Tabby cat lives matter {and other stories} #ChewyInfluencer

MK: Momma Kat
BC: Bear Cat
The Boy: Momma's fiance
EM: Ellie Mae

MK: I'm so glad the election is over.
The Boy: Me too.
MK: What what?
BC: You said the election is over. There was an election? You deprived me of the right to vote! And no one told me? How INSULTING. And immoral! And just plain WRONG! My vote matters you know.
MK: Cats can't vote.
BC: WHAT?!?! I single-handedly voted ... wait ... single-pawedly? Never mind. Anyway, I single-pawedly voted The Boy and Smellie off our island. CLEARLY I CAN vote.
The Boy: And yet we're still here.
BC: Yeah yeah. Don't rub it in. That's just a technicality. Tabby cat lives matter! I'm going to make a sign!

MK: Uh oh. NO SIGNS!
The Boy: At least he'll be busy and not doing something he's not supposed to.
MK: He's not supposed to make signs! I swear! You give him ONE sign and the next thing you know, this house is littered with them.
BC: You thought I wouldn't know you held an election?
MK: Bear, it was a HUMAN election.
BC: Ooooh. No wonder I couldn't vote ... it was an election for morons. Did Smellie vote?
MK: Bear ...
BC: Did you vote for a tasty whole chicken in every pot?
MK: No. The election included ...
BC: BOR-RING! You probably voted on all kinds of human nonsense like roads, emergency services, taxes, and representation. Phht. Like that stupid stuff matters. We cats don't require REPRESENTATION. Nope. We just power through like a boss.
The Boy: You mean TYRANT?
BC: That's what I said! Listen! No girly sissy elections.
The Boy: In favor of your election where you tried to pass, "Rid the Momma Kat household from the claws of The Boy and Smellie."

BC: Phht. I listed Smellie first, dingbat.
The Boy: Can we have an election to decide whether or not you can call me names?
BC: They're terms of endearment. You should hear what Momma calls you behind your back. She clearly has more endearment toward you based on what she calls you.
MK: He's making that up!
The Boy: Ummm ...
MK: He's just trying to cause trouble.
The Boy: Is he capable of anything else?
MK: Good point.
{Pause as Bear thinks} 
BC: THANK YOU! That's the nicest thing you've said to me!
BC: Yep. I'm a bad-ass cat. Get in my way at your own peril. Make sure you tell the torties.
EM: Tell the torties what? That you're annoying? An ass? That you hide under the bed when the doorbell rings?
BC: SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I didn't ask you. 

EM: You never do.
BC: There's a reason for that.
EM: Because you don't want the truth?
BC: Oh, shut up! And you're not allowed anywhere near my torties!
EM: I'm a LADYCAT. They would be a corrupting influence.
BC: TAKE THAT BACK! You could learn a thing or ... or ... six hundred things! My torties are perfect!
EM: Probably hiss-fect too.
BC: You're just jealous because you don't know how to hiss.
EM: I'm a NICE cat. I CAN. I just choose not to.
BC: What fun is that?
EM: What fun comes from being an ass?
BC: Did you know about this election?
EM: Election? There's an election? Where do I vote?
BC: Momma said you can't vote!
MK: Now wait a ...
EM: HEY! If Bear gets to vote, I get to vote.
MK: He didn't vote.
EM: But he said ...
BC: I never said I voted. I just said you can't.

EM: What's the election about?
BC: Sissy stuff.
EM: What? It was about you?
EM: You said it was about sissy stuff ... I assumed that meant you.
BC: You know what they say about assuming.
EM: It makes an ass of you?
BC: NO! They don't say that at all!
EM: Ass ... u ...
EM: I know! That's what I'm saying!
BC: NO! I mean they say assuming makes an ass of you and me.
EM: But I'm not an ass! I'm a GOOD cat.
BC: You act so guileless and you pretend twisting the knife is an accident.
EM: Momma said you're not allowed to play with knives. You remember what happened last time?
The Boy: To be honest, he carries around those eighteen claws and four fangs and it turns out to be more painful and more dangerous than if he had a knife.
BC: Thank you!
BC: I think.
BC: No. Wait. That WAS a compliment.
EM: But Momma said ...
BC: Stick a fork in it! It's done.
EM: I thought we were talking about knives? 
BC: No. It's a SAYING. It's not literal. I don't make this stuff up!
EM: What are you doing, Bear?
BC: I'm busy. Mind your own beeswax.
EM: Let me see your sign ... {holding up the sign} "Tabby cat lives matter." Really?!?! I mean ... REALLY?!?

BC: You're just jealous because you don't have stripes!
EM: Why would I be jealous of looking like an escaped prison inmate? 
BC: You're right. Black is perfect for you - it's slimming. If you weren't black, people would realize you're the size of an airplane hanger.
EM: Oh, shut up! Don't all lives matter?
BC: Stop asking questions.
EM: I mean, don't black lives matter?
BC: Do they say black lives matter?
The Boy: Ummm ... actually ...
BC: RATS. Do they say black CAT lives matter?
The Boy: Well, I guess I've never heard that one.
BC: Exactly.
EM: HEY! Black cat lives matter!

