Sleepy-time hijinks #ChewyInfluencer

While craziness reigns in the Momma Kat household 24/7 - no time is that more true than in the evenings just before bed. The cats waiting for their wet food treat and being tortured, The Boy attempting to say 'good night' to the cats, inter-cat conflict ... there's a whole lot of running, name calling and nonsense.

BC: Bear Cat
MK: Momma Kat
EM: Ellie Mae
The Boy: Momma's fiance

{Momma opens the pantry to get a snack}
BC: Do ...
BC: Hahaha. Because I'm scary looking!
MK:  I didn't know you were in there.
BC: Do you mind? I'm BUSY. 

MK: With what?!
BC: Do I have to explain EVERYTHING to you? I'm busy with pantry stuff.
MK: Err ... sorry.
MK: Oh, yeah. Sorry.
MK: {to The Boy} What do you think he does in there?
The Boy: Did you just apologize to Bear for opening the pantry while he's in there?
MK: Err ... I think so.
The Boy: And you closed the door again?
MK: Well, he wanted me to!
The Boy: And you don't see how that's enabling?!
BC: {from the pantry} EN-BITE-ME!
The Boy: Bear, what are you doing in there?
BC: Cat stuff.
The Boy: Barfing? Pooping? Destroying? I thought you said you were doing pantry stuff?
BC: You've certainly got the edge on ANNOYING.
The Boy: You're right. When you're in the pantry with the door shut we don't have to listen to you.
MK: I still don't understand.
BC: I'm a cat! I do cat stuff. IN the pantry.
MK: That not what I meant. I meant that for a cat that can't bear to be closed into or out of a room - eschews boxes - and flips out when confined to a carrier ... you wouldn't imagine that cat would not only TOLERATE, much less, ENJOY being closed in the pantry.
BC: It's my club house. No girls allowed!
EM: Why would I want to go in there?
BC: Your loss.
EM: Bear, you can come out of the closet. We'll still love you.
BC: Hahaha. That joke is so old. I figure this is where the food in this house congregates ... if a tasty whole chicken were to walk in and go anywhere in this house, it would be the pantry.
MK: Huh. That actually makes sense.
The Boy: You encourage him!
BC: Encourage me! Encourage me!
The Boy: {opening the pantry} Come out here like a normal cat!
BC: Then go in there like a normal boy!
BC: That sounded much better in my head. Be a doofus like a normal boy.
The Boy: You're a boy!
BC: Exactly! That's how I know boys are doofi.
The Boy: I suppose you're going to tell me doofi is the plural of doofus!
BC: Ding ding ding! He got one right! He's been here a YEAR and he finally managed to figure something out.

The Boy: HEY. The problem isn't with my intelligence ... it's your hare-brained ideas that I don't get.
BC: It's not my fault you're not smart enough to make sense of my ideas.
The Boy: It's time for bed.
EM: Has Daddy gone to bed yet?
BC: No.
EM: SHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't tell him where I ...
BC: She's right here, dumbnuts!

The Boy: Hi, Baby Girl!
EM: {running one way} AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Don't touch me! Don't touch me! You'll pay for this, BEAR!
The Boy: I just want to say good night! Daddy has to go to .... 
EM: {running a third direction} AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
The Boy: Now that's getting a bit excessive, don't you think? It's all your Momma's fault. If she didn't brush your teeth every night, you wouldn't think I'm trying to get you to hand you over to her.
MK: HEY! Don't blame me. She was in my lap until I got up for a snack five minutes ago.
The Boy: Maybe my BuddyBear will ...
The Boy: SHEESH! Tough crowd tonight. Oh, sure. None of you love your Daddy.
BC: Ding ding ding! This man's on a roll tonight!
BC: I could charge admission for this ...
The Boy: GOTCHA!
BC: HEY, DIMWIT! He grabbed me! He's not chasing you any more! And let me tell you ... you're going to pay for this. You can't give this moron a few cuddles before bed?! I have to deal with him?! Isn't it it bad enough that MOMMA grabs me out of nowhere for "cuddles," but now I have to put up with HIM too?!?
{Ellie stops ... thinks ...}
The Boy: {putting Bear down} BABY GIRL!
BC: Oh, SURE! Pet me until you can grab Smellie.
EM: Oof!
The Boy: Ellie?
EM: Hi, Daddy.
The Boy: Playing hard to get?
EM: If you won't chase me around for fifteen minutes, you don't love me.
BC: Hmm. Masterful. I like it.

