know that! Bear and Ellie are such opposites ... I really get a bit of everything.

  4. Rude humans usually like to say rude things Bear, just bury those comments in the litter box pal, you're special!

    1. Good idea! I like to think outside the litter box. ~Bear Cat

  5. Every kitty that plays with a Neko Flies toy that I've seen, goes batsh*t crazy! I hide it in the drawer, otherwise Chili Bruce would carry it around for hours...or chew through the cord...

    1. Bear's my chewer. He's why I don't leave wand toys out. And he takes them on parade too when he really wants to play.

  6. Yes, they all have personalities. They are just like people! My little Leo was a scratcher and a biter. He was feral. Very occasionally now, once a month or so, he still gives a little nip. It's like a love nip. He'll never stop. We hang on to him extra carefully, because we're afraid nobody else will understand him. They are what they are, and that's why we love them.

    1. True. So many people see cats in terms of their own convenience - and don't appreciate the wealth of their personalities!

  7. Bear, we know you there's embellishment. We think you and Ellie are both sweet and super, super adorable! That is a really great prize package! The lady would love to read that book.

    By the way, Bear, you got the last laugh. You got extra wet food!

  8. AMARULA: Bear! Have you been snorting catnip again!? How could you ever think I might fall out of love with you? it's precisely your bad boy side that I love! In the words of your mother (who I am normally loath to quote) "You're my boy, my love bug, my snuggle bug. And you're every bit as handsome as the first time I saw you." OK!!? The only door I am ever walking out of is one where you are on the other side waiting! (PS There is no way I am ever mud-wrestling with MUDPie--she has mud in her actual name! xo

    1. Yeah. I wondered if that might give her an advantage ;) ~Bear Cat

  9. Writing about cats takes a lot of creative license...we can only imagine what they're thinking or what they would say if they could. We love all of you to pieces and please don't listen to any nasty comments about darling Bear!

  10. Oh no, I'm sorry if you felt people's comments weren't the nicest. I love Bear Cat and love his personality! You've created a lovable "character" in Bear Cat (and Ellie!) and hope you know how much you make him shine.

  11. Neko Fly AND Six Fish?? That stuff os totally epic, we LOVE it!!!

    Wait.... people don't think you are sweet? REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Marjorie and the Cats

    1. Can it get any better?!? I mean ... beyond tasty whole chickens? ~Bear Cat

  12. Really, people made negative comments about Bear? Sigh. Your posts are funny and enjoyable because you have made yourselves you, Bear and Ellie into fun characters. That's kind of crazy that people don't get that. I also make Ruby and Rosie into characters - Rosie is only a little a bossy but I make her more bossy because it's funny. Keep doing what you are doing and don't worry about the rest. We love Bear!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement! You're absolutely right!

  13. Bear, when people say rude things or talk behind your back its because you are ahead of them! |And you know what...you got some pawsome stuff!
    How lucky you are!

  14. If you write a fun blog you have to bring out the characters. Without embellishment it would get boring in time. Eric and Flynn were litter mates but very different in their ways. I brought out their characters to the way I thought most accurately suited them. Bear and Ellie Mae both have different characters and I love them both.

  15. Aww, we know you embellish a bit, and it makes for wonderful and fun reading. We also know that Bear and Ellie are awesome kitties, and that you love them very much. Keep on keeping on. Love and hugs to you all.

  16. We LOVE the day to day (with or without embellishment). Happy weekend!

  17. What a fun prize package! You will share with Ellie, won't you, Bear? That should help put an end to your bad cat image (which we all know really isn't the case).

  18. What a cool package ! You write a fun blog, and we love it ! Have fun writing your blog, that's all what matters. Purrs

  19. We never thought you were a bad boy Bear. We are a bit disappointed that you're beginnin' to use those human dirty words. We would'a thought bein' a cat of superior intelligence, you would'a realized that kind'a language is beneath you and certainly uncalled fur. You've got purrlenty of ways to x'press yourself without 'em. What a great purrize package ya'll got. We luv wand toys. And ya'll fur sure look like you're enjoyin' that one. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  20. Oh Bear, I know that you're a ball of love and intellect as all pussycats are. You stand up for what you believe and what you're passionate about, which is honorable. You are also not afraid to tell it like it is - or how you think it is.

    I'm glad you and Ellie are having fun with the book, toys and treats! Hugs!

  21. Bear, we know that under that gruff exterior, you are really a sweet Mama's boy. ♥
    But some girl cats like the bad boys...so we think you know just what you're doing. Sam wonders if you'd like a "cougar" as a girlfriend (or Panther, as the case may be), even if she's not a Tortie. :)
    Jan & the crew at Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. A cougar?!? ALWAYS! I'm a LADIES man and I wouldn't get jealous of her chicks! ~Bear Cat


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