An expandable carrier for expanded needs, part 2

First, before we get into today's post, I want to sincerely apologize for falling off the edge of the world after the Cat Writer's Association Conference. I had every intention of being back last week and between being sick {again} and catching up from being gone, I dropped that ball. I am sorry and I hope this week finds me back on my game!

If you missed our last post, we shared the details of Smiling Paws Pets Expandable Soft Sided Pet Carrier before we tried it. To revisit that information, scroll down to the end of this post or read our last post, An expandable carrier for expanded needs. In this post, we try the carrier and Ellie takes a trip to the you-know-where. The review follows the dialogue.

BC: Bear Cat Kat
MK: Momma Kat
EM: Ellie Mae Kat

The vet/vet tech: As themselves

BC: Momma wants to see you.
EM: She does? Because she said she was busy a few minutes ago! Maybe it's lap time! OH! I bet that's what it is! SEE! Momma loves ME more! HA! When she wants cuddles she comes to me! Momma!!! I'm coming!
{Ellie leaves}
BC: {mumbling to himself} She doesn't even see it coming ... I told her that new carrier wasn't good news. I ALMOST feel sorry for her.
{Pause as Bear thinks}
BC: Nah. Momma loves HER more? Yeah. And I'm ...

EM: @^% *#&@ #*(@ &@*!!!
MK: Come on, Ellie! 
EM: I thought you loved me!
MK: I do. That's why we have to go.
EM: I'm NOT going in the carrier! NOPE! Not even close! I dare you to ... {mumble mumble mumble}.
{Ellie hops out of the carrier before Momma can get it shut}
MK: We're already running late! Just get in the carrier!
{Pause as Momma tries to get Ellie back in the carrier}
MK: *@#% the #(@*^!
EM: @#*$ your $)^@ @(!*!
BC: {from the other room} I should write these words down!

EM: HEY! Put me down! I'm not going in {mumble mumble mumble} ...
MK: PHEW! That was almost too easy. Got it zipped on ... now to secure the vel ...
EM: {popping out of the carrier} NOT TODAY! Not EVER!

MK: Darn it! That velcro isn't secure! After I fastened it, I didn't think you'd get it open!
EM: You're no longer my favorite!
MK: Then who is?
BC: Huh? Do I get a say so?
MK: ELLIE! Get back here! So help me if ...
MK: YOU FIT UNDER THE BED! You haven't fit under the bed since right after we got you!
BC: Huh. The airplane hanger shrunk! Or the bed grew.

MK: Maybe if I pull the bed out a bit ... Oh, that's just great. Now I have to dig out everything from under the bed.
BC: Phht. There's a reason it's called a DIE-t.
{Momma curses while she pulls everything out from under the bed}
MK: Wait a minute ...
BC: {from the other room} Umm ... are you looking for Smellie?
MK: *!&#@!!!!! She ran under the bed and right back out the other side!!! I did all this for nothing!
{Momma and Ellie go through a couple more rounds of this ... Momma gets Ellie in the carrier, Ellie escapes and runs under the bed and right out the other side, Momma chases Ellie around like a lunatic until she can grab her and put her in the carrier ... just for Ellie to escape AGAIN!}
{Meanwhile, Bear investigates the new carrier}
BC: Eh. It's okay. For a carrier and all. Wait a ... you don't think Momma's tricking me ... chasing Smellie so she can grab me at the perfect time?! I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE! There's no Bear Cat here!

BC: {mumbling to himself in his hiding spot} Momma thinks she can trick ME! And shove me in some stupid carrier! HA! I'm on to her plan! Nice try Momma!
EM: {in Momma's arms} *@&$! the (@*!$ before I &(#* you up! PUT *@(# ME @*&! DOWN!
BC: RATS! I didn't bring my notebook to write these down!
MK: In your go, Ellie.
EM: &(#* your *@&$! or I'll (@*!$!
{We'll exempt Ellie's curse words after Momma got her in the carrier, took her to the car, and drove to the vet. Let's just say Momma had a minor breakdown by the time we arrived at the vet ... Ellie has a way of tearing Momma a new one that far exceeds Bear's best efforts. You haven't heard anything if you haven't heard a cat cursing her person, the carrier, and the injustice of a car trip.}

BC: {still at home ... coming out of his hiding spot} Momma? Smellie?! WHERE DID EVERYONE GO?!? Is this part of the trick? Is Momma going to come out of no where and shove me in the carrier?
BC: Oh! I see! I'm not GOOD ENOUGH for the new carrier!
MK: {walking in the front door of the vet} Ellie Mae Kat for Doctor XXXXX.
Vet tech: Let's go to Exam room 3.
EM: An exam?! There's a test?!?! But I didn't study!!!
Vet tech: You're a pretty girl.
EM: Wanna see my tail? Isn't it pretty? My brother's tail is really thin, but mine is bushy and gorgeous. OH! Look at my butt! Tell me how pretty I am. My Momma and Daddy constantly tell me how pretty I am! And I LOVE to dance for them! Want me to dance for you too? Of course you do! SEE?!?!
Vet tech: OH! You're a big girl!
EM: I'm not big! Just pleasantly fluffy! Though my brother calls me value-sized. Like he has any room to talk! Those handsome stripe-y pants aren't a size six. Let's just say that much. Do you have a lap? Because I love laps. And sparkle balls. 
Vet tech: Okay. XX pounds and XX ounces!
EM: Of tuna? You have XX pounds and XX ounces of tuna? For me?

