Let's talk about ... WORMS?!? #ChewyInfluencer

MK: Momma Kat
BC: Bear Cat
EM: Ellie Mae
The Boy: Momma's fiance

The Boy: How did it go at the vet today? How'd my girl do?
BC: I KNEW it! Momma's a moose in disguise. It's a MOOSE on the LOOSE ... so watch your GOOSE or she'll kick your CABOOSE! Hahahahahahaha.
MK: Excuse me?
BC: Err ... I was talking about my OTHER Momma. Not you. OBVIOUSLY. I love you, Momma! You're the best Momma ever!
The Boy: How'd my girl do?
BC: Momma's The Boy's girl and she had to go to the vet? That's a coincidence ... because Smellie went to the vet too.
EM: NO! She took ME the vet! It was horrible! It was the worst day ever! I got poked and prodded and ... and ... it's just too traumatic to think about. I'm scarred for life! Hmph. So much for Momma being the best thing ever.
The Boy: HA!
BC: Great. Then we don't have to share our best thing.
EM: Now wait a minute ... I never said Momma WASN'T my best thing ever.
BC: Make up your mind, woman! Wait a ... why'd you only ask about how SMELLIE did? You didn't ask how I did left all alone here! I thought Momma was gone forever!
The Boy: She's my baby girl.
BC: HWK! HWWHK! @#$%! hairball!
The Boy: Very funny.
BC: You should've left her there. A long time ago, you said I only get one sister ... then Kitty died ... and BADA BOOM! Another sister! You LIED!
MK: Bear, can you just put that aside for a moment?
BC: Put my sister aside! She's just a huge pain in my butt.
MK: Bear? Ellie?! Your father and I want to have a conversation with you both.
BC: My father?! You FOUND my father? This is the BEST DAY EVER! Wait?!? Why would my father want to talk to Smellie?
EM: What about MY father? It's unfair! Bear gets to talk to his father, but I don't?

MK: No fathers! I was talking about The Boy.
EM: Daddy?
MK: Yes.
The Boy: We do?! Umm ... I don't get it.
BC: If you found what I did in the closet ...
MK: What did you do in the closet?
BC: NOTHING! I didn't throw a naked kitty dance party either.
EM: HEY! I wasn't even invited!
BC: That's because it didn't happen. Wink wink.
MK: I suppose you're going to mention the thing with the water bowl.
EM: You peed in my water bowl again?
BC: HEY! I just knocked the water bowl around so it knew who's in charge.
EM: That was nice of you to do ... 
BC: I'm a nice kind of guy.
EM: ... for Momma.
BC: Well, I'm a bad kind of guy in a good way. Err ... I'm a nice kind of guy in a bad way?!? 
MK: What happened in the closet?
BC: {whispering} Instead of being lazy and heckling me, you could look for yourself.
BC: Maybe the closet's in the closet!
MK: I'm guessing a mess.
BC: Epic.
BC: RATS! I have NO IDEA what you're talking about!
EM: Then why did you say "epic" like you knew what happened?
BC: Can't get a thing past this one ... especially food.
EM: HEY! Are you calling me fat again?
BC: Phht. I'm not calling you fat ... you ARE fat.
EM: I'm so tired of you being mean to ...
BC: Then why are you still talking?
EM: Hahaha. That's a good point!
MK: We're going to have a talk about worms.
BC and EM at the same time: Worms?!

