Our favorite posts from 2019

It's that time of year again ... Momma's been gathering entries from 2019 for the Cat Writer's Association Communications Contest. Here are some of our favorites from 2019 in case you missed a few. Which one is your favorite?

Note: Not all of these were entered in the Contest, we're also sharing some posts Momma came across that didn't make the cut.

Crimes and Misdemeanors - Life with cats series

Two people ... and two cats. Somehow we can't avoid bumping into each other and causing crimes exacerbated by proximity. This series is about those crimes and the reactions of the other members of the household.
Crimes and Misdemeanors.
Crimes and Misdemeanors, part 2.
Crimes and Misdemeanors, part 3.
Crimes and Misdemeanors, part 4.
Crimes and Misdemeanors, part 5.
Crimes and Misdemeanors, part 6.
Crimes and Misdemeanors, part 7.
Crimes and Misdemeanors: Our lives in pictures.

Product reviews and more ...

Smiling Paws Pets Expandable Soft Sided Pet Carrier Review:
An expandable carrier for expanded needs.
An expandable carrier for expanded needs, part 2.

Cat Amazing's STACKS! Review: 
STACKS! of fun! 

Yaheetech Cat tree review: 
Is your cat meowing up the wrong cat tree?.

Rescue Meez Review: 
Rescue Meez: My Journey Through Siamese Rescue by Siri Zwemke.

Ellie's story ...

Did you know that each year, 2.7 million orphan shelter pets lose their lives, without finding their forever home? In honor of Remember Me Thursday, remember the rescues waiting for their forever homes. And remember that not all cats have happy endings like our sweet Ellie Mae. 
Remember Me Thursday {writing to save lives}.

The story of how Bear saved my life ...

This is the story of how a tiny homeless kitten taught me to live, made me want to be better for us both, and put his paw in my hand and walked beside me all the way as I fought my way back to life. With Bear in my life, I had something to live FOR - because he was by my side. 
Imperfectly perfect ... together: The power of one cat's love.

No cat visits the vet like Bear ...

It's that time of year again! Momma's taking Bear someplace and he catches on to her trick too late! Will he survive? Will she?
Kitty trauma drama.

This post is the continuation of the story of Bear's last vet visit. If you missed part 1, you may find it here: Kitty trauma drama. While Bear felt traumatized in part 1, he musters the strength for pay-back this time around. Is anyone spared?
Bear's pay-back [Kitty trauma drama, part 2].

Bear's not feeling well and Momma makes the decision to take him to the vet. After the drama of Momma's decision plays out, Bear puts on a class AAA show for the veterinarian and vet tech. They aren't sure about an encore from the crapper (cat rapper) - but Bear won't be denied.
Bear's cat rapping show hits the road.

In this post, we find out what's wrong fantastic about Bear and what Momma needs to do about it.
Bear's cat rapping show hits the road, part 2.

Some miscellaneous humor as only we can do it ...

Earlier this week, we had two visiting kids who tried with all their might to make friends with Ellie and Bear. Their names shall remain anonymous - but they want a cat of their own so badly that this situation had distinct elements of disappointment when they did not succeed despite their expert attempts.
The cats vs. the kitty loving kids.

What happens when one has a show to put on and the audience is less than cooperative? You give them a show they'll NEVER forget (and hope they forgive you before your wet food treat time)!

There's a mosquito in the house ... and Momma's going buggy! Momma's mosquito hunting is like a train-wreck, but the cats just can't turn away from the entertainment.
The mosquito wars.

Last week, Momma strongly considered getting her first smartphone and adding herself to The Boy's wireless plan. The Boy's plan offers the third line free so we joked about which cat would get the smartphone and what they might text. You'll understand why Momma decided NOT to get phones for the cats after reading this post!
Texting with cats.

The original post was so popular, we're sharing EVEN MORE texting with cats. You'll understand why Momma definitely made the right decision to not go ahead with her plan after reading this post!
More texting with cats.

The cats are upset that they won't be getting smartphones as they've already chosen their apps and ringtones. If you missed the posts detailing why our cats will NOT be getting smartphones of their own: Texting with cats and More texting with cats. As it turns out, the cats have been messing around with The Boy's smartphone and he isn't very happy about that. Plus, Momma's new computer antagonizes the cats and scars them for life.
There's an app for that.

If your cat could take pictures, what do you think he would take pictures of? Would the pictures be of things he loves, his masterpieces, his human's most embarrassing moments, or of himself?
The secret.

For those of us who share our lives with cats, it's obvious almost every second of every day that they see something different than we do. Bear and Ellie Mae worked hard to bring you a post about how they see and interpret the world around them.
What do your cats see?

Cats are unique and exquisite creatures - yet they have quirks that make even the most understanding of humans scratch their heads. A cat is the only pet that will destroy your couch and then blame you for its demise. Cats are easy to love but these aberrations can be hard to understand. It is with that appreciation, admiration, and love for our feline friends that I share how you know you're a cat person.
You know you're a cat person when ... 

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  1. Those were all goodies, seriously. We wish you all the best at the CWA.

  2. If more folks would just spay and neuter, less animals would lose their lives do to lack of homes. Unwanted litters are the crux of the problem!

    1. That and those cruel people who think ferals are nuisances and should be exterminated. In this day and age, it's hard for me to believe that anyone can think that way - but comments on news articles relating to ferals tell a very different story.

  3. Good luck with the CWA. Those were great posts.

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Those are all good posts. Good luck in the CWA contest!

  5. Seriously, you expect us to pick just one?! Mrs H suggested you enter the whole blog. I have to agree there is so much there and so many stories roll along and into one another. Can I take the fifth and not incriminate ourselves by picking just one?
    Anyways, some of the ones that piqued a third parties interest were the text messages, and Bear trying to convince the boy dude it was the girl dude.... ;)

    1. PS. We wish you well at the Oscars.... er.... and at the CWA too! ;)

    2. Thank you. We did enter the WHOLE blog by the way! But then again, we did last year too and nothing came of that :)

  6. I am certain the story of how Bear saved you will be a winner...it deserves to be for sure. I actually did send in four entries this year. I don’t suspect anything will come of it, but it made me pick out a couple of things I liked. Usually once I have posted something I don’t think it is very good. Anyhoo...still not sure I’ll be attending, but I really want to go. Hugs, Janet

    1. You never know. When I entered last year (my first), I thought I might get one special award just because most newer members don't know about the Newcomer award and don't enter. But I NEVER even DREAMED I'd win another Special Award or a Muse. I can't top last year so I'm crazily trying to manage my expectations.

  7. You had an amazing writing year and we wish you tons of luck with the CWA Contest!

  8. They were all great posts. I especially liked How Bear Saved Your Life.

  9. We wish you the best of luck!! How Bear saved your life is so very special. ♥

  10. Best of luck with the awards! I think you should go with Bear saving you.

  11. Good luck with the CWA contest! We love all of your posts, but Ellie's story, and how Bear saved your life really, really touched our hearts. Hugs!

  12. I love the first one peeping Bear, if I could vote you would win
    Hugs Cecilia

  13. Dear Gurl...if I could only vote as it were it would be for you. You, Bear and Ellie make my day shine. It's as true today as it erased the first time I said it.

    BTW, lots of stuff happening here so I have been hit and miss around the CB. xx to the little ones.

    1. Oh, now we're blushing. Thank you. Making days brighter is why we do this!

  14. So many great posts, it would be hard for us to choose a favorite. Mom and I especially luved your posts: "The Story How Bear Saved My Life..."; "Text with Cats"; More Texting with Cats; and "There's an App for That." We're so glad you chose to enter the CWA contest! Purr purr purr.


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