The Boy: You're not going to win this one, Bear.
BC: Fortunately, you're not the arbiter around here.
The Boy: You mean Momma?
BC: Huh. You're not quite as stupid as I thought.
The Boy: Thanks. 
{The Boy thinks a minute}
The Boy: I think.
BC: That's what you said last night.
The Boy: "Thanks. I think?"
BC: Are you not sure if you think?
The Boy: No. Of course I think! I was just asking what you were referring to.
BC: "I think ..." Though with you, that's kind of loosely defined.
The Boy: I came out at midnight and found you in your Momma's chair at her computer and her sleeping on the floor!
BC: You mean MY chair.
The Boy: That's just the point! Your Momma spoils you! You want her desk chair? POOF! It's yours!
MK: That's not entirely true. I've just learned some battles aren't worth fighting and losing blood over a chair is kind of pointless.
BC: You're still hung up on it being her chair. And where blood and an angry kitty are concerned ... NOT usually pointless at all.
MK: Yes, yes. That's true.
The Boy: Twenty-two points.
BC: I'm the shark!
The Boy: Very funny. Haha. I'm not falling for THAT ag ...
{Bear takes a step toward The Boy}
The Boy: BYE!
{The Boy runs down the hall and slams the bedroom door shut behind him}.
BC: He's FINALLY properly trained! Any time I want him to disappear ...
EM: That's my Daddy you're talking about!
BC: I thought Momma was the best thing ever.
EM: She is! But I try to make it look fair.
MK: Are you two up for finishing a review?
BC: With our luck, probably litter again!
EM: That would be crappy. Hahahahahaha.


Disclosure: We received Miko Seafood & Chicken Variety Pack Grain-Free Canned Cat Food {3-oz, case of 12} - for free in exchange for an honest review. Momma Kat and Her Bear Cat only shares information we believe would be of interest to our readers. The content is ours - neither Miko nor Chewy are responsible for the contents of this post. #ChewyInfluencer


MK: We're trying Miko Seafood & Chicken Variety Pack. The four flavors included are Mackerel & Tuna Recipe, Salmon Recipe, Tuna & Tilapia Recipe and Chicken Recipe.

MK: We tried Tuna & Tilapia Recipe last night and we had clean plates. 

MK: The salmon wasn't as popular the night before that - but the chicken was every bit as popular the night before that.
EM: YAY! It was SOOO good. I mean, for not having a thick gravy and all. Actually, I might be a convert to ... to ... what do you call that stuff, Momma?
MK: Consommé.
EM: Whatever you call it ... YUM!
BC: Whatever. There are probably vegetables. There weren't any the last three nights ... but I'm on to your tricks, Momma!
MK: No vegetables in these. This Miko pack is made of flaked chunks of real fish or chicken as the first ingredients - and a consommé made with real broth provides hydration at meals. Even better, the contents of the cans are a complete and balanced meal with all the nutrition cats require ... and never any of the ingredients you don’t want - like grains, wheat, corn, soy or carrageenan.
The Boy: {walking into the room} Isn't food just food? I mean, it's fish or chicken. OF COURSE they'll eat it.
BC: Who said you could come out? 
The Boy: Err ...
BC: And what do you know about it? It's easy to foul up good food with vegetables.
The Boy: You mean, "fowl." Get it? Chicken ... fowl?
BC: "Isn't food just food." You can't possibly be that stupid, can ...
BC: Never mind.
EM: Yeah, that was kind of stupid, Daddy.
The Boy: BuddyBear! Let's be friends! 
BC: I really hope you're not thinking of ...
{The Boy picks Bear up and holds him in his arms}
BC: Of course you were. THIS FOOD BETTER BE GOOD FOR ME TO PUT UP WITH THIS! I'm going ... to ... count ... to ... five ... and ... if ... you ... haven't  ... put ... me ... down ... I'm the shark!

The Boy: {putting Bear down} Err ... I'll just go back in the bedroom ...
BC: And stay there until I tell you you can come out! How undignified! I'm a grown male cat! And he just picks me up like he thinks he owns me!
MK: {plating up the food} Tonight we'll try Mackerel & Tuna Recipe. You two have eaten the other three flavors.

MK: {setting down the plates} Here you two go ...
BC: Num ... num ... num ... num ...

BC: No veggies! Just fishy goodness!!

MK: Ellie?
EM: This is even better than the flavor we had last night!