Vet tech: Umm ...
EM: I LOVE tuna! My brother Bear prefers chickens, but I'm a tuna girl.
Vet tech: That's nice. The doctor will be in shortly.
EM: DOCTOR?!? You mean this wasn't a social call? I thought you were just showing me off!
The vet: Hey. How is she doing?
EM: I'm SO glad you asked because last night she wasn't wearing pants and she sang like some dying elephant dying a horribly painful death under a trampoline. Then, she wouldn't let me eat Bear's food! And she's in a really bad mood today.
The vet: Umm ... I was asking how you're doing, Ellie!?
EM: Let's see ... my Momma woke me from a nap where I was dreaming of a certain tabby/tuxie guy I have my eye on - and tunas were dancing around us. Then I was rudely awakened and shoved in a carrier for a ninety-eight hour drive here ... just so you can stick a thing up my butt. How would YOU be?
The vet: I can see why you're upset.
EM: OH! And my stupid brother is being more stupid than usual! You've probably met my brother, Bear Cat.
The vet: Yes, he's an interesting cat.
EM: You can be honest with me. I only call him interesting when I really want to call him something else.
The vet: Is that so?
EM: And Bear craps A LOT.
The vet: He doesn't feel well?
EM: PHHT! No. It's the REST of us that don't feel well!

The vet: Is he having problems?
EM: He's full of ...
EM: What? That's what you say all the time, Momma! POOP! Bear's full of poop!
The vet: So, wait ... he poops too much or he's constipated? If he's full of ...
The vet: Err ... you know, he might have problems going.
EM: Let me tell you ... he's not the one with problems going ... it's the rest of us that have to put up with it! WE have problems going!
The vet: So you have problems?
EM: Have you met my brother?

The vet: Got it.
EM: And my brother ...
The vet: Okay.
EM: And my brother ...
The vet: You have three brothers? That would explain the cr ... err ... pooping.
EM: No! I have ONE brother! Isn't that enough!? Though he does almost weigh the same as three brothers ... it's a miracle those handsome stripe-y pants haven't split!
The vet: Ummm ... what? 
EM: I have one crap-tastic brother!
The vet: So ...
EM: His raps aren't even any good! I could out-crap him in my sleep!
The vet: Oh, right. He's a cat rapper.
EM: You try telling him that! He gets mad if I don't call him a crapper!
The vet: Last time he came in he pulled out his baseball cap and bling. I have no idea where he keeps that stuff because it wasn't in the carrier ...

EM: I could tell you where I'd like to stick it!
The vet: So he's a cat rapper or crapper? But he doesn't have a poop problem?
EM: Let's just say he drops more than beats. He calls me stupid - but I just expect the best of other people and cats. So sue me! He always lies to me and then calls me stupid when I don't suspect him right away! What a cruel world he must live in to automatically think the worst of everyone. A couple weeks ago, he pushed me in the bathtub! I got wet! I HATE getting wet!

The vet: Well, you've lost a little weight. Is Bear preventing you from getting to the food bowl?
EM: What? NO! Why would he do that?
The vet: Well ...
EM: But he DOES prevent me from sleeping in the bed with my Momma. My Momma's my favorite - though you can't tell my Daddy that. You should hear him snore.
The vet: Your Daddy?
EM: NO! Bear! Though my Daddy snores too. But I don't lay in the bed when he's there so I kind of don't notice it much.
The vet: What does Bear do to you?
EM: What DOESN'T he do to me?
The vet: Why do you say he prevents you from sleeping in the bed?
EM: Are you even a real vet?

The vet: YES!
EM: Because I'd think you'd be smarter than that. I say he prevents me from sleeping in the bed because HE. PREVENTS. ME. FROM. SLEEPING. IN. THE. BED. Bear's right. Vet schools graduate anyone these days!
EM: Err ... sorry Momma.
The vet: I've been a vet for over forty years.
EM: WHOA. Then vet schools have been graduating anyone for longer than we thought!!
MK: ELLIE! Don't listen to Bear!
EM: That's what he says about you too; "Don't listen to Momma!" So who do I listen to?
MK: Lovely.
The vet: As fun as this is ...
MK: I need a refill of Bear's medication. We finished the medicine almost a week ago and his vomiting has increased again.
The vet: I gave you a year worth of refills for now. 
The vet: Yes. He should be on it for the rest of his life.
MK: Oh. I guess I better stop on the way home and pick it up while we're in this direction. Thank goodness this carrier is expandable because I can carry Ellie in to the pharmacy and open up the expansions while we wait. I can't leave her in the car because this carrier is black and absorbs heat quickly.
The vet: I see where they get it from.
The vet: You're all very ... talky.