The Boy: Eww.
EM: I thought it was the birds and the bees?
BC: Don't ask me ... I can't keep up with their human stupidity and idiocy!
MK: No! It's not a euphemism. We're actually talking about WORMS.
BC: Oh, SURE. The Boy THIS and Smellie THAT and worms all over the place. What about me? MEMEMEMEMEME?!?
MK: You don't have worms. Or we don't think you do.
BC: MAN! SMELLIE gets all the good stuff!
MK: No, Bear. Worms are bad.
BC: HA! Did you hear that, Smellie? You're BAD!
MK: You both got treated a few weeks ago - but we're going to try a maintenance type compound to make sure we get them all this time. We ordered it online and we got it today.
BC: Do you think it will fix her stupidity? Maybe make me more handsome?
MK: Only Ellie's getting this treatment.
BC: Why am I being left out? Smellie gets a tasty whole chicken treatment and I'm left holding the feathers!
MK: You don't need more treatment ... and the topical stuff tends to burn your fur off.
BC: Another treatment? If Smellie's full of worms, just put her on a hook and use her to catch fish.
EM: OH! I want to try that! I want to try that! Do tunas eat worms?
MK: You'd have to get wet. Fish live in the water.
EM: All of them?
MK: {sigh}.
MK: The vet said there was a slim chance that Bear got worms - but I didn't want to take any chances so you both went when I had you treated a couple weeks ago.
{Pause as Ellie sees Bear's face}
EM: I mean ... @#$%!
BC: It just figures that my gross sister would have worms. She certainly wormed her way into this family. And I had to go to the vet AGAIN because of her! What is this ... the third time in a year I've had to go to the vet because of HER?!?

EM: If I was so gross, you wouldn't lick my butt!
MK: Bear, it wasn't her fault she had worms when we adopted her last year. Her former people dumped her on the street. Surely you can imagine how scary that would've been. 
BC: Hmph. Well, that means it'll be old hat when you dump her on the street again!
MK: Your sister isn't going anywhere ... except maybe to the vet.
BC: They'll take her?!? Can we put that money toward a tasty whole chicken farm?
EM: Awww. You think I'm valuable and worth a lot of money!
BC: Phht. Don't be ridiculous. I have thirty-two cents so far and I figure selling you would at least double my money. Didn't she get treated for worms before?
MK: I guess the treatment didn't completely rid her of the worms. Her rescue did a treatment before we adopted her ... and we treated her with two courses a couple weeks apart after we adopted her. And then we treated you both a few weeks ago after her stool sample came back positive for roundworms at her yearly check-up. But we want to make sure we get them all this time so we're going to try a maintenance type medication for a few months.
EM: But ... but ... they're my FRIENDS.
BC: Are you ...
MK: Who?
EM: My worms! See ... there's Beau, Flo, Glo, Joe, Lo, Moe, Po and Stephanie.
BC: YOU NAMED YOUR WORMS?!?! Momma found me on the street and she knew the second she named me that she'd bring me inside and keep me.

MK: Ellie, they rob you of nutrition!
EM: It wasn't that long ago that I was homeless and hungry. I'll share my food with them!
The Boy: She's too sweet for her own good.
BC: Phht. Not for MY own good. Can you say ... TARGET?
MK: Bear ...
The Boy: STEPHANIE?!?! Beau, Flo, Glo, Joe, Lo, Moe, Po and STEPHANIE?
BC: You're a lot slow there.
EM: What?! Stephanie's adopted!
The Boy: Just when I thought I'd heard it all courtesy of your brother. You get more and more like him the longer you're here.
MK: Roundworms are interesting creatures and there's so much I didn't know about them. Did you know that not all species of roundworms are parasites? Some species live free of a host. Even more interesting, each host species has a species of roundworm that is unique to  that species. Roundworms are also highly adaptable - they can survive in just about any environment on Earth. Not to mention that these un-segmented creatures can lay hundreds of thousands of eggs a day - and those eggs can survive months or years in their environment - even without a host.  Sometimes cats acquire them by eating an intermediate host (insect, rodent, etc), kittens are often infected by their mom's milk, the cats can ingest the eggs themselves, and some species' larvae can infect a host through direct skin contact. Interestingly, the symptoms a host experiences indicates the life stage of the worms.
BC: Eww. Still think they're your friends?
EM: Err ...

MK: There are boy worms and lady worms and worms with the anatomy of both sexes. 
BC: What?!? Are you making worm pornos now? 
EM: HEY! It's an ADDICTION! It's not Stephanie's fault.
MK: {changing the subject instead of figuring out what Ellie's talking about} Surprisingly, roundworms are used in many medical research studies to learn about human diseases. Humans and roundworms have a similar body organization - and some species of roundworms have a pretty similar genetic code to humans. 
EM: Well, that's not so bad ...
BC: Humans are similar to ... WORMS?!? Hahahahahahahahahaha. That's too much. Hehehehehehehe. I'll never let you forget it!
EM: I love humans ... and if they're so similar to worms - I mean they can't be that bad. Except they don't have laps.
BC: My sister is a little light on ...
MK: BEAR! She's just being her sweet self.
BC: That's one way to describe it ...