The Boy: You ran into me.
EM: I got a little carried away.
MK: Bear, you know what time it is.
EM: PUT. ME. DOWN!!!! You're going to give me to ...
The Boy: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! I thought you were the NICE cat!
EM: I AM! If I were Bear, you'd be a pile of entrails.
BC: She's got a point ...
MK: Bear!!
The Boy: ELLIE!
EM: Daddy!
BC: Momma!
MK: Come on, Bear. Just stretch a little ...
MK: Ellie!
MK: Ow! Running around like a chicken with its head cut off is dangerous for the rest of us.
BC: Not as dangerous as it is for the chicken. Can you imagine not being able to see where one's going? You're bound to lose a wing or something.
EM: I didn't mean to trip you.
BC: I mean, YOU can see where you're going but you always end up on your butt anyway!
MK: I didn't want to step on Ellie!
BC: Sounds like the perfect diet.
MK: Speaking of diet, we have some new food to try. Who wants to help open the Chewy box for this month?
BC: How many morons does it take to open a Chewy box?
MK: First we need to brush teeth and fur. 
BC: My fur is exactly where it should be!
EM: I saw you throw away my fur last time! Talk about disrespect.
MK: What am I going to do with a bunch of cat fur?
EM: I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.
MK: Who wants to go first?
EM: I hate you! Don't touch me! Don't ...
EM: You know the worst part? I don't fit under the bed anymore.
BC: Growing up is tough.
EM: No. I was six already when I came to live here.
BC: Ah. Growing fat is tough.
EM: HEY! I still have my girlish figure.
BC: If you're a girlish hippopotamus. 

EM: Oh, shut up.
BC: No. YOU shut up.
EM: I hate you.
BC: I hate you more.
EM: I hate you most!
MK: Come on! Let's get cooking.
BC: Cooking? Like maybe a tasty whole chicken?!?
EM: Momma?!? Can't we do the teeth brushing and grooming AFTER we eat?
MK: Well, I GUESS so. But I'm not going to forget like I did last night.
EM: Nah nah nah nah nah!
BC: Come here and say that!

EM: HA! You're it!
BC: I didn't even know we're playing!
EM: Come get me!
BC: I'm too old for this.

EM: Whatever, senior citizen.
MK: YOU TWO! We just lost another lamp! I swear, The Boy goes to bed and all hell breaks loose around here - and I spend the rest of the night cleaning up your messes!
EM: Come on, Bear! Play with me! You can't catch me ...
BC: Momma! Tell her to shut up!

MK: HEY! Can we not chase each other around the box? I need to open it to get the food out. 
EM: FOOD?!?! HI!!!!!! Food is the best thing ever! Oh! I can even smell the food through the box!
BC: No, you can't!
EM: Sniff for yourself!
BC: I'm not going to ... I don't stick my nose where it doesn't ... I smell it too!

MK: Come on, you two! I can't open the box when you both have your noses all up in my business!

Disclosure: We received BFF Oh My Gravy! Potluck O' Pouches Variety Pack Grain-Free Cat Food (2.8-oz, pack of 12) - for free in exchange for an honest review. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat only shares information we believe would be of interest to our readers. The content is ours - BFF, Weruva, and Chewy are NOT responsible for the contents of this post.

BC: This better be good, Momma! So help me ... if we get litter ...
MK: We're lucky Chewy lets us try all kinds of food and litter that we wouldn't buy without trying first. Come on, Bear. Aren't you excited to see what new food we got?
BC: There better not be vegetables in this new food. I'm a CAT, not a RABBIT.

EM: We should call you Thumper.
BC: Why?
EM: It just sounds funny.
BC: And I'll call you Flower since you look like a skunk.
MK: I read the ingredients and unless you count potato starch, no vegetables. But let's talk about what else this food doesn't contain ... it's grain-free, without carrageenan and gluten. And the pouches are BPA-free.
BC: So it doesn't have any taste either.
MK: Oh, wait ... did I mention that it's called BFF, Oh My Gravy. It's 100% complete and a  balanced diet - with flavors like Duck & Salmon Dinner in Gravy, Lamb & Tuna Dinner in Gravy, Chicken & Shrimp Dinner in Gravy, Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Dinner in Gravy, Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy and Beef & Chicken Dinner in Gravy. Which flavor do you think you'd like first?