EM: F is for fishy ... num ... num ... which good ... num ... enough for ... num ... me ... num! Num ...
MK: These flavors were a total success! We love Chewy. That's not up for debate or election. Chewy is easy to love: they have a wide selection of QUALITY pet products, freshness is guaranteed, and they offer fast shipping and easy returns on all orders. With orders over $49, one to two day shipping is FREE! After hearing so many bloggers talk about Chewy's fast shipping, I was eager to see the difference for myself ... and sure enough! FAST! Much faster than any other seller I've encountered. Though my favorite part is 24/7 customer service. How many times have I been up late at night shopping for cat supplies, had a question, but couldn't ask it because chat wasn't available?

Interested in trying Miko Seafood & Chicken Variety Pack Grain-Free Canned Cat Food? Go visit Chewy and order a case for your favorite feline!?

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  1. Hey, a cat food brand that I've never heard of! Glad the kitties enjoyed all of the flavors.

    1. We've never heard of it before either. Momma hesitated to try something she's never heard of, but the reviews were pretty good.

  2. We never heard of that brand of food, but it does look good! Bear, we're convinced you'd missed Ellie Mae if she left. The Boy... maybe.

    1. We've never heard of it before either. Momma hesitated to try something she's never heard of, but the reviews were pretty good. Then I was surprised BOTH cats liked ALL FOUR flavors. Not very common around here :)

  3. You must be a fearsome shark to make The Boy rush back to the bedroom like that, Bear. I am glad you both like that food.

  4. We think cats should be able to vote too, Bear! There are no other rules when it comes to elections now, so why not?

    1. And cats are MUCH smarter than most people who vote these days :)

  5. That food sounds pretty darn yummy! Keep working on that voting thing Bear. I can't vote either but I did get called for jury duty once. The Dad had fun explaining why I wasn't going to show up.

    1. JURY DUTY?!?! Like cats sits on a jury! I mean, we're judge, jury AND executioner if necessary ;) ~Bear Cat

  6. Bear and his signs....!! keep that boy away from Sharpies.

  7. Wow ! Can you imagine the end result of an election if cats could vote ?!!!
    We just dropped by to say hi! And to let you know we are thinking of you and hope you are all well ; The Mama , The boy and The kitties!
    Our Mama says she loves seeing how healthy and yummy Ellie Mae looks now. How long has it been since she was adopted? We have already had Avalon for a year! Time flies!! xx

    Sophie and the critters in the cottage xo

    1. I know! We've had Ellie about a year and half - in some ways, it feels like much longer than that - but in others, it's hard to believe we've had her so long! She couldn't be anymore loved :)

  8. We’ve never heard of that food before...but it sure looks like you guys enjoyed we might have to give it a try!

    1. We've never heard of it before either. Momma hesitated to try something she's never heard of, but the reviews were pretty good.

  9. That food looks like something my cat Jake would like. Maybe I will get some for him to try.

    1. I was surprised BOTH cats liked ALL FOUR flavors. Not very common around here :)

  10. Oh Ellie you are a riot...petitioning to rid the house of males. LOL too funny young lady
    Are the males scratching too much and forgetting to groom
    Love this
    Hugs Cecilia

  11. Wow, the Boy is so daring to pick up Bear! That food sounds good and I bet my cats would love it!

    1. And then he complains when I teach him a lesson! ~Bear Cat

  12. Ellie the look on your face in that photo is just priceless! We think all cats (and dogs) lives matter.

  13. Glad you enjoyed your Chewy!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. You didn't get to vote in the election, but you got to vote on the cat food....that doesn't sound so bad!

    1. Because food matters! None of that bridges and emergency services nonsense! ~Bear Cat

  15. If cats were allowed to vote, we'd be a lot better off! We're sure glad you like that food so much!

  16. guyz; de food servizz gurlz place oh employ haz been veree
    veree bad late lee N we canna sneekz round like we
    SHULD bee abe bull two; stopin bye with a message frum
    copee N paste N uz just ta say Hi hope all iz well !!!! ♥♥♥

  17. Well done, that is almost a perfect score for that food brand. Now as to voting, have you thought of doing a postal vote, Bear. And by that I don't mean posting your sister in! MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

    1. Posting my sister? I can send her through the mail? Does that cost extra? ~Bear Cat

  18. We are trying this food now and so far, it's getting paws up at our house too. PS Sadie wants to know if she can borrow your sign, but wants it to say that Calico Cat Lives Matter instead?

  19. AMARULA: I would never doubt your bad-assedness Bear! And I am glad you appreciate how perfect we torties are!!! Right back at you!

  20. MeOW Looks like it was a hit. Glad it went over so well. We're tryin' it out too. big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  21. Wow, you guys are a great advertisement for that food!

    Bear, don't be mad but I really like the picture of you and the boy. Ellie, your expression in the picture questioning Bear's Tabby Cat Lives Matter says it all.

    1. My Momma loves those pictures too. Haha. Torture the poor Bear Cat. I barely survived! ~Bear Cat

  22. Oh cool -- more signs! I just luv to see your creativity at work, Bear! That was smart thinking coming up with that referendum! And Ellie, I will campaign with you anytime on Black Cat Lives Matter! Purr purr purr.

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