Disclosure: We received Revolution Topical Solution for Cats [5.1-15 lbs, 3 treatments] - for free in exchange for an honest review of Chewy's Pharmacy. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat only shares information we believe would be of interest to our readers. The content is ours - neither Revolution, nor Chewy Pharmacy are responsible for the contents of this post. #ChewyInfluencer


MK: Anyway ... we're going to try a maintenance medication to be sure we get all the worms this time. We ordered it two days ago - and we got it today. I was shocked at how fast Chewy Pharmacy filled our order - and a prescription requiring the vet's approval nonetheless!
EM: But I LIKE my worms! They're my FRIENDS.

BC: That desperate for friends? You get mad when I'm mean to you - but the worms rob you of nutrients and they're your friends?!?
EM: Love is complicated. And I'm trying to convince them to start a band.
BC: The worms found their way to your brain. Not even YOU are THAT stupid.
MK: Our vet told me that Revolution not only protects against fleas and heartworms - but also prevents and treats roundworms and hookworms.

MK: Then, we got an offer from Chewy to try out their pharmacy so we ordered the Revolution through Chewy's Pharmacy. It was so much easier than I expected. All we did is enter the information and they did the rest. Chewy contacted our vet to approve the order and we had the Revolution within days of the original order. Chewy's Pharmacy made it so easy - we'd recommend them to anyone who needs to fill a prescription. The only complaint I have is that our box of Revolution came somewhat smashed - but I guess that could happen with any mail-order pharmacy. I don't think it affected the product - everything looked intact inside. But we promised an honest review.
EM: Oooh! CHEWY! Chewy sends us all kinds of nummy food.

MK: Ellie, it's not food. We're trying out their Pharmacy!
BC: I'm not taking the medicine!
MK: I wasn't planning on giving it to you. Topical medications always burn your fur off at the application site. 
BC: Wait ... wait ... she's being treated and I'm NOT?!? That's favoritism! Discrimination!
MK: We just can't win. Ellie will take the three month course just to make sure we got the worms this time. Since you didn't have worms, I don't want to give you anymore potentially dangerous exposure than you had with the treatment a couple weeks ago. 
BC: Oh, yeah. You're not treating me FOR MY OWN GOOD ...
MK: Well, if you insist ... we did get three doses of topical treatment ...
BC: NO! NO! Don't touch me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Momma's trying to kill me! Momma's trying to kill me!
MK: That's what I thought!
BC: RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN for your life, Smellie! Run as fast as those stubby little limbs will carry your robust physique! FOR THE WORMS!
MK: Never a dull moment. Not ONE opportunity missed for drama. Ellie?
EM: {hiding in the cat tree corner} NO! I'm not coming out ... EVER!

MK: Don't listen to Bear. He's just causing problems.
BC: When Smellie misbehaves, I look better in comparison. BOO-YAH!
MK: She can't possibly misbehave enough to equal what you did in the closet.
BC: Err ... umm ... I was framed?

Interested in trying Chewy's Pharmacy? Go visit Chewy and try their Pharmacy!

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NOTE: Momma is not an expert on roundworms or veterinary medicine - so our content should not be taken as medical advice.


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  1. We knew worms were bad but didn't realize how invasive and long lasting they can be, even with treatment. We hope this medicine kicks their butt completely. And Ellie, it's very sweet of you to care about the well being of your own... Guests...but it really is best to ask them to leave now.

    1. But who am I going to talk to?! ~Ellie Mae

    2. Bear, of course! His conversation is sure to be.... More creative than the worms. Maybe your daddy could buy you some goldfish too.

  2. Ugh, roundworms are awful and we hope you don't have any more of them. Ever! Really, Ellie. They only pretend to be your friends. They are big, fat liars. Liar worms. That's true!

    1. We'll take your word for it! Momma's done with this whole worm thing!

  3. Yup, them pesky little things even get into good old natural organic food... like my mice. Treating for worms sure is an essential for me with my special dietary needs and tastes, MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  4. Ellie, I know they are your friends, but they have to GO!