BC: Big @#$ing feet?
EM: Bugs fine filleted.
MK: Knock it off you two. That's what you two take from all I said?!? You completely missed, "IN GRAVY!" I thought you two would love this since it's all about the gravy - they call this, "happy hydration." And BFF stands for Best Feline Friend. 
BC: We'll see about ...
EM: {whispering to Bear} Was that the "g" word?
BC: I think so.
EM: Did you say ... GRAVY?!?

MK: I did. Which flavor do you two want to try first?

EM: One with gravy!
MK: They ALL have gravy.
EM: All of them!
MK: We'll start with Beef and Chicken.

BC: Sheesh! Why does she ask if she's just going to choose something on her own?
MK: We're not going to eat six pouches tonight.
BC: Phht. You got THAT right. None for you!
EM: Why can't we eat six pouches?
MK: This is a WET FOOD TREAT. Not a MEAL. This looks really good - nice and chunky - like people meat - and lots of GRAVY!
BC: EWW! People meat?!? Like your last boyfriend? When you said the freezer was full, I thought you were kidding.
MK: What?
BC: Meat made of people.
MK: NO! It looks like real meat like us humans eat.
BC: As if there's FAKE meat!
MK: You'd be surprised what some pet food manufacturers try to get away with.

BC: I'm down here! I can't SEE anything! Get with it, Woman. Food. Now. Stop describing it and GIVE IT TO ME!

MK: Alright, KITTENS ... here you go.
BC: {sniffing the food} I don't think so.


BC: Suck up.
MK: Come on, Bear! Just try it!
BC: This might be okay for a few licks ... {LICK LICK} ...
EM: Lots of yummy gravy!! 
BC: That's enough.
MK: Come on, Bear! GRAVY! REAL MEAT! 
BC: No, thanks.
BC: Junk. You eat cookies and all kinds of junk - but I have to eat "real meat!"
MK: At least Ellie loves it.
BC: Smellie will eat anything.
MK: Fine. Be that way. But whether you like the food or not, Chewy is easy to love: they have a wide selection of QUALITY pet products, freshness is guaranteed, and they offer fast shipping and easy returns on all orders. With orders over $49, one to two day shipping is FREE! After hearing so many bloggers talk about Chewy's fast shipping, I was eager to see the difference for myself ... and sure enough! FAST! Much faster than any other seller I've encountered. Though my favorite part is 24/7 customer service. How many times have I been up late at night shopping for cat supplies, had a question, but couldn't ask it because chat wasn't available?

Note of follow-up: We've tried four of the six flavors and Bear didn't eat more than a few licks of most of the flavors. Bear's favorite so far is the Chicken and Shrimp - he ate almost half the plate. Ellie loves this food - except for the Lamb and Tuna flavor - she tried a few licks and then was done. Bear refused to even try the Lamb and Tuna.

Interested in trying BFF Oh My Gravy! Potluck O' Pouches Variety Pack Grain-Free Cat Food? Go visit Chewy and order a bag for your favorite feline!

Wonder what we've thought about the other products we've reviewed as part of the Influencer program? To find our past reviews you may follow this tag: #ChewyInfluencer.


  1. Sounds like that is an interesting feed, shame the gang isn't taken with it. If the boy had gone for three from three, would there have been a prize?
    Toodlepips and purrs
    PS I recommend plastic lamps around clumsy humans/felines saves no end of hassle. OR you could tie the lamps to the ceiling by string, that way they never actually fall off!