EM: We can't get a word in edge-wise around Bear! That boy will talk and talk and talk and talk ...
The vet: I can see how that'd be annoying ...
EM: {to the tune of the Rubber Ducky song from Sesame Street} Triple fishy, you're the one! You make Bear's food time lots of fun! Triple fishy, Bear's not so fond of you.
The vet: Interesting.
EM: What about ... It's ONCE, TWICE, THREE TIMES A FISHY and I loooooove you!
The vet: Ah. He got the triple fishy flavor. They also have a chicken flavor.
EM: Triple chick-y, you're the one! You ...
The vet: You and your brother sure have lungs. And a stage presence.
EM: Maybe I was unfair. If you know we have lungs ...
The vet: Why don't you take your show on the road?
MK: He means go home.
EM: Why would he want to go home? I mean, don't vets work longer than ...
MK: Never mind.
The vet: Things must be fun around your house!
MK: You have NO idea!
EM: Momma ruins a lot of our fun, but I still have my sparkle balls!
MK: I need a nap. And a stiff drink.
EM: And some Ellie loves?
MK: {sigh} Always. There's a reason I do this.
EM: Really? Then why do you keep Bear?

MK: All right! Let's pack it up and hit the road!
EM: But you didn't answer the question!
The vet: Interesting.
EM: You really need to find some new words!
EM: You can hit the road if you really want to ... but it kind of sounds painful so I'll just watch.
{The vet chuckles}
MK: You could install a bar next door and make millions from the people who bring their pets here.
The vet: Hahahaha.
EM: Why would a bar make all that money? I mean ... it's a bar! We have bars in our house and ...
MK: Thank you, Doctor.
EM: Thank you for not sticking you-know-what you-know-where!
The vet: That's a new one.
EM: Interesting ...


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  1. Great post! (we just read the previous one) and what a cool carrier! It was the zipper on one of the ends of Marv's carrier 9that he managed to get open0 that caused the "incident" last Monday!
    And Ellie your questions for the vet were purrfect!
    We hope your Momma feels better soon!

    1. Momma's ALMOST caught up. It only took her like TWO WEEKS! What does she do with her time?

  2. Sounds like you have a real caring vet, not chatty though, which is interesting. I still like my solid carrier, big enough for lots of kittens or two cooperative cats. Velcro and cats do not go, well not unless it's a velcro mouse, mol
    Have a great trip home, and go easy on the choir practice ;)

  3. Ellie Mae! Such language, my girl.

  4. Bear looks like the expandable carrier also has a secret compartment for carrying you impawting belongs.
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. My goodness, you are such a chatty gal Ellie Mae and I'm glad you had fun with your new carrier MOL!

  6. OMC are one chatty girl!

    The Florida Furkids

  7. Ellie, you'd fit right in with Manny and CB, and they are NICE, not bossy, like someone we won't name but it starts with a B...

  8. Great review ! We love your pros and cons at the end of the review. Ellie, we didn't know that you were so chatty at the vet ! Purrs

  9. ellie ewe bee a gurl afturr R own heart; curse werdz tuna & all :) ♥♥♥

  10. This brings back memories of trying to wrestle cats into carriers! I do not miss the days of the old hard plastic carriers with nothing but a door in front. I think we even had to cancel an appointment once because we could not win the battle!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Bear used to be really good about making it so I couldn't get him through the opening into the carrier. Thank goodness we have better options now!

  11. Good real life review, I'm lucky, my cats have always been well behaved in the carrier. Extremely rare, I know. Ellie Mae swears like her parents were a truck driver that married a sailor. ;) Sending Bear healing thoughts. I hope he feels better soon.

    1. Her words are not a reflection of my ... oh, never mind. I can't even get that out with a straight face!

  12. That would be a good trick to go after Ellie and grab you Bear- be careful.

  13. Wow, Ellie Mae, you surely do know how to talk up a storm. Well done, sweet girl ... your questions for that v-e-t guy were spot on!

  14. I always admire cat owners at the vet's office. I've heard more growling from a cat carrier than any amount of dogs who sit and shake in the waiting room.

    1. I'm not sure Bear or Ellie have ever growled at the vet ... now Kitty on the other hand? That's all she did!

  15. with Bear paid off (or rubbed off...or both) for you, Girlfriend! I think my mom can put away that pink gingham pinafore she laid aside to gift you with next time you came through the tunnel. We'll get you a leather jacket! I didn't know you could express yourself like that, until today. And I will say, yours and your mom's opinion of the carrier made up my mom's mind for her. We don't need a new one, by the way but we'd like one that would contain my Presence...a Queen as I she gave some thought to getting another to showcase my perfect self. Mine is a bit shabby having gone through Admiral and myself these past years. Your mom's excellent review contained all the information my mom would have needed. She labors on in decision making on my behalf.

    1. We're so glad your Mom and you thought so! We've been using the same carrier for almost 15 years. We needed a change!


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