    1. Awww ... but I gave them money to start their band. ~Ellie Mae

    2. Darn. Guess it's too late to stop payment on that check??

  5. We learned some things about roundworms today, and it looks like they are pesky critters and not good friends as they pretend to be ! Purrs

  6. Trr-ust me Bear, you don't want to have to be given anything that will make you bald if you don't have worms. Every time I get treated for fleas or worms, I go bald at the application site, from the brands Mom's used on me. I'm a sensitive kitty, so I also get "lethargic." Mom doesn't think I've gained my energy back since the last time she gave me dewormed and that's been about 2 human months. Head pets.

    1. My Momma hates the idea of using poison to kill pests - but there aren't a whole lot of other options. And when Ellie was infected last year, she had constant diarrhea and blood in the stool!

  7. Hey guys, we hear ya'. Every time the torturers from the place of the white coats send The Female Human home with stuff in bottles, we suffer. Someone needs to invent medicine that tastes and smells like stinky sardines (or for Bear, tasty whole chicken!)
    Purrs & Head Bonksm,
    Oliver and The Tribe of Five

    1. Hehehehe. Have you ever noticed that the stinkier and grosser the humans find our food - the better it tastes? ~Bear Cat

  8. I know you love your worms, Ellie, but they have outstayed their welcome and it's time to say goodbye to them.

  9. Yeah...you don't want these guys, Bear. Trust me. Take your meds kids and say bye, bye to the worms.

  10. MeOW Poor Ellie...ya'll are still treatin' fur worms? Well, guess that's not so bad. When me came to live with mommy, me had tapeworms and was too young to take real medicine. So, mommy had to make up a paste every time. Me had to take it 5 times a day fur like 6 weeks. Fankfully, we furinally got all those wormys and me got all better. We're sendin' hugs and purrayers. Hope ya'll get rid of those worms soon. Ellie, we're your furiends. You don't need those wormys. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. That's true. I'm very fortunate to have such great friends [outside of my digestive system]. ~Ellie Mae

  11. Ellie, you really are too sweet for your own good! Years ago my Angel Tara had a bad episode with fleas. I took her to the vet for a Capstar pill and my mother was upset by them falling off and writhing on the floor! LOL

    1. Eww. We haven't had to deal with fleas ... THANK GOODNESS [and knock on wood].

  12. Oh, poor, sweet Ellie still having worms! Those are some interesting nuggets about worms MK shared. Bear, consider yourself very fortunate that you don’t have them and don’t have to be treated. Ellie, you cracked me up with those worm names. First time I’ve found worms to be funny.

    1. Thank you. They normally aren't funny at all ... but we find the humor where we can! ~Ellie Mae

  13. Great review on that worm medicine. That is pretty hysterical about naming the worms. Hope the medicine works for you Ellie. Worms are not good. You all have a great day.

  14. Oh my! I wish I wasn't currently having lunch. :)

  15. We recently just switched to Revolution and I like it better than what we were giving the cats before. And I just ordered our latest batch from Chewy, too!

  16. We sure hope you send those worms on a nice long trip sweet girl, that’s sure no fun. We still don’t have internet and are working on cellular which sure isn’t easy.

    1. We couldn't manage on cellular ... BELIEVE ME. Thank you for stopping by!

  17. We hope this medicine works wonders for you, Ellie.

  18. Ellie, we are sorry you have those worms. We know they are your friends, but maybe you could just be pen pals, or like Facebook friends who live far away from each other?

    1. OOh! Facebook friends! Do they allow worms on Facebook?! ~Ellie Mae

  19. AMARULA: Only your dunderhead sister (and very likely Frodo) would consider worms their friend! And I can definitely see similarities between humans and worms!!

    1. Frodo and Ellie are different sides of the same coin ... like you and I are :) ~Bear Cat

  20. Poor Ellie. Hope the medicine helps you get better.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  21. Ugh...worms. We hope this new treatment helps Ellie to be done with them forever (even if they are her friends - LOL - some friends just aren't good for you!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. That's what my Momma tells me ... but I think it's a bit mean! ~Ellie Mae


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