    1. STRING?!? Did you suggest ... STRING?!?! ~Bear Cat
      Uh oh. ~Ellie Mae

  2. That might be popular here especially the gravy part. It's nice to see you enjoying time together with your Sis Bear!

  3. Wow, pre-bed time there is definitely exhausting!

  4. There is too much tension going on 'round there, kitties! Poor Ellie Mae needs to chillax!

    1. If Momma's not already tired ... she will be! I agree! Ellie need to chillax ... in another cat's house! ~Bear Cat

  5. guyz....we total lee heer ya on de veggiez thing...lezz oh course sum onez gonna
    make cat food with curly friez added....potato N all ;)
    N dood, nice werk on yur clubhouz buddy; now THATZ what we call one awesum pad...
    spesh a lee de "6 fish" wall decor ☺☺♥♥

    1. If the food had curly fries, you'd best believe my Momma would fight me for it ... and then moan in the pain of indigestion later. ~Bear Cat

  6. AMARULA: I love when you do food reviews Bear cause I like to picture us at a table for two and candlelight sharing a meal! One day maybe! And you palate is so clearly superior to that of your feline interloper!

    1. You noticed that, huh?!? Oh, to be alone with you one day ... it keeps me going ;) ~Bear Cat

  7. Heh! Bear's in the closet? Whoa! Does Mudpie know that? Heh! Glad you like the BFF.

  8. I love that third picture from the top of the two of you hanging out. So cute!

    This food sounds so-so. We don't like big chunks. Maybe that's why you weren't crazy for it, Bear.

    1. My Momma kept telling me how good it looks ... but did SHE eat it?! NO! ~Bear Cat

  9. Two doors in my house always intrigue me...the pantry door and THE GARAGE door....probably the GARAGE door is #1 'cause I've yet to sneak out there.
    Hugs madi your bfff

    1. Get with it, Madi! You aren't getting any younger! I'm an expert at escaping ... when I really want to. Momma gets so proud of herself when she catches me, but she couldn't catch me unless I wanted her to ;) ~Bear Cat

  10. Rosie and Ruby love anything from Weruva - and yes, I did say Ruby, she has a secret love of cat food, but don't tell any of her dog friends.

  11. And we thought there was a lot of drama around our place - we've got nothing on you! :)
    That food looks like it has a lot of gravy. We used to feed Sam some BFF canned food and she liked it - for a while. We might have to give this a try since gravy is usually her favorite thing.

    1. These older cats! They get so picky! It's a miracle to find something both cats will eat more than a few times.

  12. Geez, Momma Kat, don't you know what pantry stuff is? That poor Lamb and Tuna flavor. No love.

  13. Oh awnty Kat...Some day you really need to come and see us. Ifin you think that looks like people meat, the we need to innerduce you to real food. MOL We're with Bear. That was a no go here. We didn't even like the gray. And that's meown' somethin', cuz we luv us some gravy. We're not sure what they've done to their foods cuz they used to make some really good lookin' and tastin' noms. but everythin' we've seen recently has been really bad. Maybe like everypawdy else, they sold out to purina. MOL Glad Ellie got some good licks in tho'. And we really 'purreciate your lack of obscenities Bear. We knew you were far too advanced to buy into ignorant speech. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

    1. Bear's always been hesitant of this brand - it's really weird.

  14. Whoa! You two really go back and forth, Bear and Ellie Mae. Ellie Mae, you went back and forth with your words AND your body. It's no wonder you were so hungry for that food ... all that running around probably helped you work up an appetite!

    1. Momma says not enough. The vet thinks we might be a little too endowed ;)

  15. Sorry it wasn't more of a hit, especially with Bear.

    1. He's getting so picky! I never would've expected that from him!

  16. THat stuff looks pretty yummy. We have NOT been eating the food that 2 weeks ago was our favorite...Mom is a little purrterbed. But we love that we can keep our Mom on her toes trying to find food we will eat. Cinnamon, however, will eat ANYTHING that Mom puts in front of her!

    1. DOGS! We do that to my Momma too. It's so fun to mess with them and eat something you turned your nose up at before or boycott something you chowed down before. They never can quite figure us out ;)

  17. Never. Ever. look a gift box in the face, Bear. Just saying. 😇

  18. Mom wishes that I was a good eater like Ellie. She says I'm finicky. But I have eaten some of the noms of that BFF brand that come in cans. I don't remember trying any that come in pouches, though. Hmm... I think I'd like some of the varieties, 'cause I luv me some gravy! Winks.

    1. I'm finicky too. The older I guess, the more picky I get. I think my palate is just more refined - but Momma would call it something else! ~Bear Cat

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